HTC First release date and pricing

by: Bogdan BeleApril 4, 2013

HTC First

HTC First, the first smartphone to come with Facebook Home for Android pre-loaded, has been announced a little while ago at Facebook’s Android event and will be available for pre-order at AT&T starting today.

Deliveries of the HTC First will start on April 12, the same day Facebook Home gets released and the price of the new smartphone will be $99 with new two-year contracts. According to AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega, pre-orders will start immediately on a dedicated page on the AT&T website.

The smartphone, which HTC CEO Peter Chou has called “the ultimate social phone”, will come in four colors, and, according to Mark Zuckerberg, it will be available in Europe, too (but no date has been mentioned), from Orange and EE.

How about you? Will you get an HTC First, once it’s available in your country?

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    • First… And last…. Phone ;)

  • :D u dont say,, but last time i checked the release of jelly bean was by Samsung hands.

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  • the least they could do from a style standpoint is make the first “f” the facebook blue and white logo. they didn’t = marketing flaw. well, they can still correct it and nobody will think it’s called the “irst”

    • Not surprised – HTC couldn’t market water to a man on fire.

  • Is it really 99$. I cant believe

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      *with a two years contract