HTC Germany teases something “alive” is coming soon

by: Bams SadewoFebruary 7, 2013


As we near the expected unveiling date of HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the company has released a new teaser that hints that something of a Frankenstein proportion is coming out of HTC’s lab. The beast will be “alive soon!”, whether we’re ready or not.

The teaser picture, as shown above, depicts a heart attached to a circuit board. While we’re not 100% sure, HTC is likely referring to the arrival of M7, the phone that was chanted out loud by Peter Chou and co. during an internal event.

Do you think the teaser is talking about something else instead? Is this merely the company’s way of saying that it’s convinced that the M7 will inject some much-needed life back into the brand? Whatever it is, all will be revealed on February 19 in New York and London. Stay tuned!

  • GF

    Maybe it’s all about a very powerful processor (more than 1.7GHz? a new one?)

  • quadtronix

    Whatever it is… it’s got my heart pumping!

  • Jojoc

    Maybe they’ll unveil their own cpu?? o.O

  • Ryan

    Look at the Heart Closely …….There bringing it back…………G3!!!