June 15, 2013
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Making its first appearance in Taiwan’s NCC filings, an upcoming HTC tracking and locating technology called Fetch has been spotted. Judging by the short description statement, Fetch may shape up to be a software and hardware combination which could help users locate various HTC-made devices and even other people.

The filing is purely to register Fetch as a trademark and contains sparse details about the actual idea. From what we managed to figure out, this is going to actually be a portable, multifunction device that will assist owners in locating mobile HTC gadgets of any nature. Moreover, the filing also mentions a compatible software to aid with the entire process and even a form of a people finder.

Interestingly, HTC’s intention comes right after the New York-based anti-device theft conference was held, although the filing has a mid-May date. Apple, Google, Motorola, Samsung and Microsoft were invited to discuss a potential kill-switch feature for all upcoming products, but HTC did not receive a similar invitation. Even so, the Taiwanese company may have discovered the potential and future demand of such a feature, which could be covered by this Fetch product.

HTC Fetch

At this stage, we can only imagine what HTC Fetch will look like and function. We place our bets on something similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone tool, but maybe more evolved?  If the Taiwanese manufacturer manages to pull this through, HTC could end up having a big lead on other Android vendors, taking advantage of the fact that Android doesn’t have a built-in phone locating feature yet.

On the other hand, we could always be wrong with our speculations, so we’ll have to wait a while to learn more details about the HTC Fetch.

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