HTC Gallery gets a new update, brings ability to adjust UFocus and more

by: Andrew GrushJune 9, 2014
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HTC is bringing out an update to the Gallery app for all Sense 6 owners today, introducing Dimensions Plus and Pan 360 to all supported devices.

For those that don’t know, Pan 360 is basically HTC’s equivalent of Photosphere and Dimensions Plus lets you add minor 3D effects to your photos. In addition to these two new features, all Sense 6 owners can expect to see minor bug fixes and performance improvements as well.

For those that own the HTC One M8, the update also brings a new adjust option for UFocus. The feature uses the Duo Camera to add depth-of-field blurring effects to photos, but you can now control exactly how much blur is applied.

None of today’s changes are massive ones, but they are still welcome additions and highlights just how important pushing system apps to the Play Store is when it comes to introducing timely updates. To grab the latest HTC Gallery update for Sense 6 you’ll want to head over to Google Play.

  • Larissa Hadley

    wow good news More specifaication in htc

  • J_Pod

    I just updated it on my sense 6 M7 and nothing changed at all! No Pano360, no dimension plus, NOTHING!!

    • daniel

      Same to me ….sense 6 M7 …nothing chaged…i don’t understand ….

    • Romel

      It does say “to all supported devices” the M7 is not one of them unfortunately in terms of those specific features.

      • J_Pod

        Pretty sure it says ALL sense 6 devices

        • Romel

          Interesting, I was quoting this article but in Google Play it states simple “all HTC Sense 6.0 devices.” Correct me if I’m wrong isn’t Dimension Plus a feature related to the Duo Camera that only the M8 has?

          • J_Pod

            Correct. But there is no reason that HTC couldn’t have proof read their statement a little better in order not to upset their customers. Pano360 though should be able to work on the M7 just fine. No reason at all to leave that out. Photosphere works fine from the google camera on the m7.

          • Romel

            Agreed, a small mistake that should of been easily avoided.

  • SeraZR™

    Perfect on my M8

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    • Jesus

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  • Philip Martinico

    I got the sense 6 update and a supposed 4.4.3 but mine says 4.4.2????????

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