Sprint’s own take on the HTC One X, the EVO 4G LTE, should have started shipping almost a week ago, but the release had to be delayed due to an import ban. Fortunately, HTC and Sprint managed to get everything in order blazing fast, and, as promised the day before yesterday, pre-ordered EVO 4G LTE phones will start shipping today.

The news isn’t officially confirmed, but we have several trustworthy sources telling us that Sprint and BestBuy will cover all pre-orders made for the EVO 4G LTE by the end of the day. InsideSprintNow has been tipped about Sprint pre-orders, while the guys at AndroidCentral managed to get their hands on a leaked memo from BestBuy, saying that “pre-orders can be fulfilled beginning as soon as inventory arrives”.

If you’ve been one of the first to place your pre-order on Sprint’s or BestBuy’s websites, you should therefore expect to get that tasty EVO 4G LTE package on your doorstep, as soon as this morning. As for those of you who haven’t placed a pre-order just yet, but want to get an EVO 4G LTE as soon as possible, it’s still difficult to say when you’ll be able to see the phone in stock, either online or offline.

InsideSprintNow is predicting May 25 (which is tomorrow) as the new official release date of the phone, with thousands of devices possibly coming to Sprint and BestBuy stores. However, that’s just an assumption and should not be taken very seriously right now. It is possible that pre-orders for the phone have simply wiped out the prepared stocks for the launch.

Moreover, BestBuy’s leaked internal memo says that “there may be customers who pre-ordered after May 21 who will not receive a device with this initial shipment”. Wow! Exactly how many of these were pre-ordered, that Sprint and BestBuy can’t handle all the shipments at once?

We expected HTC’s new flagship to hit it big, as it’s probably the most powerful Android smartphone available (at least until the Galaxy S3 will start shipping). But this whole madness seems a bit too much.

Did you pre-order an HTC EVO 4G LTE from either Sprint or BestBuy? If so, would you be so kind to drop us a line below, when and if you will receive your spanking new phone? Thanks and don’t forget to check back to our website to find out the device’s new official release date, set to be announced very soon!

  • Mbeard1702

    Ordered mine at Best Buy on the first day that you could pre-order one. Haven’t received any updates from Best Buy yet today, but I’m hoping to have my new Evo LTE by this weekend!

  • Mars10

    Ordered mine on bestbuy.com on 5/22 morning. Haven’t heard anything at this time other than from my initial receipt that the order is on backorder.

    • ek145

      ordered mine the first day from best buy in Hilton Head Island,SC, got mine today!

  • Amanda Crossing

    Pre-ordered mine on 5/7 from BestBuy.com an hour before they sent out their “Pre-orders are open now” e-mail. I kept checking the site over and over again. I was so anxious. Haven’t heard any updates on my order since the release date got pushed back. REALLY hope that it ships out today, but not holding my breath.

  • William Hatt

    Preordered on 5/7 as well from BestBuy, though a little later in the day (maybe around noon PST) and all that I get from their tracking site is that the item is backordered. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a new phone. I’ve got the Samsung Moment now and although Im looking forward to a new phone Im really gonna miss that physical keyboard.

  • Dickgt6

    This article, is complete speculation, has no real back up, and why it exists is just to get hits so they will sell ads.

  • TiffStar1004

    preordered through Sprint and my phone is out for delivery today!!!

  • Tobvanv

    Called my local best buy and they should be in today or friday and they will start to fill pre-orders as soon as they arrive. She did ask if I ordered it before may 21st so anyone after this date may have to wait for the next shippment.

  • Maurico6262

    I received mine this morning in Detroit, but I’m on.vacation in Vegas, can’t wait till I get home

  • Tmds93

    Ordered mine online thru best buy on 5/7. Checked website this afternoon and still showed on back order. Hopefully it will be shipped by this weekend.

  • Ed

    I have an HTC Evo 4G. I can’t wait to get rid of it as it’s internal storage is so small that, even though I definitely do not have en excessive amount of apps, I don’t have enough available internal storage to even update the apps I already have. When I bought the Evo 4G, I really didn’t do enough research or maybe even have enough knowledge to understand how much the paltry internal storage would negatively hamstring usage of the phone. Also, I was lulled into a false sense of security knowing the Evo had an SD card slot. However, since many apps cannot be moved to the SD card (and I have moved as many as I can), the HTC Evo 4G is a pretty limited phone. So, I was excited to hear of the new Evo 4G LTE. Yes, finally, HTC figured out they needed more internal storage.

