HTC EVO 3D vs. Samsung Galaxy S II: Extreme Android Superphone Standoff!

by: Darcy LaCouveeApril 12, 2011

Alright fellow Android Superphone followers, here it finally is – Android Authority’s Extreme Superphone Standoff: the Samsung Galaxy S II vs. the HTC EVO 3D. We review and compare all of the important areas below. Read on to find out which one is the victor!

Form & Design

Aesthetically, we have to say they are both remarkable looking devices. To think how far we have come in such a short amount of time is nothing short of remarkable. The trend towards slender, svelter, long and angular designs looks, to us, both modern, and futuristic. While some will consider both devices too large for everyday use, they most likely aren’t reading this page. Either way, we really think Samsung has hit it out of the park design wise with the Galaxy S II, and it is also the thinner of the two. Additionally, it is considerably lighter when compared to the the HTC EVO 3D, and so for all the reasons we could think of – we will handily give it to Samsung this round.


HTC EVO 3D: 8.8/10

Samsung Galaxy S II: 9.4/10

The HTC EVO 3D has dual 5 megapixel cameras for 3D recording capabilities

Processor & Performance

Undeniably, both the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC EVO 3D are two of the most powerful smartphones in the world. The HTC EVO 3D features a 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8660 dual-core processor running on the Snapdragon chipset, and contains an Adreno 220 graphics processing unit (GPU), versus the Samsung Galaxy S II’s Cortex A9 1.2GHz dual-core and Mali 400MP .

Truth be told, the HTC EVO 3D phone is lightning fast, but the Samsung Galaxy S II is on a whole new level of performance. In terms of future proofing, both devices are ahead of their peers substantially, with the Samsung Galaxy S II taking the crown. Whether you opt for the Samsung Galaxy S II or the HTC EVO 3D, you will certainly have hardware 1powerful enough for any app or game you throw at it.of. The same exists for the operating system itself, with Android 2.3 Gingerbread not having the code necessary to take advantage of dual core processing quite yet. Thankfully we have been assured that Android 2.4 will remedy this very soon, and owners of these incredible devices will likely see a significant performance ‘snap’ in the right direction.  The new dual-core Snapdragons are extremely powerful processor setups and we have to commend HTC for choosing them for their 3D handset, the HTC EVO 3D.

At the same time, Samsung has also done an incredible job with their choice of processor too. The Galaxy S II contains a 1.2GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A9 under the Orion chipset, together with a Mali-400MP GPU. Just like what we wrote for the HTC EVO 3D above – the same stands true. Furthermore, it should be noted that both phones have 1GB of RAM on board, whih is quickly becoming the industry standard for Superphones going forward. Really, the only difference is that the HTC EVO 3D will have 2 cameras to function simultaneously to take advantage of its herculean hardware, as well as a higher resolution screen. Either way, the Samsung Galaxy S II will certainly not even break a sweat with even the most demanding applications, including recording full 1080p video at 30 frames per second, rendering of flash, and playing the latest games. Certainly, the same stands true in terms of hardware that is likely to stand the test of time for the foreseeable future, which, in the world of mobile technology, is approximately 6-12 months.

Still the Samsung Galaxy S II’s combination of Cortex A9 1.2GHz dual core and Mali 400MP  is substantially faster than the HTC’s set up. Recent benchmarks reflect this. I would hazard a guess to say that the Galaxy S II is currently the fastest phone in the world, and that’s without the modding community being able to get their hands on it yet.


HTC EVO 3D: 9.2/10

Samsung Galaxy S II: 9.6/10

The Samsung Galaxy S II features an industry leading Super AMOLED Screen


Not too long ago, phones with 64MB or even 256MB of storage on board were considered blessed among smartphones – but not anymore. The EVO 3D has two options for onboard storage – being offered in either 1GB or 4GB variants. Not bad, not bad. Unfortunately, when compared to the mammoth 16GB or 32GB offerings of the Samsung Galaxy S II line, it becomes a no-brainer. Still, 4GB of memory for applications is a shocking amount of storage space for applications.

Both amazing devices come with the standard support for micros SD of up to 32GB, which makes them devices with a substantial amount of potential data storage. Either way, Apps2SD will soon be a thing of the past thanks to the gigantic amount of on-board storage on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

This comparison isn’t really fair, but we had to include it for posterity.


HTC EVO 3D: 8.5

Samsung Galaxy S II: 9.3

The HTC EVO 3D has a qHD 960x540 resolution display


3D is something that the HTC EVO 3D was built to do, and it actually does it quite well. With a pair of 5-megapixel cameras, capturing everything at 2560х1920 pixel resolution, it’s actually a great feature to have. While 3D TV’s have yet to gain mainstream acceptance, and there is potential that they never will – it’s still an interesting novelty to have, and gives you bragging rights at least.

