HTC DROID Eris Android 2.1 update causing weather widget issues?

by: Michael OrylMay 17, 2010

According to some of our readers and people on Verizon’s support forums, it appears that last week’s Android 2.1 OS update that Verizon’s HTC Droid Eris received is causing its weather widget (and possibly the clock widget) to fail.

No official response from Verizon yet.

  • Jeff


  • devlogic

    it’s = “it is”.
    its = possessive form of “it”.

    I dislike being the grammar police, but this is one of my personal peeves. Misusing its/it’s just makes the associated writing feel amateurish at best, and definitely unprofessional.

    • @DevLogic – What I hate is the assumption by the grammar police that I don’t know the difference and need to be schooled rather than just having somebody point out a simple typo. I do this for a living, writing thousands of words per day. Occasionally, as a human, I make a mistake.

  • sam

    my eris does the same thing after the update. verizon claims to have no knowledge of the bug. i knew more than the tech support “specialist”. Infuriating.

  • Go into Settings->Applications->MagageApplications and find the weather app. Clear the cache. It should stop force closing. It did for me.

  • Jeanine

    I have about 5 “weather” apps in my ManageApps folder. LOL But all of them show nothing in the cache anyways. Insanely annoying not to have my weather/clock widget anymore. *sigh*

  • Heidi

    I cleared the cache but now it isn’t reading the cities it did before the update (which are the ones I mainly need). L.A.M.E.

  • Marc

    It’s about the weather app. It’s not working in its accustomed manner. It’s too bad that Verizon doesn’t have its act together on its updates, itsit’sitsit’sitsit’s. How’s that asshole

  • Alaa

    I was missing tons of widgets, but then i cleared data from HTC Sense

    Settings->Applications->ManageApplications -> HTC Sense -> clear data

    Then i powered phone off and on once and it all came back!

  • Glenn

    Having a problem with the weather on homescreen, I have my default home location & one other location for weather. Problem is that when my home location tries to update it freezes and will not allow me to click on the “more details online”, however when I toggle to the other location it allows me to opem “more details online”. Never had this problem prior to the update. Already tried the Hard Reset, to no avail ! Can anyone help me with this, it is very annoying to say the least. Thanks !!!!!

  • Jeanine

    Thanks, Alaa!!! I did what you suggested and everything is back to normal! Thank You!

  • dave

    Settings>Apps>MngApps>Clear HTC Weather Sync Provider

    You will have to set your current city again.

  • People

    @devlogic………… michael oryl actually had it RIGHT to begin with. he was talking about the widget in the sense that it is owned by HTC…. therefore it was the possessive form. So he had it correct to begin with. grammar police my a$&!

    • Uh, actually no. I had it incorrect. “It’s” is not possessive. It’s a contraction (get it?). “Its” is the possessive form.

  • jim

    Sorry devlogic, I be forgot to capitalize my own name….I must be stoopid. Get life geek, he forgot a ‘ . Unprofessional? What’s your profession? I’m sure you’re perfect, moron. Now wipe the cheetos cheese off your fat fingers and type a witty response.

    Oh yeah, I’m having trouble with my weather too.

  • sarah

    I would also like to note that the HTC calendar has been foreclosing on my phone since the update. Also, I haven’t had any complications with the clock, but the weather will not work at all.

  • trading it in

    My weather widget is the least of my problems!

    Nothing works well at all the browser, disply while typing, everything is much worse.
    Forced close, no display, phone speaker off and on. It is, its, whatevr you guys above like, is ridiculois.
    Verizon is no help.
    I getting a palm or touch or something else in the morning.

  • ron

    Sorry if this has already been asked…I was able to get my weather widget working again, but no longer have the “my location” moveable pin option that allowed me to add obscure cities not shown on the available list. Any suggestions?

  • Joel

    was wondering anyone who put the 2.1 rom on before the ota came out for eris having problems? Noticed the phone laggs, market place takes forever to load, and certain apps cannot be downloaded let alone found in market place. thanks!!

  • Victor

    I believe the weather widget will no longer support any city that is not on the major city list, other that your current location. That is probably why my app crashed until I cleared all my locations from the list.

  • greg

    i did what both dave and alaa suggested above, but neither worked. when i try to open my weather widget on my home screen w/ the clock, it opens then a force close screen says something like “process” or something can’t run and has to close. any idea where to locate this process or how to reinstall or fix it?
    and michael was correct with his initial use of ‘its’ above. “..causing it’s (i.e., it is) weather widget to fail…” doesn’t make any goddamn sense.

  • dave

    @ greg….had the same prob. Like i said in ur apps there’s 4 apps that deal with HTC weather. 2 of which have 0mb in their cache. Clear the other 2apps caches’. I did that n my weather app opened but cleared all the.default locations.

  • Jimi

    After the 2.1 update you have to give Google permission to acquire your location. All programs>setup> location consent is the 4th screen

  • shane

    I have experienced the same problem. Will this be fixed?

