New HTC M8 Ace renders show off handset in multiple colors [updated]

May 29, 2014
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If the rumor mill is to be believed, HTC has big plans ahead for the M8 series going well beyond the HTC One with devices including the M8 Plus, M8 Advance and M8 Ace. Speaking of the latter device, HTC may have already released a teaser suggesting its existence and it is very possible the Ace could arrive as early as June 3rd.

Now several new images have surfaced giving us a better idea of what the phone will look like. While we had already seen images of the handset in previous leaks, these new images confirm the M8 Ace will be available in multiple colors: red, blue, gray and white.

As for the specs? Today’s leak gives us no new details on this front, though past reports suggest the handset will have a dual-front speakers, a 13MP single-lens cam, a Snapdragon 801 CPU, and a 4.7-inch 1080p display.

Bottom-line, the HTC M8 Ace is essentially just a One M8 with plastic clothing and a single-lens cam instead of the UltraPixel Duo setup. What’s unclear is whether the M8 Ace will be released internationally or if it is destined for Asia only as a HTC Butterfly replacement.

Would you be interested in the M8 Ace if it comes to your region, especially if it manages to price below other 2014 flagship devices from Samsung, LG and others?

Update: It seems that most of the images in the above gallery are actually straight from HTC China’s website. While there has yet to be a formal press invite, the handset is believed to be debuting in Asia under the name HTC One E8. It’s still unclear when/if the handset will debut outside of Asia.


  • systemupdate

    aren’t they not making money! why so many different phones?

  • Luka Mlinar

    I thought the allure of this phone was the fact that it had a metal body. So they’re basically painting over the main reason why anyone would buy it.

  • Who proofreads this stuff?

    “the HTC One M8 is essentially just a One M8 with plastic clothing”



    What the what?

  • J_Pod

    No racing stripes?

  • Kyle Ong

    Confusing…there is a HTC Vogue. (Similar spec)
    if ace = butterfly replacement
    m8+ = ???
    M8 advance = ??
    Here is also infamous prime….

  • ideasoft

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  • Stephan Hall

    could be a great alternative for those who choose value for the dollar rather than walking around in a slightly bent over posture from the abusive price for minimal added features of the M8. Hope it sells!