More importantly however, is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S II can capture 1080p video with its 8MP rear camera, while the HTC EVO 3D is only capable of capturing 720p in 3D, but can do 1080p in 2D. In this case, it’s nice to have the option to be able to record either 3D or 2D. Furthermore, the HTC EVO 3D features a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera, which is more than sufficient for day to day video chats, but isn’t quite up to the same standard as the front facing 2 megapixel on the Samsung Galaxy S II. The real difference for most people though, will be the fact that the Galaxy S II is capable of recording video at a silky smooth 30fps, while the EVO 3D is only capable of 24FPS. If you’ve ever seen the difference, you will know what I am talking about. Especially considering that we are talking about 1080p video, the results could be even more striking.

Samsung, like most of the other manufacturers, chose not to include any 3D functionality. Opting for raw ‘2D’ (sounds so 2010 now) power, the Galaxy S II captures images at 8 megapixel, with a 3264×2448 pixel resolution and handily does video at 1080p. The additional camera features are fairly comprehensive with autofocus, LED flash, touch focus, geo-tagging, image stabilisation and both face and smile recognition.

Really actually, this is a tough call. Certainly, if you are at all intrigued by 3D, than the HTC EVO 3D is the way to go. If, however, you are a ‘2D purist’, and would rather opt for higher quality stills and much better 1080p video, then we would suggest the Samsung Galaxy S II.


HTC EVO 3D: 9.2

Samsung Galaxy S II: 9.6


Now this is where things get really interesting, and we actually had quite a discrepancy here at Android Authority between the Editors over this one. Essentially we are looking at two 4.3 (Samsung’s is 4.27 inches) inch state of the art display technologies, with the HTC EVO 3D featuring a 4.3-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen at 540×960 qHD resolution with multi-touch input, versus the Samsung Galaxy S II’s own Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen measuring in at 4.27-inches with a lower resolution of 480×800 pixels.

Now, we were taken aback by the sheer brilliance of Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus display technology – it really is in a class of its own. The pictures we have here won’t do it justice, but we can assure you it will leave you entranced, and will handily display everything you throw at it beautifully, and be viewable even in bright, direct sunlight. Oh, and it has Gorilla Glass too, which is simply as good as it gets in terms of scratch protection for your new baby.

So essentially we are looking at the higher resolution 3D display of the HTC EVO 3D versus the lower resolution display of the Samsung Galaxy S II. We will have to leave this up to you, but our hearts wain whenever we think of the Galaxy S II – it’s just so hypnotic to look at, and to know it uses less power and displays more vivid colors is enough to seal the deal for us.


HTC EVO 3D: 9.2

Samsung Galaxy S II: 9.4

Final Thoughts

Folks, we are living at the beginning of a true hardware mobile revolution. We are just beginning to get a glimpse of the latest Superphones – and these two represent the most powerful, most advanced smartphones in the world. While their approaches are different, and they will certainly appeal to different consumers, we feel like both are a safe choice. Both contain incredibly fast hardware, amazing screens, beautiful, high quality cameras, and represent the best of the best in virtually every area of note.

So, to make it easy for you – if you just want an incredibly powerful smartphone with an amazing camera, incredible performance that bests any other phone that we know of, and tons of storage space with one of the best looking and slimmest designs on the market, than the Galaxy S II is the phone for you. If you are a big fan of 3D, and don’t really care too much about having the most powerful hardware on the market, then would would suggest going for the HTC EVO 3D.

Which one will you be picking up this year?

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  • Vilius

    I think ratings was bad calculating because HTC has 3D and it’s the best… without 3d htc will be with much more better specifications.. everything goes to price.. so htc made something unreal.

    • JonQ

      its true considering the fact that right now the SGS2 has all this power & we wont see any of this power being put to use until 2 or 3 years when games really start using the dual processors & gpu’s to even 2/3rd’s of there power. so then you have 2 choices at this moment its either have a phone that has all the power you want & not be able to use one third of its resources & claim you have the most powerful phone out, or you can put all that power to use now by using a higher resolution screen (qHD), put it to process 3D images, video recording’s & games @ very good fps, and while they talk about 24fps recordings being not as good as 30fps, just remember that all the HD movies (bluerays) are all recorded & played @ 24fps & nobody ever complains otherwise theyd be 30frames,not 24frams a second. also 8mp’s are nothing is the cameras sensor is no good & from the sample photo’s around the web (which im wondering why AndroidAuthority didnt have any for example’s) the evo 3D’s camera takes better photo’s with less noise,blur & of course the option to take picturs in 3D *unless your a 2D purist* & dont care that your photos are highres, but could be better. im not saying the sgs2 takes cheap photos either,im just saying they could of have the option to use the extra unused resource’s but instead leave it there to do nothing. im sure if the evo 3D was just a REGULAR phone with a LOW 800×450 resolution (not having to process an extra 30% off the gpu to give you the qHD screen & not to mention the 3D processing it does,oh yeah & almost forgot lets remove that dual 5mp each camera it has that processes 2 photos each time for a total of 10MP per 3D photo) now with all those things removed & replaced with an 8MP camera,a 800×450 pixel screen, what would we have? a phone just as powerful & like i said before,powerful & unused power. yes future proof,but by the time 1 year passes youll want the new SGS3 right? of course. so instead of just having a phone & brag power. how about a phone with power & the ability to use new hardware features? because believe it or not, this generation is going to be about 3D & its better to be a “3D PURIST” than be left behind. the review i read was a little too bias for me & i wanted to point out a few things just to even things out. believe me that 2D purist crap is bull, 3D is where the games are going & where the multimedia is going especially now that phones are going to allow sharing of 3D content.

