Facebook Home Android Screenshots 1 (4)

Facebook on Thursday unveiled its new Home software for Android smartphones, a people-based social-centric user interface that runs on top of Android OS, complete with an application launcher.

While Home will ultimately run on a variety of devices, it will only be supported by six handsets in the first weeks, including the brand new HTC First smartphone, a device built by HTC with Home pre-loaded.

Home will launch on the Google Play Store on April 12, at which time AT&T will also release the HTC First.

While you wait to see Home in action, you can check out the following videos that promote the HTC First as well as various Home features including the new Chat Heads messenger application, the Cover Feed (a Blink Feed like feature based on Facebook updates), and the Home notification system.

HTC First and Facebook Home

Facebook Home Notifications


Chat Heads


Cover Feed


How do you like Facebook Home so far?

  • Marcus Cyganiak

    I can’t stand the music in those videos!

  • Jimmy Flete

    uhhh….so what is it exactly ? a whole seperate app ? and is it not available on the Nexus 4 ?

  • hrishi

    The main ad looks boring

  • the only thing i like about this launcher is the chat heads being able to chat with someone without having to load the sms app every time

  • ljg500

    I think FB Home should be more aptly named FB Virus. An app/launcher that is intended to crowd out competing applications- offering nothing really new- and has the potential to be more invasive than FB already is- possibly gathering information on browsing habits, alternative app usage, etc. Of course, content is dutifully provided by friends- who like yourself are monitored and watched- with information then sold for $$$ and cents. But don’t forget about advertisers- greedily hoping for a share of screen and social space- and in return- all you need to provide is your privacy and freedom.

  • rahul

    Facebook has always kept itself much ahead of competition and now it has taken to a really great level