July 3, 2009
HTC Hero

HTC Hero

It appears as though EngadgetMobile has spotted a version of the HTC Hero with 850/1900MHz 3G support for AT&T’s network on the U.S. government’s FCC website.  This does not necessarily mean that we will see that version of the device sold in this country, though.  Often devices are approved by the FCC even when they don’t go on sale here.

So while this is certainly cause for hope, we had heard already that an 850/1900MHz UMTS version of the device was going to be available, so it could certainly just be a version headed to Rogers in Canada, for example.  We simply don’t know at this point.  Either way, we do know that *somebody* will be offering a version of the Hero that will work real well on AT&T’s network, even if it isn’t AT&T that’s doing the offering.

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