      • Leojohn95

        Completely agree

      • Leojohn95

        Completely agree

      • Anonymous

        You drive a brilliant argument!

      • Defenstrator

        OMG!!!! That has to be the most rediculus reply/group of statements I have ever read. Worst off you have found three other morons to drink your poison koolaid. It takes 3D picutres, THAT IS IT. That ability doesn’t reduce it’s benchmarks, or make it’s inferior hardware better. It is a cool gimmick. Cutting edge, yes; Make it a better phone, absolutely not! The GS 2 can still play the cool 3D games (and would be better at it). Have you owned a top tier single core phone? They can barely handle the apps now. These phones will be yesterday’s news in a year like all the others. You fail to see past the end of your nose. If you want to know why your savior of a 3D phone will yesterday’s news just like the glorified calculator watch you used to type your idiotic reply with is, stop posting and go look up what processor architecture is and how fast it is improving in this industry. Both of these are great for what is out now, but for all practical purposes, the better phone will be able to run short -term (no more than a year old) apps that use these features in a smooth/practicle way. Until we see both phones with their provider’s bloatware on them, and how well they handle the junky, updating-every-other-day apps in our android market, will we be able to prove their worth. I love HTC’s Sense, but if these two phones operate like the Epic vs Evo, I will take the Samsung again. These are phones with a PC strapped to it. Show me one that once it is loaded with the apps you want on it, that will not hang or lag, and I will buy it. Until then I don’t care if I can show you my balls in 3D via phone or not. BTW, sceen resolution doesn’t make bit of difference if you can’t see what the hell is on the screen in the sun! AMOLED is so amazing, you can’t tell over your PC monitor. Thank God Samsung dumped the keyboard off of this model. Though I am a little conserned about Android updates with them. HTC updates the heck out of their phones, but my Epic is still smother than my wife’s EVO. Why is that? Go stroke yourself to the 3D pics of the girls boobs next door on your 4.3 inch screen and leave the comments to the people that have a clue.

        • Moron

          Actually you are wrong about the galaxy handling games faster than the adreno 220 that the evo 3d has, the adreno 220 is the fastest gpu in the market right now and yeah 3d is amazing but it is only used like 10% of the time, i like both phones and i currently own an htc evo 3d and i have to say it is way faster compared to my old shitty motorola atrix (tegra 2), also the evo CAN’T record videos at 1080p nor 3d or 2d.

          look for benchmarks the adreno 220 outperforms the mali-400mp included in the galaxy 2, even at higher resolution

          btw 3d porn is awesome

  • K

    I’ll buy whichever of the two phones is first confirmed to have an unlocked bootloader. If neither are – and rumours indicate that’s likely to be the case – I’ll unfortunately have to take wait for an alternative.

    I wish this was covered in the comparison.

    • Shocker


      Galaxy S2 will have unlocked bootloader, it’s confirmed.

  • Atlanta Roofing

    If you happen to be in the market for the Samsung Galaxy S successor form the Sammy camp, you may be wondering just when the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will be launched, well we already now that the Android device will come out to play in the UK as of the 1st of May as reported earlier.

  • The REAL Joe Blow

    I’m patiently waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S II. PLEASE GET THIS TO MARKET IN CANADA ALREADY!! Before it’s too late and it’s considered outdated!

  • Shocker

    Hehe, nice edit on the results, better.

  • Khari

    I agree with most of the what was said in the comparisons. im still caught between the screens, believing it should be closer to a tie because what the evo lacks in technology, it makes up for in resolution. plus its a 3d screen thats viewable without 3d glasses. the real dealbreaker that you need to add to this comparison when these phones are released is the software. i used to have an htc phone and then i switched to an epic 4g. i personally hated sense when i had it but the new sense 3.0 look very simplistic and more polished. touchwiz 4.0 still seems less simplistic than sense 3.0 so thats one of the key factors that will determine which one is better. im actually caught between the two since i am on sprint but im leaning more toward the galaxy s 2

  • elagmck

    I want I want I want I want. I just bought the Galaxy S 4G. I’m taking it back tomorrow (on the 14 day dead line) and waiting for the Galaxy S 2. In the interim, I will be one sad little virginmobile user.

