HTC Flyer Pre Orders at Best Buy Starting April 24

by: Darcy LaCouveeApril 23, 2011
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Good news, smaller tablet form factor fans! While definitely not the coolest tablet out there, the HTC Flyer still has its own unique appeal. Best Buy has just announced that they will be offering pre-sales of the HTC Flyer, starting on April 24th. It’s looking like Best Buy will be the sole and exclusive retailer of the Wi-Fi-only Flyer in the United States. As we mentioned already, we’re not completely sold on the tablet itself, especially considering it doesn’t even have Android 3.0 Honeycomb on board (though an upgrade is said to be in the pipe), we have to ask if this will be a success or a flop.

If the pricing was somewhere in the $399 range we certainly would be much more tempted to get on the bandwagon, but at $499 you can buy a lot of tablet these days. Certainly though, the price matches up with the iPad 2, but we hardly doubt it will even so much as dent the sales of the iPad 2.

Either way, we thought you should know. Does the HTC Flyer have what it takes to earn your dollars?

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