HTC’s February numbers are in, they haven’t made this little money in 3 years

by: ŠtefanMarch 6, 2013

HTC has just published their February 2013 revenue numbers. Actually, it’s just one number: $11.37 billion Taiwanese dollars, which translates to about $384 million. That’s an incredible 44% less than the same month one year ago, and it’s 27% less than revenues for January 2013. According to The Next Web, the last time HTC made this little money during one month was February 2010, exactly three years ago.

This is bad. Really bad. To provide some additional context, most of HTC’s sales are in Asia. Do you know what takes place every February? Chinese New Year. This writer was in Taiwan last month, and he can report that it was an absolutely insane experience. Gift giving is a critical component of the culture, and many highly sought after consumer electronic items were simply out of stock.

Did people know about the upcoming HTC One and simply decide to delay their smartphone purchase? We’ll find out in April, when HTC reports their March figures. But to be perfectly honest with you, we think HTC has simply lost their way. The One, regardless of how good it might be, will starve for attention once Samsung starts marketing the Galaxy S4. Maybe HTC has something up their sleeve that they’ve yet to show off? We can only hope.

What else is there to say at this point? HTC should be studied by everyone in the mobile industry, because they make great products, yet the company is losing money left and right. Why? When you stop and think about it, HTC doesn’t really do anything other than put together other people’s components. They don’t make their own screens, their own chips, their own batteries, anything really.

Meanwhile, Samsung depends on their own factories for pretty much their entire portfolio. Yes, there are several Braodcom powered Galaxy phones out there, but the bleeding edge stuff, the high margin high end devices, those contain a fair amount of Samsung parts.

  • The one thing they do make (Sense) has it’s ups and downs. A lot of people would prefer a minimally invasive android experience, with all the bells and whisstles of zoe and ultrapixels. Problem is HTC is also slow at updates.

  • s4Stefan_s4Samsung

    Hello Sammy Fan boy. Herr Stefan C!
    in every article unless you appriciate / mention Samsung, your write up is not completed.
    I’d advice you to join Sammobile!

    • Bone

      Shut your mouth and try to actually understand the article’s point.

      • Mike Bastable

        “Shut your mouth”!?! in a comment section? Learn some manners Bone.

    • Mike Bastable

      Silly reply but the point is made and is accurate

  • le_lutin

    Surely this makes perfect sense? I imagine Apple shifted a lot fewer iPhone 4s just before the iphone 5 went on sale, no?

    Not sure there’s a story here.

  • dandroid13

    “This is bad. Really bad.” Of course not, this is great news!

  • steve blow jobs

    fvck htc, no sd card, sim, removable battery, etc…its not rocket science folks. and SAMSUNG RULES !

  • I’m a huge Samsung fan but the HTC ONE is causing a ton of buzz right now with more ppl saying they are going to buy the device than any other HTC device ever. Some of these interested parties are Android users all ready but because of the amazing build quality many iPhone users are stating that they are happy to finally see an Android device with the build quality to rival the iPhones. So many will be making the jump from the tired and played out OS from Apple to their first Android device, the HTC ONE. I think it will be the #1 device this year unless the Galaxy S4 blows Ppls minds.

  • Randy Sylmar

    This isn’t a surprise people. HTC just doesn’t know how to focus on their customers. HTC One was a great concept. Blackberry build, flipboard news feed, and a camera that does well in low light situations but quality in the pictures are pretty weak. They also decided to put in the weakest battery possible in every phone they have and non-removable to boot. No additional storage options and a horrible battery life is doomed from the beginning.

    People say it’s their marketing but it’s really their phones. People go head over heals on the build of HTC phones and are the same people complaining on overheating and weak battery life. I mean seriously you’re pushing 1080p screen with a horrible battery and HTC is scratching their heads why people keep putting down their phones? I was excited when they unveiled the HTC One and hoped they got their act together. Then of course the last detail was the battery specs and I decided to pass on it after the fact.

    • le_lutin

      You should wait until the phone is released and/or reviewed before making statements like “horrible battery life” and “pictures are pretty weak”.

  • hahaha

    just do like Samsung. make a phone that pleases everyone. SD card? check. Removable battery? check. DON’T compromise a great product.

  • caramel

    Only samsung flagships are fully complete. Almost all other brand makes flawed flagships.

    You see there. FLAWED FLAGSHIP.

    Don’t get me wrong, HTC one is good. I like its speaker and camera, and I know HTC build quality (I have 2 HTC phones so far).
    But it’s not complete, because it neither has microsd slot and removable battery.
    It has usb-otg, but unlike sgs3, you can’t plug a usb hdd on it.

    When people buy a FLAGSHIP phone, they want a COMPLETE feature.

    • mrband

      >>When people buy a FLAGSHIP phone, they want a COMPLETE feature.

      Absolutely true, HTC should assume their “flagships” cannot cost as the real “complete” flagships from Samsung or even Sony. HTC’s are overpriced given their hardware lacks and their updating lazyness.

  • Mike Bastable

    The One has a short window of opportunity to gain market focus and traction. HTC is notoriously BAD at doing this, so i have little faith in success. Even their advertising tag “quietly brilliant” is stupid “Loudly Innovating” would be better, lol. Their website is a mess, Sense 5.0 is just silly and their naming protocols are futile…the One series WAS NOT A SUCCESS!, so why in 2013 use the name AGAIN!>?

    They need a spokesman (like Mr. Jobs) to actually explain and promote why their products are good, desirable and sexy. I HAVE NEVER met anyone who owns a HTC who wasnt in love with it. I cannot say the same about Samsung et al.
    Good products and awful marketing is unfortunately an EPIC fail again for HTC.

    Plus all the posters her make excellent points. To abandon some features (like SD memory etc) you have to be either MARKET LEADER or the maker of the most desirable product (Aplle doesthis with Mac) being in 4th place and cutting features is a recipe for disaster!

    So HTC i WOULD redisgn the One THIS YEAR…add a decent battery and SD expanision and relaunch ASAP as 1² (one squared), start this today and you might survive into tomorrow.

  • doode

    If they do close shop I sure as hell hope Sammy pick up HTC’s design unit. Samsung is definitely giving customers what they want spec wise but holy hell does their product design team suck in comparison to HTC.

  • Chris Thomson

    Braodcom. I love Braodcom.

  • S4. Ppl want to wait to see S4.

  • Anon.

    I wonder if you deliberately lie about HTC to make a point? It is a factual inaccuracy to say that HTC sales mainly came from Asia, that has never been the case and publicly available reports to the stock market demonstrate where sales have come from over the last few years. I do not understand why you would claim something which can be so easily disproved?