  • Dezz

    which phone will have a better batterie life? All that power means nothing if your stuck plugged in every 6~8 hours!?!?

    • Darcy Alexander

      Initial reports are indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S II, despite it’s large 4.27 inch Super AMOLED display and its extremely powerful dual core processor, has excellent battery life. Very few have had the chance to play with the HTC EVO 3D for extended periods, so at this point it’s not a fair comparison. However, I would say at this stage the Galaxy S II takes the lead in the battery department too with many users claiming that they are able to get nearly 2 full days of moderate usage out of it. Pretty good!

      • Dezz

        I read the SGS II gets a Li-Ion 1650 mAh battery type, while the Evo 3D uses a Li-Ion 1730 mAh battery type does the more milla amps mean anything? Can you confirm the the SGS II get the 1.2GHz as you stated above, as i read this “the Galaxy S II its 1GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A9 under the Orion chipset together with a Mali-400MP GPU”
        Also, do you know when SGS II will be available to spint?

      • Dezz

        Can you please confirm if this phone will ONLY? be available to AT&T when it comes to USA?
        I currently have Sprint. thanks.

        • Darcy Alexander

          Which phone are you referring to, the Samsung Galaxy S II or the HTC EVO 3D?

          • Dezz

            The Samsung Galaxy S II. thanks.

  • Jesus

    The Evo 3D is going the top phone when it is released. With the dual core processor, 4G speeds, and not to mention the 3D camera this phone will be epic. The one thing I am happy that is compatible is my employee Sling receiver from DISH Network. I can stream live and recorded TV to my android phone wherever I have 3G coverage or WiFi. It is also compatible with my iPad and laptop.

  • CCyanescens

    FPS Argument.

    I don’t think that the assessment should have read that the htc can “only do 24FPS”. I think the decision to keep have the camera record at 24fps was intentional to characterize the phone as a video-centric device. 24fps is widely considered to produce more movie-like motion. I very much doubt that htc ‘dialed back’ the capability, or couldn’t achieve 30fps. I’m sure modders out there will be able to hack any kind of capability into both phones, but the 24fps ‘stock’ on the EVO 3D indicates that htc really thought about what they wanted the phone to be used for. I think that especially for 3D, you want a smoother, more natural movement from your videos, rather than home-video quality clips that just have an extra dimension of nausea-inducing motion.
    Just my $.02, but I really hope that those numbers didn’t play a big role in the scoring in that section.

    • Theguyca

      CC… I completely agree with you… I’m not sure exactly how the 3D technology works but I think it’s basically playing two videos simultaneously… Plus processing the data to combine both to create the 3D image. I’m thinking the Evo has no problem playing back a 2D video at 30fps but maybe it might have difficulty with a 3D video. Just a thought.

      • Theguyca

        I said evo… I meant HTC… LOL

  • Rohit

    Have been using the iPhone 3gs for a year now and skipped the iPhone 4 in wait of a faster, more powerful iPhone version. Switching to Android was never an option till now . . . This review and others on the sammy superphone have sealed the deal for me. While both phones reviewed here are great, but the S II has the wow factor apart from the speed and crucial battery life. 3D on a phone is great, but phone videos are mostly shared online and there 3D goes pop.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the new Galaxy is the best phone atm, including the iPhone 4. That means i can upgrade in a few days, instead of waiting 6 months for the next iPhone.

  • Dannyjayfuller

    I’m going to Sprint sometime on or near June 8 when I come into a buttload of cash. If the EVO 3D is out then, I’m going for it, if not, I’m getting an EVO 4G and waiting to use my 30 day return. Likewise, if I get the EVO 3D and the Galaxy S2 comes out Within my return window(I couldn’t resist), then I’m going for it. I’m a gamer and spend a lot of time outside(strange, I know), so I need a phone that can meet both of those demands in a top-of-the-line fashion. Plus, I tried out a 3DS at Target and got a monster migraine. Glasses-free 3d isn’t ready yet, throw it back in the oven, plzkthx.

  • cho

    In all seriousness, these are both awesome phones but I think the deciding factor to which phone a person gets well be 80% determined by which carrier they are on now. I think it’s great that two of the 3 latest carriers will share such powerful devices.

    Also your going to compare a Nintendo with the Evo. Come on, Nintendo has been in last place for a long while now. I highly doubt it will be even close to the same experience.

  • mastern8

    I think you need to look at the sales figures for the Wii vs 360 vs PS3 again. Or maybe DS vs PSP. I don’t think Nintendo considers themselves on last place.

    • brandonF

      Nintendo. Sales wise, first place. Tech wise, dead last. I’m assuming he was referring to tech.

  • i just wonder how much did samsung pay them to write this? the number are there just compare and the obvious what the result is ….

    • Darcy Alexander

      We are an independent site, and we are not paid for our opinions. No matter how you slice it, both phones are incredible. We just happen to like the Samsung more for the reasons we listed above. Plus, it’s battery life, and screen help nudge it into the winning position for the coveted title of “best superphone of 2011”.