    Well, another issue I have always had with the Evo is the terrible battery life. But, I have a supply of extra batteries, so it has never been a big deal. Plus, I understand that issue is pretty much universal with all smartphones. Leave it HTC to throw freezing cold water on my hot desire for a new phone. In the new Evo, there is no replaceable battery. WHAT? HTC, what on earth are you thinking??? Talk about taking a BIG design step backwards.

    While I have not made up my mind yet, I am strongly leaning towards the Galaxy S3. I will wait for the reviews of that to hit when it is released, assuming they are good, I will probably go with the Galaxy. I would have been a lock to get the new Evo LTE, but I do not want to get stuck with yet another glaring design flaw in my pocket. HTC, you have pretty much lost me.

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  • Conservativeintx

    Just got the email from Best Buy that my phone is ready for pickup! Cannot wait!!

    • I preordered on 5/7 two phones, called today and was told ‘We have no official release date, we will call you’

    • Tamarra Hamilton

      What city are you in?

  • Jimmywalker78

    Went by my best buy mobile store today and they stated the same. They said the phones should arrive today and the pre orders will be filled immediately

  • sickill

    just spoke to best buy representative and I will be getting my shipping confirmation by the end of today cant wait

  • Bethers263

    I preordered in a sprint store, rather than online, so I have to wait until the store receives a shipment, and none of my area stores,nor sprint customer service can tell me when they expect to have it available. I am rather annoyed, as I preordered on may 8th..

    • Herky100

      This is getting a rather bit ridiculous. Sprint, communicate with your customers! I wish I hadn’t dropped my original EVO in a cup of beer…

      • Bethers263

        Super ridiculous…just spent another 20mins on the phone with them again…all I keep getting told is they have no way of knowing when stores will receive their orders since there is no “launch date” yet and to check with the store again tomorrow. My phone is preordered and completely paid for…it’s so stupid and they are giving me no information whatsoever

  • Prime

    I’m leaving verizon to go with sprint And cop the htc evo…And since I live here in Kansas City MO..(SouthSide)! I can’t wait for the LTE.

  • Cputthoff1986

    I received an email today from my BB then got a call from BB telling me that they didn’t get enough shipped and that mine will be on the next shipment… I was so excited until they called :(

  • joak

    ordered mine the first possible day you could order them from bestbuy. as of today the order status updated from “backordered” to “Order Status: 1 item(s) – Order in process of being fulfilled; Usually ships in 1 – 2 days”

    also read that only pre-orders made before may 21st will be fulfilled for now

  • Mbeard1702

    FOLLOW UP: I called the Best Buy that I ordered my Evo LTE from and they said that the phones would be on the UPS shipment today at 2PM. I arrived at 2:15 and they already had the phones. I picked it up and will let you know how it performs later. (It’s charging now as it was only 1/8th charged when I turned it on).

  • ola

    i gat mine today its nice,but cant install an sd card

    • Jzjams

      I had the same issue with finding the MicroSD slot drove me nuts The top plastic peice comes off pry it from the top where the power button is under there is a microsd slot kinda wierd placed to put it & boy its hard to get the cover off afriad im going to break it wish it was on the side in a more obvious place Good luck :)

  • Scarlet Begs

    After getting off the phone with Best Buy, this was my letter to Sprint. I’d like more details as to what went wrong.

    I just spent 2 hours and 20 minutes on hold because of a problem at Sprint. I pre-ordered the EVO LTE through Best Buy on 5/7 and have just today received an email saying I needed to call immediately or my order would be canceled. After more than 2 hours of my night spent on hold seriously limiting what I can be doing for that entire stretch, I am told that a problem from Sprint has forced hundreds, perhaps thousands of customers to call in to “force” the shipment through to avoid cancelation. The exact nature of the issue is not clear to me, but I was told something to the point of Sprint had changed the product/item codes on the unit or service, and they had to be manually changed. This all left me wondering-How is this my fault? Why do I have to waste MY TIME trying to buy YOUR PRODUCT!?? I pre-ordered to avoid hassle and I find out that had I not responded within 24 hours, my order would be canceled and I would be put back at the end of the list.

    I have been with Sprint for over 10 years. Some bad, but mostly good. I pay extra for a 4G service that has been promised for 2 years, yet is not here. I pay good money each month, order your new products and am still made to jump through hoops for an error that was well out of my reach.

    I believe you owe many of your paying customers an apology for your over sight. A public and proper apology.

