HTC M7 rumor roundup: design, specs, software and more [Updated]

by: AdrianFebruary 11, 2013


Trying to keep a high-end gadget secret in today’s tech world is a harder task than winning the Tour de France without using illegal substances, so most of the big names in the industry don’t seem to put that much effort into it anymore.

We sometimes even get the feeling that OEMs intentionally spill the beans way before the actual releases to build hype, as it’s happened lately with several Samsung phones and tabs, Sony’s Xperia Z or HTC’s Droid DNA.

The latest star of a true rumor bonanza is codenamed M7 and is supposed to be HTC’s next spearhead. We’re not expecting the big guy to come to light before the end of February, but we already know or think we know a great deal about it, which is why we’ve decided to gather all the intel in one place. That way, you can make sure you’re up to date with the talk of the town without having to browse through a bunch of posts.

Here it goes:

HTC M7 pricing and availability

We probably shouldn’t start off with the section that’s the lightest on credible info, but we know you’re most interested in this, so let’s get it out of the way. The ETA was first rumored to be April, based on One X’s 2012 release, but right now we’re more inclined to say March.

[Update February 11] Not so light anymore, as we have our first rumored release date, courtesy of a pretty reliable source. We could thus see the M7 in stores as soon as March 8, although we’ve had other sources tell us that the launch could after all be pushed back. Hmm, who to trust?

new htc m7 leak

That’s because we think HTC will be looking to undercut Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch, but also due to the increasing frequency of rumors. HTC is almost certainly no stranger to at least a couple of recent M7 leaks, so there’s likely a reason why info is being spilled early.

That said, an MWC showing in February is almost guaranteed, though it’s not impossible to see the M7 unveiled even earlier. After all, Barcelona could be hosting a lot of launches, so if you need to shine why not pick a date when people can talk only about you?

Update: Even though M7’s presence at MWC is not entirely out of the question, the phone will most likely be introduced to the world prior to the Barcelona conference. London and New York stages are getting prepared for special events scheduled on February 19, and, while HTC is yet to confirm what will go down there, we have a pretty good idea already, don’t we?


On the pricing front, there’s been absolutely no movement so far, but with at least three US major carriers expected to sell it, the M7 should be competitive. Still, we don’t imagine HTC going below $199.99 with contracts and $600 outright.

Update: We’re still short on official pricing details, but unofficial word has it France will get the M7 for €650 outright. That’s not at all surprising and it’s more or less what we think HTC will charge for the big guy across Europe. As for carriers expected to offer it subsidized, we’ve only heard about Vodafone Germany so far, but obviously that’s just temporary.

Moving across the ocean, we have a little something to add to our previous speculations about the US release. Apparently, the M7 is due to land on all four major carriers after all. Out of the bunch, Verizon might look to brand the phone as a “Droid DNA Plus” (or DLX Plus), with slightly different specs.

HTC M7 design and display

With a 5-inch Droid DNA/Butterfly in its portfolio, many of us would have expected HTC to up the size ante even more. However, rumor has it the Taiwanese will in fact get back to their One X roots, equipping the M7 with a 4.7-inch display.


That will naturally boast a 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution (aka Full HD), which will result in a record-breaking 468 ppi pixel density. Unfortunately, the panel won’t be of the AMOLED variation we all love so much, using instead the more traditional LCD technology supplied by Sharp.

As far as design goes, we have every reason to believe the M7 will look like a sized down DNA, although we’ve picked up a number of contradicting rumors on the subject.

Update: Now we’re pretty much certain the M7 is going to follow DNA’s design philosophy, even though there will also be some distinct points apparently, including a wider selection of color schemes. Well, not much wider, but still, it seems the M7 will come in black matte and a snazzy silver and white combo.

HTC M7 hardware

While we still have to fill some blanks here, we’re almost positive there’ll be a quad-core 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU and 2 GB of RAM inside of the beast. Other specs that have come up more than once in the rumor mill recently are 32 GB of on-board storage, a 13 MP rear-facing snapper, a 2 MP front cam, and a 2,300 mAh battery.

HTC M7 design

Unfortunately, microSD support still remains nothing but a sweet dream, while the chances of that not so hot battery being user removable are slim to none. On the flipside, you should be happy to hear that HTC is planning to launch 16 and 64 GB versions of the M7 as well (most likely limited to certain markets), while the possible inclusion of an IR port is probably the funkiest detail of all.

Update: We don’t know how much of a difference it will make, but HTC is apparently planning to market M7’s camera as using ultrapixels instead of megapixels. The “sound experience” should also be “better than before”, whatever that means. There was a mention of a new kind of sound system in one of the recent leaks (Double HP Techno Beats Audio), but frankly there are other things we’d like to see improved at HTC phones instead of the already decent Beats Audio enhancements.

HTC M7 software

Expected to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upon launch, HTC’s new flagship should also come with a new version of Sense UI on top, most likely dubbed 5.0. We’ve heard a lot of people calling the new interface cleaner and sleeker than previous Sense versions, but before taking it for a spin ourselves we don’t want to get too excited.