      Consider yourself lucky if you can have either one.

      • Konzen_yuki

        fcuk you..independent bullsh* about battery..knowing will lose so it won’t count out?bullsh*t

        • Possibilityrocks

          Thanks for most thoughtful re iew. It is idiots likethe above that sour communication on forums. Thanks again.

          • Theguyca

            Ummm… Konzen and Benze… it’s just a review of two phones… why the anger??? Do either of you own stocks in these companies?

        • Benze

          Live in ur fake 3D world o0o ass hole

          • sharky

            samsung is making a 3d phone too!

  • SonnyG

    There both wicked nice phones but from the past of having galaxy s vs HTC phones HTC just always felt more better on the hand and sense has always been better than wanna be iPhone OS like touch wiz but that’s my opinion and sorry in my eyes the Evo 3d wins in looks that plastic Chrome I hate it ill give it to Samsung for hardware but when your playing games on the HTC Evo 3d with adreno 220 will be real nice and only compare somthing when you have both phones hands on not cuz u have SGS II I wait for a real standoff as much as I thought 3d was a gimmick then from what I heard from the people that saw the HTC Evo 3d in person said it was amazing and better than they expected

  • TeresaMendoza

    When will the Galaxy SII be available at Sprint. I’m moving from T-Mobiel to Sprint, and I’m just waiting for the Galaxy SII in order to migrate. I called Sprint and told me HTC 3D on June 24, 2011, but that they don’t know anything about a Galaxy SII (or “Galaxy Within” due to company’s name change).

    Thank you

  • Anton

    I am coming to the end of my contract (well, to a point where I can break my current one cheaply…), and am looking for a replacement for my Galaxy S. Fine, I’m a bit of a geek, and I definitely like to have the latest software but Samsung has definitely seen the very last cent I will ever give them. Samsung Kies is by far the worst smartphone desktop app/updater (it has LITERALLY only installed correctly on one of 5 pcs I’ve installed it on). So it’s very hard to update your phone… No real need you say – yes there damn well is. When the Galaxy S came out the GPS was completely unusable. Again, literally too crap to use. With the froyo update it became usable but only just. Even now 80% of the time I want to use navigation I have to reboot my phone for the GPS to work. And the lags? Still not fixed in froyo. Ah, you say, they have brought out gingerbread! Have they? What a fiasco! They bring it out – it gets taken back again (who knows why, bugs or just google being a-holes) and then supposedly gets re-released many months later. Where is it released? Who knows… It is still not available here in France.
    WHAT A SHAME. They clearly make kick-arse hardware, and in spite of it being ugly (why copy a stupid iPhone?) the Galaxy S should be clearly out in front of the pack for its generation. Instead its a dodgy phone with poor software and horrible software support.

  • m

    conisdering that the galaxy s 2 is on ahead by a small margin, i opted the evo 3d. next step in phone evolution has option of 2d/3d capabilities..give it 6 months r less the third gen nexus quad core will top all except it want have 3d capabilities which in terms still leave the evo ahead of it class….

    • Darebel_2000

      if in 6 months or the next generation of phones (whatever comes first) dont have 3d capabilty you can count that technolgy as pretty redundant. much like hd dvd and blue ray.

  • What about the battery life?

  • Graccy99

    i just got the htc evo 3d and it is amazing. ik some people think the 3 D is pointless since u cant share 3d pics with anyone else. but who cares? just having 3d on ur phone is amazing! also u can watch 3d youtube and upload your on 3d videos yo youtube. its awesomeee. some ppl say the 3d is shit on the phone but i disagree. people say that they have trouble finding the right spot to look at the screen to actually see the 3d but thats they are mentally challenged. its not that hard to hold the phone straight at ur face. the only people that say that are ppl that dont want to admit that the 3d is realllyyy cool

    • Lolwut

      people say that they have trouble finding the right spot to look at the screen to actually see the 3d but thats they are mentally challenged
      Lolwut. Look at you’re sentence and tell me your not mentally challenged. ;)

      • Theguyca

        now, now… we are all mentally challenged… there are just different levels of challenged!

    • Jacky

      Hi, can you comment on how fast the picture snaps?

    • Theguyca

      Graccy, I saw the 3D in action at a store displaying the Nintendo 3D handheld unit… it was AMAZING! I really wished the 3D had been included in the Galaxy II… Oh well… it will be 2D for now because I want the SuperAmole Plus screen and Gorilla Glass!!!

  • Hrushikesh Ghatpande

    You are biased towards Samsung. This whole review shows it. You talk of 3D display on Evo and then still give a better rating to SGS-II, same with the camera. Are you nuts? Have you ever even handled an Evo 3D?