    • Jmartinsullivan

      Similar thing here… I did not get an email from Sprint yesterday, but I preordered my LTE on 5/7 from Sprint Online. I started to get impatient yesterday because it seemed that everyone else had either received theirs, or had gotten a tracking number. When I checked on my order on the website, it showed as cancelled!!! It seems there was a “system glitch” and my order (along with ??? other preorder customers) had their orders inadvertently cancelled. My order was reinstated, but no ETA on when I will receive my phone. Yeah, first in line, but looks like I am going to be the last to get the phone. Thanks Sprint.

  • Brett

    UPS dropped mine off today still working on getting it charged. Then activated. Preordered at 10am on May 7. Not quite sure how to put my 16gb SD card into phone back of phone does not seem to be removable to access battery or SD slot? In the few minutes that I played with it, I am not to impressed!! Bought the first EVO on release day way back when. Very different setup on new EVO. I need to look at manual and become familiar with navigation of new system. I hope it is as great as the first version………..

    • What state do you live in that you already got it?

      • Jzjams

        Colorado got mine the 24th around 4:30 preorder opn May 7 around 9 am

    • Jzjams

      I had the same issue with finding the MicroSD slot drove me nuts The top plastic peice comes off pry it from the top where the power button is under there is a microsd slot kinda wierd placed to put it & boy its hard to get the cover off afriad im going to break it wish it was on the side in a more obvious place Good luck :)

  • Robinson 39

    I just pre-order mine this evening at BB. Sprint Store wouldn’t let you preorder at their Store. Waco, Tx

  • I ordered mine on the 8th as well, at best buy. Their insurance is better than sprint insurance. Also received an email that said that the phones were in, got a call a few hrs later that said that it was not true. There is a glitch in the best buy system. I don’t think I have ever been excited over a damn phone in my life.

  • Iced

    finally got my phone today and i cant get connection on the network and the phone keeps shuting down on me…called sprint they couldnt help me so now i have to take it into a sprint store tom to see what is the problem..immmm soooo over this phone…

  • Mr803sc

    Got mine delivered by ups at 4pm pacific!

  • jkm750

    So far so good. Root is easy if you are in to that. Battery so far is awesome. Very Smooth and camera is very quick with burst shots.

  • fonzystixs

    i got mine yesterday but i per-ordered the 1st day you could.

  • Work the wait, got mine last night at BB Corona CA. Great phone so far, there are some things it took me a while to get used to because of Ice Cream Sandwich vs Gingerbread. Several improvements. Love that it has a way to manage your dups in the contacts and also merge dups and merge odd names. Also like face recognition allows you to unlock screen rather then a code.

  • Jzjams

    I preorder my device on the May 7th. I finally got mine yesterday around 4:30 . Im one of the lucky one that got it IM extied loving it so far! BEst buy is elling cases as well

  • Jzjams

    got mine yesterday the 24th around 4:30 preorder opn May 7 around 9 am Im in Colorado

  • Clubguru35

    i think it’s kind of sad that i called bestbuy stores and they at least received shipments for store pre-orders and the sprint stores have no idea when they will get theirs….AWESOME job sprint your the best(pun intended).

  • Mrs.Jessie

    Ordered mine on 5/17 and according to BB they have no idea when I’ll be getting mine. I think it is a complete mess with this phone because they can’t give anyone an exact date of release or an exact date of when they are going to receive their phone. All they keep telling me is that I’ll get one before everyone that didn’t pre-order but who knows when that is going to be.

  • Nlcccoach

    Guys be patient….this phone is so worth the wait…I promise. Received mine Thursday. Didn’t find sd slot until today, but used the new transfer app on the LTE to move all contacts from old EVO in about 1 minute. Activation was a breeze as the phone walks you thru the process. Display is awesome as is the camera. It is very quick/responsive. plus…I found a package on my porch today from sprint and HTC….a free gel case as a thank you for being patient. I’m so glad I didn’t order through best buy. I ordered original EVO from them and was the second one to receive my phone which was out of the box and turned on with fingerprints all over it. not cool. However, they sure did want to see my new phone today when I was there looking at accessories. Happy EVOing

  • Landis41

    I didn’t order it, waiting for the Samsung Galaxy III to be released to compare if Sprint gets it too.

  • I got mine last Thursday from best buy, heard from a sprint mgr that they will have national launch next Wednesday may 30.

    • Bethers263

      I doubt that is the correct date since I just got off the phone with sprint 15 mins ago and they still have no info on when I will receive my phone I preordered in store since there is no official launch date yet…

  • Guest

    Received mine from Sprint preorder on May 25.