Former HTC execs announce startup Kazam’s first 7 Android handsets

by: Andrew GrushNovember 6, 2013


We first heard about Kazam back in June, when two former HTC UK executives announced that they were planning to release their own smartphones that would “deliver a truly positive mobile experience that doesn’t just stop once you’ve bought the phone”.

Now Kazam is back, showing off not one new handset, but seven of them. When it comes to specs, all of the devices are low-end or mid-range at best.

At the top of the line, we have the Thunder Q4.5. This handset has a quad-core MT6582M processor and just 1GB of RAM to the table. Other specs include a 4.5-inch 854×480 resolution display, a Mali 400MP2 GPU, an 8MP rear cam and 2MP front cam. There’s also a 5-inch Thunder model is also expected in the near future, though its specs have yet to be detailed.

On the even lower end, we have five so-called Trooper models that are named after their display sizes: the X3.5, X4.0, X4.5, X5.0 and X5.5. The most basic of the models has a dual-core MT6572M CPU, 512MB RAM, a 320×480 resolution display, 2MP rear cam and .3MP front cam.

While the specs aren’t great, all Kazam handsets do have dual-SIM trays, removable batteries and microSD slots. All the devices are also said to run stock Android without any custom skinning, though the exact version is unclear. We’d imagine we are looking at some version of Jelly Bean, though.

Let’s be honest here, if Kazam wasn’t indirectly associated with HTC (via former execs), we wouldn’t even give these handsets the time of day.

Let’s be honest here, if Kazam wasn't indirectly associated with HTC (via former execs), we wouldn't even give these handsets the time of day.

Not only all the specs extremely dated by today’s standards, it appears that Kazam has merely purchased a bunch of unbranded Chinese devices and threw their names on them. This becomes even more apparent when you notice that almost every single model has a different button layout.

Still, this is a new company so we’ll give them a break. You have to start somewhere, and to Kazam’s credit they at least have a few ambitious ideas in the works.

First off, all their handsets will include a year warranty that includes protection against an accidentally cracked-screen. Another unique feature is Kazam Rescue, which sort of works like Amazon’s mayday feature. Basically the feature allows Kazam’s technical support team to remotely access your device and solve problems as they arise.

[quote qtext=”Today’s announcement proves that Kazam is not about gimmicks or corporate bullshit, but delivering real value, by taking a fresh approach to mobile.” qperson=”James Atkins” qsource=”Chief Marketing Officer, Kazam” qposition=”center”]

Perhaps if Kazam plays their cards right, they will garner the attention of investors who can actually give them the funds required to create uniquely designed devices that can actually stand out from the crowd.

So when and where will Kazam’s handsets go on sale? While Kazam has yet to fully detail their pricing or distribution plans, in the past they have indicated that their phones will be targeted at the European market. It’s also possible that their handsets could eventually make their way to emerging markets in Asia as well.

While Kazam’s hardware is somewhat laughable, we applaud their customer service plans and wish them the best. What do you think of Kazam, is this the beginning of something bigger or will the company end up being nothing more than a fly-by-night operation?

  • Mayoo

    The Chief Marketing Officer of Kazam really used “corporate bullshit” in an official statement?!?


    • Mike Kister

      Yeah, I wondered about that myself.

    • MasterMuffin

      Balls of steel :D

    • hitesh

      thats some marketing

    • thartist

      :/ So much for the whole phrase. I’m an anti spec-whore but 4.5-inch 854×480 on the higher end or 3.5″, 320×480 with 512MB on the lowest don’t scream value unless the devices are reaaally priced like dirt. And non pentile.

      • john

        That’s like….the very first Galaxy spec, or even lower. Jesus, how are they going get out of this one?

    • frhow

      Its a new style of marketing, makes him appear honest and real in his statements and not just someone reading from a script. We practice the same type of “free” speech in our marketing department. :-)

  • Kenny Woodard

    This is never gonna get off the ground sadly. There is just way too much competition out there. Especially when their devices have 3-year old specs on them at best..

    • Dusan

      But you know, those were HTC exec, so it’s not surprising :)

  • Michael Pahl

    = or < 1GB of RAM and I dont even consider it.

  • thartist

    320×480? 3…2…0…?

    Not even on bottom-end hardware. Period.

  • frhow

    With these specs they are not trying to capture our money but the money of the consumers who just want a smart phone that works and is really cheaply priced.

  • Dan

    Great, another cell-phone manufacturer…Just what we needed,
    *Heavy sarcasm*
    Not interested.

  • Jesus

    They totally don’t look like Nexus and Moto X

  • RanRu

    That one on the far right looks exactly like a particular non-ZTE-branded ZTE GoPhone. Spoiler alert: it took two minutes to dial a phone number and likes to self-activate airplane mode. Unless I can buy these with a packet of instant noodle, I see Kazam boldly going absolutely nowhere.