    • Did you read the review? When running at a resolution of 1080p there is a significant difference in playback quality when comparing 24fps to 30fps. That 30fps is what gave the SGS-II an edge over the EVO 3D. Yes the EVO 3D has 3D recording and display but that is selling to a very specific consumer market. 3D isn’t a commercial product yet.

      • Theguyca

        Also, the review starts by saying that part is really not a fair comparison… and they said both phone are basically awesome and the only difference will be… whether you want 3D or not. Also, after seeing the quality of pictures and video on the samsung, you would understand why the reviewer fell in love with the Galaxy… :-)

    • art.roupp

      The Samsung is simply a whole lot better

  • If they had the Galaxy SII on Rogers(Canada) I would have bought it already.


    Having owned many smart phones none get my interest like the Galaxy sII, I have it, I love it.. one thing I just don’t understand why .. is the fact that it doesn’t have the LED notification.. that is the only downfall however its not even close to being a deal breaker.. seems HTC has a lot of catching up to do.

  • Guest

    apart from HTC’s 3D Technology… Samsung Galaxy s II kicks ass!

    • Benze

      Live in ur fake 3D world Ass hole o0o

      • Floyd

        you see the world in 3d idiot!

  • Jacky

    Well, what I find lacking in most review is one very important point: How fast the camera snaps! Sumsung Galaxy SII take 1-2 seconds to finish the snap. How would you feel if what you snap is not what you want? So does it make any sense for better quality? Not to me!

    I have not touch HTC Evo 3D yet, but if it can snap faster than that, it wins.

  • Projectrainbow2000

    The EVO 3D maybe a tad slower but the OS is 10 times better – SENSE 3.0 – *****WINS!*****

    • Maestro82

      Sense 3.0 is overhyped. 2.0 was the bomb, but 3.0 is laggy. Touchwiz 4.0 is great improvement over the previous version.

  • Smackdownn

    1) the build quality?? obviously HTC is better than samsung..
    2) The processor and GPU?? go and check first.. the adreno 220 is the fastest GPU in the whole market..and the mali 400 is nt even faster than the tegra 2.
    3) In storage i accept with galaxy S2 and samsung always gives lots of internal storage.
    4) with the camera the tech and looks wise the 8MP sounds better because of the number and u may think its 3MP more than evo 3d but what the quality wise its not far from the 5MP in evo 3d..
    5) evo 3d has to be the clear winner in this coz its a 3D display, well superamoled maybe good at sunlight viewing but it has been there for like 2 years already..the new thing is 3d.. so evo 3d obviously win this

    so now you only decide which is better..and dont even dare to say that iam HTC fan, the phone iam using right now is samsung galaxy S and its the fastest phone of 2010 but 2011 is the year of HTC…if galaxy S2 is the best of what samsung’s got for us..

    • art.roupp

      3D is completely useless, in several years it’s going to die out. I don’t see why you would capture a 3D video when a 2D video has as much detail, more quality, and is two times less heavy.

      • Theguyca

        I think 3D is going to gain popularity… but for now I want to be able to see my bright and brilliant screen… Can’t want for the Galaxy III-D!

      • Crutchcorn

        i Totally agree thank you

      • Anonymous

        But still its a good gimmick as any.

    • Theguyca

      I agree… 3D is the newest thing and I really want it… but decided I will get the Galaxy to because of the of the of the SuperAlmole Plus screen and the Gorilla Glass. Just because it’s the newest thing doesn’t mean it’s not good. I want to see my screen clearly, bright and scratch resistant.

      • Duhitssteve

        EVO 3d has gorilla glass

        • Anonymous

          Yes, and it seems to me that the EVO 3D would be the one less likely to slip out of your hand and get damaged.

    • Nottihead

      “the build quality?? obviously HTC is better than samsung..”

      LMAOOOOO You have GOT to be kidding, right? HTC might make some killer phones when it comes to features (I have the Evo 4g), but seriously, HTC has one of the highest device failure rates in phones. Look it up. I personally started with the HD7 Windows phone. On my 4th one in 6 months, I changed to Sprint and got the EVO 4G, which I’m now on my second one in 3 months and this one has the same issues as the others. I would’ve already gone to the iPhone had their engineers actually looked outside of their office at what the demands for display size are today.

      I don’t say this out of my own experience. Everyone got the EVO cause it was the best. And everyone at my work, my wife, and my best friend have ALL been through at least one exchange from a nice brand new phone, to a refurb piece of s&*t replacement after only a couple months.

      Again, if my EVO would just function like it is supposed to, hands down best phone I ever used. I haven’t used the Galaxy S II, but obviously by me being on this thready, I am looking into options to finally give up on HTC – “High Tech Crap”.

