Ad reveals features of HTC One’s Duo Camera, double-tap to wake function

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 11, 2014

The dual cameras on the new HTC One will let users focus on specific areas of pictures and add 3D effects, according to a leaked ad. The source is an alleged brochure of Australian carrier Telstra, which refers to the device as the All New HTC One, confirming previous rumors.

The two cameras setup on the new HTC will be called Duo Camera, according to the brochure spotted by GSM Arena, and its functionality will include background defocusing, selective focus, and “3D effects”. It’s not clear what these effects are, but HTC experimented with 3D cameras in the past. The otherwise forgettable EVO 3D, released on Sprint in July 2011, used two 5MP rear cameras to take 3D images. It remains to be seen whether HTC is taking another stab at 3D cameras or is trying something different on the new HTC One.

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htc one 2014 duo camera

Here’s how the ad describes the functionality of the HTC One Duo Camera:

[quote qtext=”Create vivid images even in low light and professionally edit memories after you’ve taken the shot. Choose where to focus, highlight what you love, soften backgrounds and add 3D effects. ” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Several high-end Android devices are launching this spring with selective focus functionality, including the Xperia Z2, Galaxy S5, and LG G Pro 2. But these phones use simple software techniques to create the functionality, and are rather limited in this regard. The HTC One could provide more flexibility and power, thanks to the secondary camera, which could focus on the background when the main camera focuses on the foreground, and vice versa.

Another neat feature we spotted in the brochure is double-tap to wake up the screen. First introduced by Sony on the Tablet Z and then adopted by LG on the G2 and G Pro 2, this feature lets you quickly wake up the phone without fumbling for the power button.

This latest report joins an already sizeable collection of HTC One (2014) leaks. Yesterday’s batch included hands-on photos and videos, wallpapers, and images of the official case. With two weeks to go to the big unveiling, HTC may find itself without any true surprises to reveal about the All New HTC One.

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  • Balraj

    Double tap to wake
    Lg !!!
    Maybe some cross licensing stuff
    Who knows but I like that feature.its cool
    The camera is the most expected…
    I hope it doesn’t turn out gimmicky
    have high expectations.

    • Amine Elouakil

      LG? WebOS, Maemo, MeeGo (Nokia N9) you mean, the feature existed before LGs first smartphone.

      • Balraj

        But lg is the one with double tap to on & off the screen right?
        That’s what I meant

        • Ben Edwards

          But you started talking about cross-licensing, like LG has some patent on it/owned it?

          • Balraj

            Yes,lg owns webos n they improved on the tech (knock on)
            On other device it was just double tap to wake
            So I thought lg has a patent on it
            At the end of the day
            Ppl will say, that’s from other guy
            Just the way lg been criticized for ripping most of feature from Samsung
            That’s how I felt
            As a consumer, it doesn’t matter.its actually an advantage
            But I was seeing it from the other side

  • Shark Bait

    Sounds awesome, dual cameras look the most interesting Hardware since dual core!

  • Brendon Brown

    Take notes Apple.

    • Dion

      I second this

  • Bryan Kwong

    lol once i saw the ad i knew it had to be telstra haha

  • Aar0nC

    And we present to you a mix of the Evo 3d + HTC 1 + some LG G features… tada! Awesome new products!

  • Simon Belmont

    Yeah, yeah. Everyone (including the bloggers) loved to hate on the EVO 3D because the 3D is what everyone concentrated on.

    Never mind that it was a really well spec’d flagship device on Sprint during its time. I bought mine for the dual core CPU, and 1GB of RAM (which was flagship specs at the time), not because of the 3D (though that worked well, too, but I hardly ever used it). It was a good phone and took good 2D shots as well and had great developer support. I still have mine, though retired from daily use, and it still performs very well, especially running Android 4.4.2.

  • gokousupasayan

    I’m having a hard time feeling excited for HTC’s camera tech… especially after the overheating purple debacle on the previous gen. Maybe they’ve learned their lesson?

  • Ethan J.B.

    Most Leaked Phone of Q1 goes to: HTC One M8. Now leaked in 2 different videos and many pictures. This is possibly going to be the most leaked phone of the year.

  • Ben

    Clap clap Telstra. Not only are you completely exorbitant you cant keep a secret. -A laughing Australian, like a Kookaburra. Plus, like all Telstra ads its ugly . Ahaha

  • Andriod Fan

    Whats that cool trade-in program at the bottom?

  • Brian Dong Min Kim

    Doesn’t LG own knockon?

  • Telstra Loverrrrr

    I <3 Telstra. Got my Xperia X1 with them. Love ittt

    • Telstra Loverrrrr