It was only a matter of time before Ice Cream Sandwich came to the HTC Evo 4G. Users of this HTC device can now enjoy a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich, thanks to independent developers at the XDA Developers forum.

An alpha version of the Android 4.0.3 firmware was recently released for the HTC Evo 4G, put together by dedicated third-party developers. At the moment, there is no official news when this particular device will receive an official update from HTC, but for those of you who can’t wait to run ICS on your HTC Evo 4G devices, here’s a quick list of what currently works in the firmware.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio
  • Carrier service
  • Touchscreen
  • Data Usage Stats
  • GPS

Because this is still developer preview/testing version, there’s no definitive list of what doesn’t work. The developers, however, promised that once a beta is released, they’ll be able to draw a list of what bugs need to be removed.


Before you begin applying this update, there are a few things you’ll need to do to facilitate a smooth updating process:

  • Back up all the data currently found on your phone. This will allow you to save your data should it be corrupted or lost during the update process. Do not back up your data with HTC Sync as there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to access HTC Sync after applying this update.
  • Make sure there is at least 70% charge on your HTC Evo 4G’s battery to prevent the phone from shutting down in the middle of the update process
  • Uninstall all antivirus applications present on your computer as they may interrupt the update process
  • Make sure you’ve enabled USB Debugging on your device. You can do this through the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging”.


Once you’ve completed the installation requirements, you may now proceed to applying the ICS 4.0.3. firmware to your HTC Evo 4G.

  1. Download the Evervolv Acies 2.1.0 preview 1 ROM (based on Android 4.0.3 ICS) package into your computer.  Get the update file here.
  2. Download the Google Apps (gApps) package from here and save it to your computer.
  3. Connect your HTC Evo 4G to your computer with the USB cable.
  4. Copy the ROM and gApp packages into the root of your phone’s SD card.
  5. Disconnect your HTC Evo 4G from your computer.
  6. Turn off your phone and reboot it into bootloader mode by holding down the Volume Down key while pressing the Power Button.
  7. From the bootloader mode menu, select Recovery.
  8. Once in Recovery mode, select “Clear Storage” to delete all the cache data from your phone.
  9. Next select “Install zip from SD Card” from the menu and select the ROM package file you saved to the phone earlier.  Flash the gApps package in the same manner.
  10. After the update files have been flashed, select “++++Go Back++++” to return to the main recovery menu.
  11. Select “Reboot system now” from the menu.
  12. After your phone has rebooted normally, check whether the flashing was successful.  Go to Settings > About Phone > Firmware version to find out whether it says Android 4.0.3.

Congratulations!  You’ve successfully upgraded your HTC Evo 4G to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich via the Evervolv Acies ROM.

Carl Parker
We're all multi-talented and multi-faceted here, but, perhaps, Carl is the most multi-faceted in the bunch. Among Carl's many interests, Android holds a special place. He's particularly fond of reviewing Android apps and writing step-by-step guides for fellow Android fans.
  • Perez1743

    I’m not rooted and I updated my phone to 2.3.5 (htc evo4G). Would I, still be able to 4.0.3 ICS?

  • dgsaxhitman84

    not until there is a way to root 2.3.5 which as of now there is not

  • Frank Taylor

    Just did this about an hour ago. Works great with two hugely notable exceptions: Camera(s) don’t work, and the gallery doesn’t work. Caveat Emptor

  • Frank Taylor

    I take back what I said earlier about the phone working. It’s dead. Not bricked, not frozen. Not locked. dead. After about 30 minutes of listening to Pandora, it died and unless Jesus comes tomorrow, my phone ain’t coming back to life. I can’t blame you, all I did was follow the instructions. Which clearly was my mistake.

  • Jr71x

    Shoulda stated that phone needs to be rooted… Release 7 has been out for awhile, rear cam and camcorder work…

  • Newbie2011

    awesome works great!!!

  • Ghostly89

    Cannot download from the download link at the stated website for ROM.

  • Jamcgov

    So far so good! The default wallpaper doesn’t completely fill the screen and Gallery is not allowing me to make a change. I am undaunted, though, and will continue to play.

  • Jamcgov

    Jamcgov again. The desktop wallpaper is working fine now, but no camera. I get this message: Unfortunately, Camera has stopped. Any suggestions?

  • Rocky63133

    I just did it and nonthing happen.

  • AB82x

    how long does it take to reboot?

  • Aviles Ma

    Stuck at start up what can i do?

    • A Litsa

      Go back into recovery, go to WIPE > Factory Reset. Then do WIPE > Caches. Repeat for good measure. Then re-flash Evervolv and Google Apps.

  • yomo3969

    i can’t open any application on this roms plss any fix

  • a litsa


    1. You have to unlock your phone and add recovery first. This forum is the best:

    2. If you can’t seem to get into bootloader, make sure you are holding the volume-down key while powering the phone back ON (not while turning it OFF).

    3. At the “Clear Storage” phase, you need to wipe the heck out of the storage. Perform “factory reset” three times and then clear caches three times. The article makes it sound like all you’re supposed to do is clear caches, but you need to clear everything. I made the mistake of not clearing everything, and Ice Cream Sandwich wouldn’t load. I corrected this by going back to recovery, wiping everything a million times, and then re-flashing Evervolv and the Google Apps.

  • a litsa

    Anyone figure out how to get the camera to work?

  • wodanick

    My EVO won’t even go into bootloader mode…

  • Patheticflower

    is there any way to flash back to the regular os?

  • ‘Donna Does-Gorsuch

    i dont have “install zip from sd card” as an option. i guess im not making it into Recovery mode. after following instructions to get into bootloader mode….and then to choose rec overy uption… phone had a phone icon on it with a green indicater por something….and then the green indicater goes Red. I m not making it into Recovery, am I?

  • ‘Donna Does-Gorsuch

    Jr71…..whats release 7. or rather….do i need it and where do i get it please? ty :-)

  • ‘Donna Does-Gorsuch

    thanks for any help, btw. im usually a bit sharper than this, but have mother going into heart surgury and had a house fire not too long ago. my mind is tired and destracted