      • Spantastic1

        Sounds like you ‘might’ be doing something wrong if you have gone through 7 phones in 9 months. That’s a little higher of a failure rate than simple bad luck could explain. Some people just seem cursed with phones. My wife would be a good example. I’ve had my evo 3d for months without a single problem, before that I had a simple LG optimus V for about a year with not a single problem. Meanwhile she went through 2 blackberries and is now on her 2nd android. Her last android’s (a Samsung Epic 4g) keyboard went out first, then started acting all sluggish and locking up sometimes refusing to come on, then the screen went green. Turns out she was taking her phone into the restroom with her when she took a shower so she could listen to music and the moisture in the air was apparently wreaking havoc on the phones internals. Took 5 phones to figure that out though.

  • Anonymous

    I’m an HTC fan, but I love the SGSII in all aspect except for the UI which they copied from IPhone and the cheap plastic body. overall SGX2 tech specs rocks! btw i hate Sense UI too. i hope they can make it “unsinstallable” on the handset.

  • art.roupp

    Great test. Both look great, but my personal preference goes to the samsung.

  • Theguyca

    I really wish the Galaxy II had come equipped with 3D… I really like the technology when I first saw it in the Nintendo 3D… I hope it will be on the Galaxy III… for now… I can’t wait for the Galaxy II !!!

  • enthusiast

    Android authority needs to get people who are not samsung fan boys.. I mean you can do 3d video recording.. And they say that 2d recording is “only” at 720 p.. Pffff.. Apart from that nothing about the user interface?? I mean samsung’s interface is the shittiest ever.. Don’t even think it holds a candle against sense.. It has a god dam 3d display.. dude.. you guys need better editors..

    • ProTip

      I have personally owned both phones and the Galaxy S II is a little better over all and I’m no Samsung fanboy! Sense vs. TouchWiz is a matter of opinion, the old TW did suck but that isn’t the TW 4.5 on the GS2! The new TW is amazing! The 3D’s display is better than the GS2’s but the GS2 is much thinner, much lighter, and snappier out of the box(STOCK) than the Evo3D!

    • Aybyos69

      Don’t only rely on what people says is 100% accurate, use brain to think, but from the review above, its totally misdirected..

  • slowfn

    even if the htc evo 3d came with 1 camera and didnt have any 3d capability i would still opt for the fastest cpu on the market,fastest gpu on the market,the supercrisp detail from the whole screen due to the qhd resolution,the 4g out here in hawaii is 6-10mbps,fast fixes and updates from sprint(dual core enable,2.3.4,ect..) also,when taking pictures in medium light sadly the evo3d has much better stills then the sgs2’s 8mp cam viewed from desktop. btw,we get to watch the 3d movies and youtube 3d =)

  • Dkebert

    u cant jus say da samsung has better form and design jus because its slimmer n lighter cuz it looks like a brick unlike the htc with its smoothed off egded making it futuristic n sexy. storage dont matter all u av 2 do is buy a memory card n who will use 16GB and how on earth does the galaxy s 2 have a better camera its not 3D so it cant possibly win the HTC i way better

  • BS review. EVO 3D has a better GPU and build quality than galaxy s2 ? Cant you check your facts straight ?

  • Karan Sandhu

    galaxy s2 is best

  • Ani_luky

    i purely see the one who wrote is a true fan of galaxy s-11 and rather he does’nt knw the standards of htc hardware and to throw you the point that htc has started its first smart phones carrier and it knows how and when to release the right supporting on board processors and quality as we see many problems arise in software whereas the htc on board software is excelent just because they are the leaders and pioneers in manufacturing the smart phones

  • Frilouxrj

    All I remember is having an evo bringing it back to exchange it for the epic a total nightmare GPS probs freezing lags I would gladly take a solid phone like the 3d that works over the powerful epic 2 with minimal support terrible upgrade pace if any. This is why people are so yoyo about iPhones the clearly don’t have the better specs but the darn phones work in the end that’s what I would rather the Honda accord that’s proven than the sports car that’s prone to have problems I love my 3d not the best specs. But it works!

  • Kashah01

    There should have been true comparison with lot more features then this many such as battery life and so forth as well …..

  • Davidhuellewig

    I took my LG phone in for a software glitch, and was going to buy an HTC EVO like my son has, and WALLA the guy shows me the Samsung S11 Epic and I was BLOWN AWAY. The battery life alone should be a major consideration other than ALL OF IT’s SUPER FEATURES. I am going back Tommorow to pick up my NEW SAMSUNG. I have a Samsung Blue Ray and a Samsung LED TV. They make Great stuff and this is anothe one of them. My son now wished he had waited a few weeks longer to get a new phone. He is stuck with his EVO, which he still likes But LOVED the EPIC.

  • Naciket1

    This review is slightly askew. i have used both the devises and i found Evo 3d has slight edge because the fact that it comes with HTC Sence UI and 3D capability which the reviewer has not considered.

  • MichaelRSumners

    I want to get a smart phone, (on Spriont because I just renewed my contract) but trying to pick the “right one” one is half killing me.

