HTC schedules event for August 19th, possible Android Wear announcement?

by: Andrew GrushJuly 30, 2014


HTC has announced it will hold a special event in New York on August 19th, though they don’t clarify what the event will be focused on. Thankfully, enough HTC rumors have been swirling around lately that we can take an educated guess as to what we might see.

While we’d love to see the rumored HTC Nexus tablet, we find this unlikely, unless Google is somehow tied to this event. Not too mention the timing doesn’t seem right. So what else? On the Android front, the only thing that immediately comes to mind is HTC’s Android Wear watch, which could reportedly debut as the One Wear. Considering we’ve seen leaks and hints about the device, this certainly seems like a strong possibility, but the event could also end up having nothing to do with Android.

On the Windows front, there have been numerous reports that Verizon and HTC will release a version of the One M8 running Windows Phone 8.1, dubbed un-creatively as the One M8 with Windows and expected to land in September. We find it pretty likely that this will be announced at the event, though we are hoping there are multiple announcements and that Android plays at least a minor part in it all.

Regardless of what happens, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more details and will bring you any relevant Android news that comes out of the event come the 19th.

  • MasterMuffin

    They should call the phone One W8! And although it’s highly unlikely, they could unveil a tablet that the Nexus 9 would be based on :)

    “Not too mention” :]

  • DaviDM™

    Is that an htc e8 there in the pic? :)

    Do a review :)))

  • xFEARz

    I know it’s kinda impossible but …. I’m just asking for an M8 with a better camera :(

    • DaviDM™

      Htc e8
      Plastic body though

      • dodz

        htc m8 all metal, puts on jelly or plastic case.
        htc e8 plastic body, put metal case. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  • Jayfeather787

    I would like to see an HTC smartwatch. It would be interesting, and we need more smartwatches!

  • S. Ali

    Doesn’t Sprint have an event the same day?

  • eric

    I would love to see a nice round watch haven’t looked really nice so I can buy it instead of the moto 360 because they’re making us wait too long