HTC First

For those looking to get their hands on a pre-installed Facebook Home experience, the HTC First is what you are looking for. The new HTC handset has already been announced for both EE and AT&T, with the later of these offering the phone for just $99 with contract. For those that would rather go the no-contract route? The phone will set you back $450.

That $450 buys you a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 dual-core powered handset with 1GB of RAM. Other specs for the handset include a 4.3-inch display with a 720p resolution, a 5MP rear cam, 1.6MB front cam, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Facebook Home as the launcher.

While most folks will likely go with a contract plan, there are some of us that just don’t want to be tied down to contract. If that sounds like you, you can always snag the handset off-contract but you might also want to consider the fact that Facebook Home will be heading to Google Play and will work with quite a few handsets without a hitch.

Installing custom launchers requires very little technical skill, and there are quite a few handsets you can buy unlocked for $450 or less that offer more bang for the buck, such as the LG Nexus 4. Still, it’s up to you.

What do you think, interested in the HTC First or not?

Andrew Grush
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  • Who needs to pay 450 dollar for facebook that occupies your privacy on your home screen NO THANKS!

  • I’ll pass it should be priced at
    99.$ without a contract

  • ramonq619

    Why will prople buy this phone? Thr home launcher will be available for download. I’ll rather get a high end phone and download thr launcher

  • Mike Reid

    The “old” Galaxy S3 is around this price now, or will be soon, and I’d prefer that.

    I think “average” people, who don’t know much about the phone market and ask the ATT sales people for a recommendation will be the main customers, including teens or their parents.

  • mrsnezbit

    horrible. who wants to pay so much for a phone crippled with facebook spyware and bloatware?

  • brucelee

    I find the price to be correct, the screen is amazing and the performance should be there aswell, this phone is for facebook diehards and there are tons of them, and I’m not one them, but as any good android phone you can install any launcher and get rid of the facebook garbage.
    Anyways this phone doesn’t apeal to me it is a good midrange device but the One is the One for me (pun intended)