  • Big Al

    Why has nobody mentioned the god-awful lock screen on the S2? :) We all know it’s all about lock screens. I have the S2, and I love the screen – it’s amazing. But at the end of the day it feels too flimsy and plasticy. Definitely feels tacky to me. I’ve not held an Evo 3D but I’m guessing it’s a lot sturdier. I don’t care too much about thickness as long as it’s not a brick, and in all honesty I want a bit of weight in my mobile!! Come on guys – what’s a few extra grams in your pocket?

  • Gdr

    How about battery life? I have an older smartphone and that is my biggest gripe!

  • Both phones hardware are comparable, but as far a support for future android software releases, HTC is in a class all by itself. If you like gingerbread enough, then stick with the Samsung, it seems to have a slight edge in performance. I am going with HTC, I know from experience, it will have android updates 6 months min before samsung. Not getting burned again.

  • SNK

    Samsung Galaxy S2 has heat emission issues

    • Crutchcorn

      So does your mother

  • Jameschewmt

    i own a samsung galaxy s2 n lg optimus 3d and both failed me . S2 blackscreen after 3 mths – lg software problem , read no SIM card . ( still in repair center ) . Going to try HTC evo 3D

  • Crutchcorn

    look just because you people went out and spent hundreds of dollars buying the evo 3D instead of the s2 because you guys are idiots that listen to the retarded salesmen or you went to go get an s2 from ebay and got ripped off doesnt mean that the phone sucks it means that you guys are retards the s2 wins no hands down. i mean i put a pic of a dog on my phone and showed it to my cat and my cat wigged

  • Crutchcorn

    oh and the 3d sucks it starts to hurt your eyes and you cant turn it off

    • Abhi

      The Whole interface isn’t in 3D only games, movies and photos are !!!

  • chad

    I have had an Evo 3d for 10 weeks now. At first the phone seemed fine but in the past 5 to 6 weeks and since receiving updates the phone has started to crash and freeze so bad requiring me to either take the battery out or do a factory reset. I have had the phone replaced and I am now on my 4th and the issues seem to be getting worse. I have talked to may people with the 3d and this seems to be a very common issue. I have spoke with Sprint and HTC about this and both will acknowledge these issues but are not willing to do anything about it and say that future updates will fix the problems.

  • james chew

    dear friends – in Malaysia all 3 phones – LG optimus 3D / samsung galaxy s2 / HTC evo 3D all sell for the same price at first launch . there no such thing as which is more expensive – just a matter of taste – dear crutchcorn ( a samsung fan i assume ) . dont u think its bad to term people idiots – just because you may not afford ? Guess i am the biggest IDIOT of the world coz even my watches Roger Dubius n vacheron all over USD 25K each. As for 3D phones crashing out or freezes – try not download many updates – behave like computers .

  • Mahsoom Moosa42

    HTC EVO 3D is not satisfying. 2011 is not the year for HTC. but, 2012/2013 may be HTC’s big break after a long time. many sites reported that HTC is going to launch one of the first quad-core smartphones, HTC Edge and then the HTC Zeta. HTC Edge having a NVIDIA Tegra 3 clocked at 1.5 Ghz and HTC Zeta having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 processor clocked at 2.5 Ghz. Both have gigantic screens. With ICS running HTC Sense 4.0. these phones could be HTC’s big break.

  • micheal

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  • Silence.

    I am done with samsung phones forever… I had that damned samsung instinct for a while and that phone literally made me want to pile babies up in a trashbag throw it in a huge shredder then bathe in the remains, jump in the ocean and let the sharks consume me… And so far HTC has been extra nice to me. Beautiful interface, great performance speeds, only one small problem that was fixed by removing battery and yeah… I actually enjoy using my phone now. Just my two pennies.

  • Willkelley1

    Htc batteries suck Ass…. I’m on my 5th EVO last one being the 3d and i have to say I am happy about what the phone does when it acts right. I have to pull the battery almost everyday to get it to function properly. Switching to the Samsung next just because of these two complaints. Hope galaxy’s phone will last over 4 hours.

  • Ponchimmc

    Wow!!! It’s not too hard to tell who writes their checks!!! Can we say biased!!

  • I think your description of cameras, video, and MP is misleading. 24 frames per second is the film standard – all films are shot in 24 frames per second, and any time you go to the theater, even with digital projectors, you are watching the movie in 24p. There is nothing wrong with this. 30 FPS, or usually actually 29.97, is the broadcast standard, and is often used with digital videos as well.

    It’s true that they have a different look, but you can’t simply say that 30p is ‘better’. Many people feel that the 24p look is ‘smoother’ and more pleasing to watch, while 30 frames per second makes things look more ‘television’-like and less easy on the eyes.

    Also, just as resolution isn’t everything with screen quality, megapixels aren’t everything with photo quality.

  • Awax82

    you forgot the internal memory issue.i go for the samsung galaxy s2 all the way.

  • Awax82

    one more come you have a video 3d resolution but not enough storage?are you really relying on the memory card?honestly htc is more than crap.