HTC Hero update to Android 2.1 OTA in UK

by: James TromansJune 16, 2010
HTC Hero via MobileBurn

HTC Hero via MobileBurn

Pretty much just what this one says in the title. After a while of waiting, the HTC Hero in the UK it set to recieve official OTA update to Android 2.1 – a welcome step for many Hero adopters.

This news comes via the official HTC website, who encourage those that are going to receive the update to use a Wi-Fi hot-spot if they do not have an unlimited data plan. The update should be available right now and you might have already recieved a notification update on the phone. If you have, click it to begin the process. Exciting!

So, if you own a Hero and you’re in the UK, check it out now to see if you can get some of that new tasty Android goodness.

  • Ravi

    I did not receive any notification what so ever. They have been telling this for like ages.

  • Chris

    Just checked there site nothing new about update

  • santouras

    this is NOT the 2.1 update but rather a smaller update in readiness for 2.1

  • amclel

    I got mine last night, all working good

  • HERO owner

    As santouras says, when I got the news yesterday I also notis that it was not the 2.1 as someone was saying.

  • Marlon

    Anything about the update yet ? or the first part ? I’m in the Caribbean and using a Turbo Sim in my Orange HTC Hero.Works fine. I’m wondering if I”ll get the OTA update.

  • Android

    How to you know it was updated? Did the ROM number change?

  • Marlon

    got the 1st update on htc hero locked to orange. just change the date to next year.

  • Martyn Lesbirel

    @Marlon that worked for me too ! Thanks. At last Orange are moving on this.

  • daveg

    So unhappy with HTC. Have called them several times about getting 2.1 update. HTC branded Hero. Can’t get updated unless I book it in for a bogus repair and post the phone to them. Why won’t they put the Rom update on the web or an ftp site. I can’t be without my phone for a week. Terrible typical Taiwanese focus on a product marketing spec sheet and stuff the customer experience. Samsung Galaxy S or S/E X10 or evenwindows 7 phone here I come.

  • Adrian

    I’m on Three in the UK but haven’t heard anything about this. Where/How to I get it?

  • salfordjc

    l am on a branded 3 hero got my 2.1 part 1 update OTA on saturday 28th aug
    check software version in settings to be sure
    didnt have to backup anything all settings were preserved
    cant wait for part 2