HTC takes a jab at the Samsung Galaxy S5: “buyer’s remorse coming soon”

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 24, 2014


With the Samsung Galaxy S5 officially announced, HTC decided to take the opportunity to poke a little fun at Samsung on Twitter earlier today by posting the image you see above.

The message is pretty clear, HTC is suggesting that people will feel buyers remorse when the next-gen HTC One is officially unveiled on March 25th. The message would have been a witty way to poke at Samsung while drawing attention towards the next-gen HTC One, but one problem. Shortly after posting up the jab, it was revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t actually ship until April. That’s why sometimes being quick to draw like this isn’t always a good thing.

Still, we suppose it’s possible that some folks will at least have pre-order remorse, at least if HTC’s One is as impressive as they claim it is. What do you think, will the HTC One (2014) blow the Galaxy S5 out of the water, or are you impressed by Samsung’s latest member of the Galaxy S family?

For those looking for more information on the Galaxy S5, check out some of our great video coverage:

  • HoHoHo

    ”What do you think, will the HTC One (2014) blow the Galaxy S5 out of the water ?”

    dude thats no question to be asked because IT WILL !!!

    • AndroidBoss


      • LoL

        Perhaps you two could get a room for all that toadying.

    • Arcybiskup

      Yes, blowing S5 out of the water seems to be a VERY EASY JOB!

      • Bryan Z

        Yes indeed, did you watch their presentation. It was horrible! worst sales presentation I’ve ever seen.

        • Arcybiskup

          No i didnt… i had a feeling that this will be a mess, so i was eating delicious (however you wirte this word) italian food instead :P

          • Bryan Z

            hahaha nice! here is the presentation in 4 mins, I even think that at 0:54 the presenter says “The samsung gear 2 and gear 2 Neo are shit” LOL

          • Arcybiskup

            Haha, actually its “shick” or something like that (sorry my english is poor specially in listening).
            BUT “We only secceed when customers choose us”… TRUE DAT SAMSUNG! TRUE DAT! This time you SUCKceed…

          • Bryan Z

            LOL! yeah! I think he probably meant to say “are shipped” or i don’t know. pretty funny though.

    • BahamaTodd

      Well the HTC will need to also be water resistant to do that right? :P

  • Amine Elouakil

    It’s not like Samsung set the bar very high, even if HTC has similary speced device, it will not be as a confusing as it is for touchwiz fans with the Note 3 being better speced than the S5

  • AndroidBoss

    I’m guessing the next HTC One will be the phone of the year.

    • AndroidBoss

      Except when the next Nexus device comes out.

    • Memphis May [S]unjay

      What about the Xperia Z2?

      • AndroidBoss

        Well, the HTC has a way better build quality. What I hate about the Z2 is that glossy back on the device and that Sony UI that doesn’t change. I mean even Samsung updated their Touchwiz. But still, it’s a good phone.

        • #Truth

          If it ain’t broke. Don’t change it.

    • Tjaldid

      no they are being cocky.

  • Aar0nC

    For HTC sake… This next One phone has to be good, they aren’t not doing so well in the sales department. I used to be be a big fan of HTC but I can’t stand sense UI… And I have a feeling that I won’t like TouchWiz either… So at the end of the day it’s all about specs and hardware since either phone will end up rooted and flashed with some ROM

    • Jesus

      If you’re going to root / flash them, might as well save yo dalla$$$ and get a Nexus.

    • Arturo Raygoza

      seems like if HTC creates something acceptable then it can finally start taking sales from Samsung this year. the design of the s5,looks oldschool

  • Shark Bait

    Hahaha I think they might be right!
    I’m hoping HTC smash it now

  • WWW

    Honestly if it runs both android and windows phone 8 like rumors have suggested it will be a sleeper hit I think

    • Harry

      Seriously living in a tech geek bubble… Its only the 1% of the 1% that would see the benefits of having Android and WP8 running side by side. I can’t think of a single person I know that would even understand what that means. It would be a great feature for power users YES, but thats never going to translate into mass appeal and blockbuster sales.

      • Jon Dwyer

        Yet if HTC does it, Samsung will implement that into there S6

  • Daniel

    I’m feeling a remorse right now that I bought shity HTC one instead of the s4. Battery lasts a few hours and worse part is no removable battery and no expandable memory. I will buy this s5 as soon as it comes available and I will definitely won’t feel any remorse maybe until Note 4 comes out.

