HTC Hero Also Gets ICS Port

by: Paul NuñalNovember 25, 2011

The legendary HTC Hero, released way back in 2009, is finally making the cut as one of the first few smartphones to get an unofficial upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The guys from XDA Developers have done it again and this time around they have come up with an ICS port that runs smoothly on the HTC Hero with most of the phone’s features fully intact. XDA developer jaybob413 has manned the development of the ICS port for the HTC Hero.

Regardless of the phone’s aging hardware specifications, users were happy to report having fully working radios, touchscreen functionality, audio, Google apps, and Wi-Fi running smoothly. However, the camera is still under development but will soon be available during the next update or so.

Ports for both GSM and CDMA versions of the HTC Hero are still in progress, with the HTC XDA devs working together to make it happen.

Despite its prehistoric hardware and limitations, the HTC Hero was able to stand the test of time with the help of a successfully built CyanogenMod for HTC devices. The HTC Hero always had a fair share of dedicated developers that continuously support the device to make sure it doesn’t get outdated. It surely proves that not all devices get old when it comes to future upgrades.

What other older Android smartphones would you like to see running Android 4.0?

  • Awesome …..

  • Peachfuzzin2

    This is great news! Where’s the link?

  • Merle Reine

    Droid 3 port please

  • Jw 37

    htc hero S

  • Davelister123

    htc legend. good thing 3rd party developers support year old phones far better then manufacturers.

  • jurapeño

    me gustaría en un Orange boston ya que han anunciado la posibilidad de no adaptarlo.

  • jurapeño

    me gustaría ICS en el Orange Boston ya Que Han Anunciado la posibilidad de no adaptarlo