new htc m7 leak

By now every HTC fan and their grandmother knows that a new HTC high-end Android handset is coming in a few weeks from now, just before MWC 2013.

HTC has already announced a special media event for February 19 where it will reportedly unveil its new flagship device, dubbed the M7, and now it looks like we may have a release date for you.

Apparently the HTC M7 will hit stores on March 8, which is a lot earlier than we would have anticipated. Is HTC trying to make sure the Sony Xperia Z or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t ruin HTC M7 sales? It certainly seems so, although we’ll add that this news is yet to be confirmed.

In addition to this potential release window, today’s HTC M7 rumor mentions color availability for the device. Apparently the phone will come in black matte but also in silver/white, just in case smartphone color really matters for you.

Pricing details are not available at this time, but we’ll certainly be back with more details about the HTC M7 once we have them. Will you buy the handset as soon as it hits stores?

  • chris125

    I can’t see why these companies announce something yet it doesnt come for a month or so later. You gotta give it to apple they announce it then within a week its available

    • mistercow4u

      They haven’t announced it. It’s scheduled for February 19, and if the rumor is true that it will be available on March 8th, well that’s like a 2 week delay.

  • And it looks like every other HTC :| Awesome

  • Joe joe

    Pass. Still waiting for the Xperia Z.

  • yungqb7

    Pass. Waiting for the Galaxy s4

  • paxmos

    I love mobile phones and am a total phone junkie owning quite a few…but these big screen phones are just getting out of control. Maybe just put a smart tv in my pocket!!!

  • Pass. I’ll keep my Euros and HTC can keep their Sense. :P

  • Christopher Chin

    Dropped my VZW Gnex today playing Ingress. Kinda bummed that the resale value just plummeted. Would consider this if 1) bootloader unlocked 2) can put AOKP on it.

    Dislike Sense UI

  • kiwi

    uhm no my grandma didn’t know what the hell is HTC :D

    I use HTC phone now, but planned to switch to either Samsung or Sony phone next.

  • Jeremiah West

    Battery is dead

  • George Kalogeris

    Will it have 3000+ mAh battery?
    Will it have under $500 price tag ?

    Then yes, I’m buying one

    otherwise *one X plus* 64gb is the best htc for now

  • BrianBrain

    Was going for a one X+ but is has just been discontinued by my carrier.
    Another option is the ZL if it ever makes it to the UK.

  • Sprint4Life

    I’m going to buy the M7 once it is released on Sprint! I’ve been tracking for 3 weeks now!


    I trust don’t understand why they would go with a 4.7 inch sceen?