    • Jon Dwyer

      Comment from a true Samtard, it’s a proven fact the HTC ONE’S battery outlast the S4 on a challenge they put them through with continuous use. Before you post that troll crap do some research, . You don’t even own a HTC ONE, you wouldn’t look right with a quality piece of hardware like the ONE in your hand. You look proper holding a cheap plastic device.

      • Bryan Z

        Lol! “Samtard” had not heard that one before.

    • radiotrib

      Paid or just blind Fanboi ?? .. Bullshit about the battery life and you know it … if you’re going to criticise at least get your targets sorted out before you fire !! … Enjoy your pock-marked plastic upgraded SG3 …

      Your post history says it all … Looks like you’ve always gone with Samsung …

  • TheloveofA

    I am a big Samsung fan but the S5 is totally disappointed ….. I’ll get the HTC M8 if HTC can remove that horrible logo bezel ..

    • radiotrib

      My bet is that the logo bezel will still be there but the capacitive buttons won’t. Somehow you have to cram all the guts of a phone into the case and still have space for a decent sized battery … so you stretch the case to accommodate it all. That’s most likely why the bezel is there.

      • Jon Dwyer

        I understand that, but the phone was already exposed on you tube and it does have on screen buttons. HTC really dropped the ball with that design concept. It’s still a beautiful phone, but that black bar and the on screen buttons really taint it’s overall look

    • Jon Dwyer

      As much as i love HTC phones i do agree about that bezel. What was the point of on screen buttons if your leaving that black strip.

  • Nathan Sassaman

    LG will blow them both out of the water with G3, just like they did last year with the G2.

    • JosephHindy

      and sadly LG will release it in the fall, several months after 50 million people buy an S5 or a One.

      • Nathan Sassaman

        Correct me if i am wrong, but isnt lg releasing the G3 in April or May? I thought I read that on both Android Authority and Pocket Now?

        • JosephHindy

          It’s rumored for mid May right now. Keyword: Rumored ;) they have a history of releasing late so I’m just going on past action rather than future conjecture :) I could very well be wrong I just know what’s happened already. Not what’s gonna happen :D

          • Nathan Sassaman

            That’s fair, i owned a S3 before i got my G2 which is by far a better phone. The S5 is just underwhelming.

      • Arcybiskup

        and BEFORE another 50 million people buy S6 or One 3

    • nondimwit

      Anything with a plastic case is crap in my opinion. What a-hole in his right mind would pay THAT much for a phone made entirely of cheap plastic…
      One, Xperia and iPhone are really the only truly high quality phones, not counting the OS flavor/version that is.

    • Jon Dwyer

      I agree the G2 is a good phone, but it didn’t blow the HTC ONE away. How is that even possible when the ONE is still the smoothest running device to date.

      • Nathan Sassaman

        The G2 has a faster processor, better camera, and a better screen. The only thing that the One is better is Boomsound. This my opinion after researching the One, S4, and Note 3 before getting the G2.

        • Jon Dwyer

          Where in the world did you research the G2 has a better screen than the HTC ONE? I am really curious to know what site made that claim. Now let’s do real world facts, the G2 has a better processor, but the ONE still operates all around more smoothly. So for it having a better processor don’t matter. I do agree the G2 takes all around better pictures, but the ONE takes good pictures in my opinion plus the ZOE feature is unmatched. Call quality is better on the ONE. I prefer the screen size on the G2, but again, the HTC ONE has the best looking screen on the market. Speaker quality and build quality isn’t even a debate. Now I want you to know that both phones are in my household along with a Note2. And while I believe both phones are far better than the Note2, in my opinion the ONE is the all around best. Everyone has there own reasons of why they think a phone is the best, Camera, screen size and so on. My main concern is performance, I hate LAG! And that’s why I think the ONE is the best, I have never noticed lag yet. Don’t get me wrong, the G2 runs pretty smooth also, but when you start using a lot of storage and running big apps, the phone starts showing some lag. In the end, I do believe the G3 will be the best phone of 2014. As much as i like the New M8, I think right now the Z2 is the best phone on paper.

          • Nathan Sassaman

            If you prefer your HTC One, that’s up to you. I will point out two things, not to change your mind but to make a point.

            LG changed it fortunes with the release of the G2 and it is currently the fastest growing smartphone OEM in the United States. Secondly, the G2 is the highest rated smartphone of 2013 from several well respected sources such as Phone Arena and Stuff magazine.

            I will give the HTC One it’s due, they are the only phone with Boomsound and it has also won several awards that it deservedly won before the G2 was even released in October 2013.

