HTC Handset Codenames List Leaked, 11 Already Out

by: Paul NuñalNovember 10, 2011
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A couple of months back, the folks at managed to stumble upon a list of HTC codenames for upcoming HTC devices.  The site has published the list recently and assures readers that the list came from a reliable source.

Since the time they got hold of the 35-item ist, they kept mum about it and postponed publishing the list, as they entertained the possibility of the list’s inaccuracy or even authenticity.  With the HTC Edge leaked out recently, it seems that the codename list has a certain degree of accuracy and reliability.

With renewed confidence in the list, finally made the list publicly available, and it contains the following codenames for HTC devices, including those that have already been announced or released into the market:

  1. Act
  2. Alpha
  3. Bliss
  4. Blue
  5. Cybertron
  6. Edge
  7. Elite
  8. Eternity
  9. Fighter
  10. Fit
  11. Flick
  12. Glider
  13. Grande
  14. Holiday
  15. Jet
  16. Key
  17. Layer
  18. Omega
  19. Pico
  20. Pop
  21. Prime
  22. Quattro
  23. Radiant
  24. RTP
  25. Ruby
  26. Runnymede
  27. Splendor
  28. Square
  29. Tag
  30. Tahiti
  31. Tube
  32. Veloce
  33. Vigor
  34. Villa
  35. Vitesse 

As of Pocketnow‘s last count, so far, 11 out of the 35 handsets on the list  were already made available in the market: Bliss, Edge, Eternity, Holiday, Omega, Pico, Prime, Pop, Ruby, Runnymede, and Vigor.

That leaves us with 24 more unaccounted phones to be released by HTC anytime soon.  Although the list may be accurate in determining future phones, the list’s source mentioned that not all codenames will be used.

Also, the list seems to refer only to smartphones.  It does not include HTC’s tablets such as the Flyer or the Puccini (Jetstream).  There probably is another list for the tablets, although we are not sure whether it is as long as the list for smartphones.  Regardless, let’s wait and see what HTC will surprise us with int he coming months.

Are you an HTC fan?  What do you like about HTC or its products?

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