HTC M7 to feature 468PPI full HD display, but AMOLED is an option for One S sequel

by: Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 19, 2013


HTC is putting all its hopes into the new M7 superphone it plans to unveil at MWC in February 2013. The M7 is supposed to be the engine that drives the company out of the rough patch it’s been going through for the last two years. But, to do so, the M7 must outshine the Galaxy S4, so the pressure is on HTC to deliver something truly special.

We’ve already seen a bevy of leaks concerning the HTC M7, from the rumored specs (quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB of RAM, 13MP camera) to appearance (metallic unibody, an alleged rendering) and even operating system (screenshots of HTC Sense 5). But there’s one issue that is a bit controversial – the display technology.

One rumor sais that HTC has booked the entire AMOLED manufacturing capacity of AU Optronics for the M7. AU Optronics (AUO) is a Taiwanese display maker that has been struggling for a while now to catch up with Samsung at manufacturing OLED-based displays. According to a Chinese website dedicated to OLED technology, AUO has finally achieved the 60 percent yield rate required to mass-produce the OLED panels that HTC requires for the M7.

Nevertheless, a recent report from Digitimes squarely contradicts the OLED rumor – AUO is not yet capable of delivering the goods, so HTC has opted for a 4.7-inch full HD LCD display manufactured by Sharp. Moreover, it’s said that the M7 will delight users with an incredible 468ppi pixel density, which is slightly more than the current record of 441ppi on the Droid DNA, Xperia Z, and a bunch of other devices.

So, which rumor should we believe? Personally, I think that HTC will stick with the tried and true LCD for the flagship M7, but the Taiwanese could use AMOLED for another device in their 2013 stable.

Last year at MWC, HTC unveiled three devices, the One X, One S, and One V, of which the One S featured an AMOLED screen. It’s likely that Peter Chou’s company is preparing a sequel to the One S, and not only the One X. We’ll see if my predictions are right in just a few weeks!

  • cycad007

    Sounds right. Rumor has it AUO can only produce about 170 DPI or so for their screens. Unfortunately, it looks like there is still a 2 year technology gap between AUO and Samsung.

  • MasterMuffin

    Htc changing to amoled in their flagship? Not going to happen

  • So what exactly will set this apart from other phones & specifically the Galaxy S4? I mean wow a S4 pro processor, I highly doubt it. They need to use tge Tegra 4 without a doubt to compete against the Octa 5 at all. So far this looks like yet another fail from HTC between that & changing from the amazing look they had going with the ONE series, that only needed a few tweeks. Come on HTC Im rooting for ya .- KID ANDROID

    • Evan Wickes

      s4 pro wont cut it for an upcoming flagship. i dont think the terga 4 will either. i bet they are using the snapdragon 800 series.

      • GF

        If I recall correctly, rumors came from evleaks, and he didn’t mention a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor but a “second generation Snapdragon processor”, so I agree with you, it’s the Snapdragon 800.

        • predicman

          just the “snapdragon 600” right?

          The S800 will be made later than the S600. S600 will be available in the devices at the end of the first quarter according to Qualcomm say …

          This article is my prediction almost exact:
          for me:
          1 / “HTC M7″ = 1.9 Ghz Quadcore S600 adreno 330 – AUO SLCD 4.75” “IGZO ,LTPS (Borderless)”

          2 / “ONE HTC S +” = 1,7 Ghz Quadcore (dual?)S4 pro adreno 320 -display Auo AMOLED LTPS 4,46″

          borderless , The dream almost reached? :)

          [sorry for my English]

      • cycad007

        The 800 series won’be be out until the middle of the year. Qualcomm didn’t even demo it in CES. Too late for the M7.

  • Without Sense, HTC smartphones make sense !

  • robogo

    If it’s going to have a 3000 mAh battery, I am getting one right away.