            I will say the M8 looks promising despite it’s 4 MP camera and I sincerely hope it reverses the course of bad fortune that HTC has experienced.

  • master5hake

    I see more buyers remorse from that HTC logo bezel on 2014 One. But I don’t really fancy either device.

  • dandroid13

    Who cares about HTC anyway?

  • Martín

    What HTC and some people don’t understand is that brand drives sell. HTC could delivery an alien phone, but little people really care about it. Same LG and other gazillion oems. Only Samsung and Apple sell phones by ten of millions, like it or not.

  • Andromania

    ya maybe… but HTC most screwed Customer Service in Malaysia, no where near to Samsung service. Not gonna bank invest in HTC anymore! sick!

  • ComeBackSteveJobs

    Samsung must think they have the same sheep following of Apple, I admit I have been a Samsung fanboy for the past year, but I will be looking to switch after seeing this atrocity.

  • xlSamsonlx

    Buyers remorse is owning an evo 4g lte : /

  • Udit

    I am sure htc one2014 wont be half as big as the s5 … NOT Because their device would be bad.. But because of marketing and things like availability and price cuts…. Here in india i cannot find any htc one on stores… All i find is the dual sim varient that is super expensive…. Secondly… Samsung consistently decreased the rates of the s4 and did enough marketing that an ordinary person knows that it is in the market….But an ordinary person here hasnt even heard of htc !! Atleast Samsung invests into markets like India, gives many features that some people love(slow motion video , amoled display)…..

  • Jesus

    Haha HTC…

    I get it when Samsung makes fun of Apple. And when Apple makes fun of Samsung.

    But when HTC makes fun of Samsung?? Haha…

    • Amine Elouakil

      Yup, remember when Samsung was irrelevant in the smartphone world in 2010 and 2011 they used that strategy till now, not like the One is not the best phone of 2013 according to yet another award the won a few min ago.

      • Jesus

        No I don’t remember, please remind me.

        • Amine Elouakil

          Samsung has no smartphone to compete with at the time, and no one carred about Samsung when they considered a flagship.

          And at that time HTC Was THE Android OEM of choice with the Desire, EVO, ect

  • Jon Dwyer

    I don’t blame HTC for thinking this way, it’s not much of a task to blow away the Samsung S5. But just because the ONE is already a better phone than the S5 don’t mean you bring to the table the same phone only with a bump from the snapdragon 600 to the 800 and a small bump in screen size. Yoy have to do what Sony did with the Z2. Sony made the Z2 significantly better than the Z1. I said right after the S5 was announced that HTC had a huge opportunity in front of them to increase sales. If they fail come March 25 they don’t deserve to surface to the top of the water. They have to realize there not going to stop Samsung from out selling them, Samtards are loyal to that crap. Look at last year, the HTC ONE is by far superior to the S4, but Samtards still flocked to that lag crap. Samtard fans remind me of all those people that keep giving casinos all there money, you know your going to lose, but you keep going back and giving them more of your money. Samsung is like the casino, why make it better, they’ll keep spending. Hopefully HTC does something special, because as of so far other than the Z2, nothing else is worth upgrading for. And the Z2 just looks to bland and sort of ugly even with all those goodies inside. Oh, and by the way, i own the Note2. And besides the nice big screen that i prefer, the rest of this llag filled phone i hate!

    • Amine Elouakil

      HTC just won the best smartphone of 2013 at WMC, to add salt to injury, and LG was nominated as the most innovative brand of 2013

  • Next Joke

    S5 was a letdown. I’d much rather go for the Z2!

  • M3D1T8R

    After the massive disappointment that is the Galaxy S4S (or whatever they’re calling it), I really can’t wait to see the new One. Sony’s Z2 also looking pretty nice, if it finally comes to Verizon. But overall I was really hoping we’d see this trend of ever larger screens stop at 5″. Prefer a hair smaller even, with very thin side bezels ala the Moto X, but maybe bump to 4.9 or 5″ max. LG, Sony, Samsung all pushing larger doesn’t bode well for those of us wanting a nice feeling in hand, functional phone more than an even larger screen. The 5″ of my current DNA is perfect, if they’d just reduce the side bezels, add their front speakers, and the usual upgrades. Fortunately the new One just may be that device. Ship with 32GB internal and sneak an SD slot in there along side a 3Ah battery and I’m sold.

  • Andrea Manconi

    Are you kidding? Samsung? Lg? Quality and materials of their prods are way far from htc and sony

  • Bryan Z

    Worse part of Samsung’s let down is the fact that most companies let people down at specs, or design (one of the two) Samsung managed to do both!

