Rumor: After only a month, AT&T planning on discontinuing HTC First

by: Andrew GrushMay 13, 2013


Last Thursday Facebook made a big deal about its latest milestone: hitting 1 million downloads for its new Facebook Home launcher.

One million downloads is all well and good, but what Facebook doesn’t tell us is how many of these downloaders turned around and uninstalled the app right way. Considering the phone has a 2-star rating on Google Play, you can bet that it was a large share of folks.

So what does this mean for HTC’s Facebook phone? Unfortunately, nothing good. According to an unnamed source reporting to BGR, the HTC First is doing so poorly that AT&T is preparing to discontinue the handset after just a little over a month on the market.

The source says that fewer than 15,000 units sold through last week, when the phone was slashed down to just $.99. Furthermore, the HTC Status (aka ChaCha) – considered one of the worst phones ever – even managed to sell more in its first month on the market than the HTC First.

Can Zuckerberg and team save Facebook Home and the First?

Despite the BGR report, AT&T has come forward stating that they haven’t made any real decisions about the future of the First:

“As mentioned previously, we do pricing promotions all the time and have made no decisions on future plans.”

In other words, the first few nails might be in the coffin, but the HTC First isn’t dead yet.

More than likely, that AT&T and HTC are hoping to turn things around through aggressive pricing in the short-term, and see where that eventually takes them. Is it too late for Facebook Home and the First? It really depends.

For AT&T, focusing advertising on the stock Android underneath Facebook Home’s launcher might help some. For Facebook, they already have announced plans to improve the Facebook Home launcher by including both docks and folders into the Home experience.

Again, it’s hard to say if any of these changes can really make a big difference for the First or for Facebook Home. What do you think of the HTC First? Conversely, how do you feel about Facebook Home?

  • Jim

    Good, good.

  • Mike Bastable

    Facebook home is just bloody awful, pay 600 euros for hanset running jellybean, beautiful os, dump lazy launcher on it that adds little and makes phone less than useable…..good idea: NOT!
    What is a good idea…launch phone with facebook launcher,free minutes talk time and free data courtesey of well placed ads….initial decrease in net profit leading to massive adoption long term increase in ad revenue. Will anyone ever dare to do this and change the way we use our gsms?

  • Juan Carlos

    well, if the price is very low and you can replace the rom with a custom (o vanilla) one, then it may be a good idea to get one, maybe as a backup phone or for limited budgets

  • dandroid13

    Another HTCrap fail…

  • This actually a good budget phone. Just don’t use the “Home”. And you’ll find a pretty decent device. I kinda like the look and feel of it.

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      This is definitely a good Android phone of this type. The appearance of the phone is like no other. It’s thin, light and powerful indeed.

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  • MasterMuffin

    When they start throwing them away for free, I’ll get one just for the “lulz” and it has stock Android, if it’s open I’ll get a custom rom (if there is one)

  • lil bit

    Its the “HTC ChaCha 2”. I knew this would happen, first of all because its too much Facebook, and second because its HTC with all the manufacturing defects and bugs that brings along.

    HTC continue to amaze me with their low quality. I know of various people who bought HTCs recently, distant acquaintances, and they already regret so much, so many problems, the phones are barely working at all. I thought HTC was better now than before, the quality was so poor 2-3 years ago that it could not get any worse, and then comes the FLAGSHIP One with defective buttons, and then all these people with serious problems with other HTC models, HTC GOTTEN EVEN WORSE! You dont see this kinda defects on ZTE, ShuAway and Lenovo, why only on HTC, and why is it worse than ever?

    HTC is truly “buy once, hate for life”, Quietly Defective.

  • Downtoearth2

    This only shows stock android isn’t the answer . Consumers hate stock android.

    • lil bit

      No they dont, stock android is popular. Its Facebook Home and HTC they hate.

      For many people its a tabu to have a facebook centric device, “people might think i am addicted”, or “If i buy this people might think i dont have a life outside facebook”. Owning a First is just plain shameful, just like it would be shameful to own a dild0 phone (in public at least) or a “porn hunter” phone.

  • nishantsirohi123

    seal shut a small capacity battery
    and then seal shut the memory , again small capacity
    give it a mediocre camera
    and then wonder why you don’t sell

  • Fred Chiang

    If they’re saying they have no decisions on future plans why make the title “After only a month, AT&T planning on discontinuing HTC First”….