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Thanks to a pair of tweets from XDA TV producer Shen Ye, we have learned that the HTC M8 will allegedly sport four colors from day one. Reportedly the colors are dark gray (black), light gray (silver) red and blue.

If these colors sound familiar, that’s because all these colors currently exist for the HTC One, even though the One originally only debuted in silver and black. That said, the hues for the blue and red are believed to be slightly different from the colors currently found on the HTC One.

If this latest rumor is true, this could be good news for early adopters that want more color choices without having to wait. Of course it’s important to note that HTC has yet to confirm that these colors will be made available when its next handset launches, so speculation is advised.

No further details were revealed aside from the news of the device’s colors, though honestly we already seem to know quite a bit based on previous unconfirmed reports. Highlighting just a few of the bigger rumors, the HTC M8 is expected to offer on-screen keys and may even feature a dual-camera system or a fingerprint reader. It’s also believed to feature a Snapdragon 800 CPU with 2GB of RAM, a 5-inch 1080p display and HTC Sense 6.

What do you think of the HTC M8 based on what we currently think we know about it? Will the HTC M8 prove to be as big of a hit as the HTC One?

Andrew Grush
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  • Falcor

    I didn’t know the first One was a hit. These specs kind of sound like the Nexus 5 but 300$ more expensive!

    • AussieGreek

      Hey moron do you think the far superior camera and camera software, the best screen on the market, the aluminum body with the best sound from the twin front facing speakers may have something to do with the price??????

      • geospa300

        You forgot to mention that Google sells the nexus devices at cost and doesn’t make any profit from the sales.

      • AsshatGeek

        Hey dickhead, do you do anything besides dishing out names at people who dislike your precious employer? Bloody shill.

        • AussieGreek

          I only tell the truth because the truth will set you free.

          • truth?

            Spoken like a typically brainwashed, religious follower.

            Interesting how you display memes from both cultural phenomena. i.e., excessively fanatical defence of a particular technology brand, aka “fanboyism”, and quotes from iron age writings about god men who allegedly possessed preternatural abilities, specifically in this case “christianity”.

            “Truth” from either source tends to be a rather dubious and dogmatic affair – more a hodge-podge of opinion on matters such as talking snakes, or the notion that metal is somehow posher than plastic – rather than anything empirically and definitively true.

    • geospa300

      The Nexus 5 is plastic with a crap speaker, the worst camera ever and terrible battery life…do the math buddy.

  • fail

    Only 2g ram. We are in 2014. 3g of ram is the avrage naw not 2g of ram

  • Mystery Man

    I don’t get why all these leaks for s5 and m8 suggest snapdragon 800. I thought the snapdragon 805 was supposed to be first half 2014’s upgrade?

    • Memphis May [S]unjay

      Samsung’s new tablets have the Snapdragon 800 chip, the S5 will surely have a Snapdragon 800 and an Exynos 6.

  • Jayfeather787

    I want another gig of RAM and transparent cases to show off the color!

  • Memphis May [S]unjay

    No silver this time around? I think I’ll choose Blue if it’s Cyan….or maybe Red but 2GB of ram is a let down.

    • Peter

      I guess you skipped the first paragraph of the article. It clearly says that silver is one of the four colours.

      • Memphis May [S]unjay

        Yes, I skipped it.

  • Jesus

    Four? You mean ‘fo.

    Fo colours, you know what i’m saying?

  • Jesus

    Honestly, have no idea why they will cost what they will cost.

    I mean, what special software do they come with to justify the price, that’s nearly the price of the Galaxy S series?

    Better off with a Nexus, hands down.

  • Balraj

    It must be priced lower than other flagship devices
    Then htc might sell…
    Let’s wait & see
    Just 25 days mwc

  • VladUK

    Let’s wait and see, it might get lot of people excited or not…

  • brave

    Something that you might bot know is that HTC sense doesn’t need 2gb of ram to function well, touchwiz on Samsung is very heavy n that’s y they need the extra ram, my current Htc one is doing great so I don’t mind the 2gb.I’d like yo get either a black or red this time around