Android 4.0 ICS update for HTC Droid Incredible 2 hits a bumpy road

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 5, 2012
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At this point, owners of HTC Droid Incredible 2 on Verizon have moved on from worrying about whether or not the phone will get Ice Cream Sandwich to tapping their feet, waiting patiently for the upgrade to be pushed out. HTC has targeted August for the roll out of the new software, but obviously that didn’t materialize. Is the update still coming?

HTC has answering the above question raised by a customer on its Facebook page. HTC said that it is still working on the ICS update for Droid Incredible 2. But the company did admit that it has missed its own deadline.

Here’s HTC’s full explanation:

We’re aware we missed the deadline and know you’re looking forward to the update. We’re very eager to get ICS to you as well. Right now, we’re actively working with Verizon on ICS software for the Incredible 2, and we’ll notify customers as soon as we have an update.

So it looks like Droid Incredible 2 users will have to wait some more for Ice Cream Sandwich. Since no new target has been set, we hope HTC isn’t planning to take its sweet time to roll out ICS for the Incredible 2.

Any Incredible 2 owners want to chime in on the delayed ICS update?

  • AaronKersch

    this is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve had the DI2 now for a year and a half and have been waiting for this update now for months. how can a high-end company like HTC set a deadline and not meet it? I mean it’s really no that hard considering that they made that deadline THEMSELVES. Anyway, I don’t expect to see the update to my phone in the next couple weeks and because of this, I’ll never buy another HTC product again.

    • Frank West

      I feel like the problem is more Verizon now. They’re notorious for holding updates back as much as possible.

  • Anyone’s Guess. My thought is that they are having trouble fitting all the basic features into the limited memory space on the Dinc2

  • Gary

    It bothers me that Verizon didn’t send out an announcement that they were going to miss the deadline. On July 13th I received a text message from Verizon telling me an exciting message from them was on the way. Are you telling me that they didn’t know then? It makes you not want to but another HTC phone. Though from talking to the support guys they really like the HTC reliability.

  • Sparty

    So this is what I get for leaving iOS – lots of promises and a lot of failure to live up to them. my brother’s iPhone has received iOS 5and will have iOS6 in a week. maybe the walled garden has some benefit after all – like a company that actually cares about their customers…

    • basketcase

      It has nothing to do with a company that “cares about it’s customers” and everything to do with the walled garden. It’s much easier to push out updates when the OS only runs on 1 device. If you’re ok with the walled garden it’s certainly an advantage, but I’d much rather have the freedom of Android and deal with waiting longer for updates as a result.

  • andrew

    yea…this is ridic…htc, get your shit together!!

  • tested

    As an owner if two DI2’s and long time Verizon customer, i can tell you that we have never been sent anything regarding ICS. I only know about it from blogs like this. That also means Verizon and HTC can wait a long time and miss a lot of deadlines because almost all of their customers don’t know it exists or is even in the pipeline.

  • locutionwizard

    Personally I understand that it takes time, that they have shit loads of other things to do besides update their old hardware (the incredible 2 is fairly old, however nice a phone it is) but come on, the truth of it is that this is just terrible PR. Either say that it’s not coming, say when it will be out, or release the damn thing. Shift the blame, pass the buck, anything to stall people getting pissed about something as silly as this. HTC needs to get it’s shit together; I’m very soon in the market for a new phone myself (due to this shoddy customer support) and while I would indeed upgrade to the Incredible 4g the S3 is tempting to say the very least. Yours,

  • Ex Loyal Incredible 2 Owner

    Bummer deadlines are not met. What ever happened to customer satisfaction. We as customers paid $500 and up when this phone came out a year a go and now its pretty much free. Not to have ICS or not compensate as customers isn’t driving the right message sad that we are treated in this way how much did the incredible 2 generate in sales alone thought so. We the customers bought this product because of your standards, policies & policies only to feel like screw these guys we are busy with other products really hurts us as not only consumers but loyal customers but hey you guys don’t care on to the next product screw the consumer’s right. Just sad wish we could get a full refund for the full value of what we paid for this phone pretty sure they will make it a deadline not to get that rolling. Disappointed Really.

  • pissedANDimpatient

    iOS has the updates as they come out, why can’t android? Is it to much to ask of a multi-billion dollar company to do it’s job? I want ICS now, I’m done waiting HTC (and verizon). If I don’t have it by the end of October I’ll be putting the next iPhone on my shopping list when my upgrade comes around…

  • jack_k1

    It’ll roll out in February 2013, so stop holding your breath and enjoy the holiday season.


    It’s a shame they don’t appreciate the customer. Verizon or HTC. They think they don’t have to worry because people are locked into contracts. They do end though and it is not a wise thing to be biting the hands that are feeding them! Once my contracts are up for my phones, I’m moving to Sprint, and definately not an HTC UNLESS THEY ARE WILLING TO GIVE NEW PHONES TO ALL OF US WHO ARE BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. ONE VOICE IS QUIET, BUT MANY VOICES SHOULD BE HEARD! THEY SHOULD SKIP US RIGHT TO JELLY BEAN OS PHONES AND FORGET ICS ALL TOGETHER!!!!!! MULTI BILLION DOLLAR GLOBAL COMPANIES AND THEY DON’T KNOW THEIR LEFT HAND FROM THEIR RIGHT! STANDS TO REASON IT’S HTC……WITH ALL THIS UPROAR, YOU WOULD THINK THEY WOULD WANT TO PROTECT THEIR REPUTATION AND SAY ” HEY, OUR JOB IS DONE…….”

  • SeG

    What has changed in 2 months?

  • spencer

    ICS is still not available on my Droid Incredible 2… It is pretty annoying. There are apps and other things I can’t do on my phone because of this. I can not even run Chrome. Grrrrr.

  • Geoff

    Dime to dollar this isn’t HTC’s fault – it has to do completely with Verizon. This phone doesn’t have a ton of internal memory, but it’d have a lot more to work with w/o the VZW bloat.. if HTC could do this phone the way it should be done, the update would be done by now. VZW is the bad guy here, IMO..

  • w84itnow

    It’s February 2013!! Where’s the upgrade???? No where to be seen as usual!

  • TickedOff

    Here it is A YEAR later and still no update of any kind!