We’ve also seen a number of pics starring this supposed new UI, and, while they do look pretty appealing, we still kind of wish HTC would leave Android untainted.

HTC M7 name

After months and months of tantalizing us with the “M7”, it would be pretty, well, stupid of HTC to change the fellow’s name, right? Well, believe it or not, but that’s exactly what the Taiwanese are allegedly doing. And not just that, but they’re planning to market the M7 as the One. No, not the One X2, the One Z, One Plus or One Prime, but simply the One. Un-be-liev-a-ble! It’s like they’re trying to mess with our heads.

That’s pretty much all we know about the HTC M7 for now, but damn, it’s a lot considering the phone won’t actually ship until March at the earliest. Basically, there are only a couple of specs left to be revealed and the exact pricing and the official name or names (M7 is just a codename, remember?), so it’s almost like we wish there was more of a mystery still around to make the waiting a little more bearable. Oh, well, we can always be wrong when dealing with rumors, right?

  • gesfs

    I actually welcome the ir port. Hopefully I’ll be able to control multiple devices (aircons, tvs, fans) with it.

  • stkiswr

    Add a battery percentage and a larger battery. No sense in coming to the game shorthanded again

    • MasterMuffin

      That’s the advantage that Samsung phones have!

  • MasterMuffin

    If you’re a HTC lover and/or 5″ is too big for you and/or you just want to brag about the PPI, take this. If you want water (and other stuff) resistant cool phone with Sony’s Bravia engine and great sound, go for Xperia Z. If you are patient enough, wait for the next über cool Galaxy S with many nice Samsung add-ons, probably lots of memory and a big replacable battery and über cool 1080p SAMOLED screen. What’s your choice? :)

    • Ivan Budiutama

      Motorola X phone? or pray to god that Sony will manufacture the next Nexus with many Xperia Z stuff? I would love to bring my Nexus to bath :D

      • MasterMuffin

        :D when I wrote that comment, the “x phone” was just a rumor so I didn’t include it in there but yea it would be really nice :)

        • Ivan Budiutama

          all just rumors :D but if realistically speaking, I would like to get XZ. How can you resist such a nice.. umm phone.

          ok forget about that. If anything can offer you the best experience in music, I believe it would be Sony. I still keep my SE Walkman w980 phone and barely find one who can actually offer similar experience. I don’t know about Oppo Find 5 Dirac HD, might want to watch over that one too.

  • Too be honest I really love Samsung devices. I am currently rocking the Galaxy Note 2 and I LOVE it. But the only problem with Samsung devices is that they are not the best build quality one could imagine. Let’s face it, yes it is handy that you can pop your back and put a new battery in and sd card, but too be honest I never do this at all. I already put my sd card in and my battery I don’t even do it anymore. Unless something is wrong with it. But then again if something was wrong with the battery I would not buy a new battery and pop it in now would I? I would send this baby right back to sammy and let them fix it. So my perfect phone would actually be a Samsung device with: 5 Inch screen, Full HD AMOLED, 16/32/64 GB available with SD card on the side. No removable battery. And I want HTC build quality. Also if it was available in a VERY dark black, that would look amazing with the deep dark blacks of AMOLED, Obviously the octo core of sammy and 3 GB of ram and 13 mp camera! That’s basically my perfect phone.

    • Numbra

      Galaxy S3 feels so cheap in the hand. that’s why i love HTC phone because of Sense and the Build quality is premium. Plus i’m not a Huge fan of Super Amoled displays because the colors aren’t that accurate. I am more of a LCD fan.

      • keep your washed out colors.

        • Don’t start a fight over an opinion tho….

          • i’m not but anyone that has seen a iphone, s3, and one X would say that the one X is washed out!

    • some people like to use their phones all day and replace the battery with a fresh fully charged one (like me). so interchangeable batteries will always be needed and that is part of a reason that HTC fails so hard.

      • mrband

        Bingo! That and no microSD slot. Changing phone’s name again and again will not make crap smell better, do you know Shakespeare, HTC? :p

  • mehhhhhhhh, s4 pro is weak as hell now. even at 1.7ghz. T4, s800, exunos 5 octa is here, and they run rings around s4 pro.

  • Lara

    LCD is much better than amoled/samoled. At least twice as better. iPhone 5’s screen much brighter and better color reproduction than s3. I should know, I have two s3’s and the screen ain’t that great, but it’s ok.

    • vdcxz

      Pentile sucks. But the true rgb matrix with superamoled is amazing.

  • j.k. trowler

    Use tegra 4! HTC where are you?!

  • i smell another flop, no battery removal pppffffttttt!

  • NoOne

    “the panel won’t be of the AMOLED variation we all love so much” Really? I am glad they did not use the AMOLED display. My galaxy note 2 is freaking hard to see when I am out side on the sunny day. And the brightness is so bad.