    • Justin Jordan

      Did you seriously say they let people down on specifications? What about a 2.5ghz processor is a let down? The Galaxy s4 was already fast enough for majority of the applications. They take the speed a step further, in addition to a faster camera focus and you’re complaining? I don’t even like Samsung but that’s a stupid comment. Not a fan of the design though, guess I can agree there. Hey, atleast it’s waterproof!

      • Bryan Z

        At least its water resistant indeed.

    • Jon Dwyer

      You are actually right besides the slight increase in processor speed. The S4 used a over clocked snapdragon 600 and the S5 will use a over clocked 800 processor. The over clock in the S4 had NO help in stopping the lag with its performance, so hopefully the over clocked 800 can resolve that issue and all those Samtards can experience what HTC ONE owners got to enjoy, NO LAG. But as you said, other than that little bump, no real change in spec’s.

  • Bryan Z

    I wonder if Samsung is going to create another ad calling themselves “innovators” … lol

  • radiotrib

    Even HTC’s MID RANGE Desire 816 comes close to matching the new SG3 upgrade … Tale a 3, add some trashy tricks, call it a 4, then pock-mark the back and steal HTC and Sony’s ideas … and call it a 5 … Innovation ?? .. naww .. SG5 … Meh! … I’m waiting until 25/03 to se what’s really going to happen :)

  • Jose Garnica

    This was such a huge disappointment, dammit Samsung I was rooting for you guys and this is what you give us.? This is crap, there’s like 3 damn upgrades from the S4, I pray that you don’t screw up the Note 4 like you did this.

  • Damon Salvador

    Samshit : You just went retard , Never go full retard .. epic shame !! Galaxy Shit 5

  • Altravs

    HTC? Pfff… Those two are the only ones I wouldn’t ever choose again -and I’ve had both the One X and the S3 when they were top notch-

    • Justin Jordan

      If you haven’t tried the new HTC One, you haven’t experienced what they really can do. I would have never bought an HTC phone before the One. Loving my decision, great phone and speedy updates!

  • Guest

    The GS5 is barely an upgrade to the GS4 which was barely an upgrade to the GS3. My GS3 with Cyanogen is still plenty quick with my needed apps, and after 2 years no company has given me a reason to upgrade. I’m interested in what HTC is going to present.

    • hoggleboggle

      The Xperia Z2 is even less of an upgrade from the Z1 which was barely an upgrade from the Z going by your standards then and the HTC Two X (or whatever it will be called) will be barely and upgrade over the One x which was only marginally different to the One. Clearly you expect every generation of smartphone to be radically different to warrant an upgrade, or does this standard just apply to Samsung?

  • Jean-Claude

    Oh please, the Sony Z2 already blew the S5 out of the water.

  • hoggleboggle

    You raging phone nerds complaining about the lack of change in the S5 and ignoring all the new features sound like the Palestinian Liberation Front from Monty Python’s Life of Brian complaining about what the Romans ever did for them.

  • Chris Lutes

    Samsung in my opinion has proven to just be a more trust worthy provider. In support and updates. Htc has killed all hopes of a future with mistreating its customers. False hopes and failed promises. They provide thier own buyers remorse every time they con a new customer.

    • Justin Jordan

      Really? I love my HTC One. It’s definitely the best phone of 2013, and I’d dare to say that it beats a lot of these new released phones as well! Who cares about 4K video, or slow motion on smartphones? The HTC One delivers on day to day performance. It’s a true beauty to look upon, Sense is a superb UI that is fast and reliable, and the front speakers… Definitely the best I’ve heard on a smartphone or tablet. I don’t even mind the “weird” button placement. Only thing I don’t like is the size. I’d prefer if it was slightly smaller perhaps.

    • Jon Dwyer

      Really? Updates from Samsung? Maybe they just forgot about me or something. As i own a Note2 and only recently got a update to 4.3 after having the phone for 16 months, while people with the HTC ONE were getting 4.4 kitkat. My friend you need to go push that crap on someone who doesn’t know any better. And besides, the only reason Samsung gave us that update is to make our phones compatible with that gear crap. And now there talking about a 4.4 update only because there not trying to fall to far behind HTC. So I’ll get back to you in 7 or 8 months when my Note2 gets that kit-kat update if it does at all. Not that it matters much as I’ll also already have kit-kat with my all new HTC ONE

  • RusticKey

    The S5 didn’t live up to my expectations. I’m all eyes and ears on the Note line now, Samsung. Don’t screw it up!