  • Tana

    My weather had stopped working as well. I tried following the steps Alaa gave and now my phone says “Loading… It may take several minutes to complete, please wait.” and it has said this for about 30 minutes… I’ve tried turning off my phone and taking the battery out but it still says the same thing on start up. I believe I have a problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • karlee

    1. My weather widget (of course) is not updating. Last night at midnight, it said it was sunny where I am. It was decidedly not.
    2. I can only sometimes make calls. And when I finally can send a call, my phone freezes and I have to restart.
    3. When I have an incoming call, it doesn’t display the contact name or photo, only the number, even though they are in my contact list.
    4. My favorite contacts widget is gone. And I really found that one handy.
    5. When I touch the Messages button, it takes me to the Internet. And sometimes to TFLN. And sometimes to my contact list. But never to my text messages.
    6. When I try to zoom in on the browser, my phone locks up, or makes me click links I didn’t want to click. I’ve gotten in a lot of trouble accidentally poking people on Facebook, haha.
    7. Every time I restart my phone, my clock widget doesn’t load and I have to remove it from my screen and add the widget all over again.
    8. Notifications for new texts or emails don’t clear…even after I press the Clear Notifications button a bajillion times.
    9. My Mail widget is consistently two days behind.
    10. And finally, it just runs slower in general, and I try to task-kill every nonessential program. I even deleted a bunch of apps hoping that would help. Nope.

    Basically, that’s just 10 of many problems. I miss my phone before the update. And I’m afraid to try some of the data-clearing Alaa suggested. I feel like this phone is so unpredictable now that I might lose everything that I had to RE-install after I updated. Not trying to be Negative Nancy, but that’s a big pain in the butt.

    Can someone help? Are they going to send out a fix for this?

  • Courtney

    I am with Karlee above. I HATE it! My speed dial won’t hold any info I input, my favorites for quick dialing won’t work, my weather doesn’t work, it is SLOW and it seems like everything freezes my phone. My calendar is trippy and I also can’t get notifications to go away even when I clear then, UUGGGHHHH!!! Hate it! Help with any of the above?????? Please!!!!

  • Michele Ruta

    Thanks to Alaa!!! You gave me back my stuff.
    alaa says: I was missing tons of widgets, but then i cleared data from HTC Sense

    Settings->Applications->ManageApplications -> HTC Sense -> clear data

    Then i powered phone off and on once and it all came back!


    If you are having an issue other than the weather widget problem, you should be talking to Verizon if you hope to get the phone fixed.

    Verizon does not officially acknowledge any issue other than the weather widget problem, so you have to call support or take the phone to a Verizon store to get the issue noticed.

  • karlee

    Easier said than done, Mr. Oryl. When I brought my problem (read: phone) to Verizon, they denied knowledge of any such issues and told me the only way they could help me was to give me a refurbished phone, on which was installed the same update. My phone was perfect pre-update. They gave me the run-around for about an hour but their chorus was consistent: “We can’t do anything for you.”

    • It sounds like you were at a store. I’d call 611 for tech support instead. In any case, I’m telling you what the head of Verizon’s PR suggested if you want to get the problem looked at. They don’t put any stock into anonymous blog comments….

  • josh

    I dont know if its been said but you must hard reset the phone after updating usually its done before but doing the reset after works just fine what has been done is the rom was flashed and when a flash is done a hard reset MUST also be done or things dont work correctly

  • Karen

    I did have them problem with the homepage digital clock/weather widget. I went to the store and sales man showed me how to fix it. Works great again. Went to my friends the same night and hers was also not working. I did fix her phone the same way and she is happy again too.

    Go to your settings from your home screen. Hit applications. Hit manage applications and wait for all to load. Find the little sun that refers to weather BY HTC and the little cards that look like settings cards BY HTC. (because you might have other weather programs you don’t want to erase them) Make sure you find every icon for weather for HTC and erase the Data and the Cache. If you don’t get them all it wont work. Once you have done this you can try and go to your market and drag to remove your weather icon if you like but it did not work for me. It is a factory setting I guess. Next go back to your home screen and hard press the screen at the top. When this happens select HTC Widget and then CLOCK. Scroll to the clock weather widget and tap it. Select current location or type one in and hit done. I promise it worked for me and it should work if you erase ALL AND ONLY HTC ICONS THAT REFER TO YOUR HTC WEAHTER. Good Luck! If all else fails do like me and take it to the store THAT HAS SERVICE TECHS. CALL BEFORE YOU GO.


  • Katie


    THANK YOU!!! That fix you posted worked great!! I’m sooo happy to have my weather app back, you totally made my day!!

  • Tamara

    Thanks for our help, It seems to be functioning, but now my weather is not part of the clock on my home screen. I selected that widget, but is not there. I loved having my time and weather together. Now I have to go the widget on another screen, to see the weather. What did I do wrong. I cleared every weather icon that I had, (I never installed any weather apps). Should I hard reset it now??

  • Tamara

    To anyone with the above issues. I hard reset my phone and it works like a charm! Just remember to back up your pictures and contact information. Thanks to everyone for the thread!

  • Lori

    I had the same issues since the update. I also had error messages when sent picture texts saying “Network Failure”, applications force closing, my email notifications stopped from gmail, etc. I reset my phone serveral times and it didn’t work. I ended up going back to my provider and they said it was a hardware issue and exchanged my phone.

  • Dennis



    Followed your instructions to the letter and….IT WORKS!! Glad you posted.


  • sharon

    The sun is shining on my home screen at night and the moon is there during the day. can you help me with it.

  • The Solution For Me

    I just got my Droid 2 weeks ago and I found that the share to oicasa wasn’t working. After doing some searching, people had success by resetting the phone to factory default. I did this and now my picasa worked but not the weather widget (side note:when I tried to go throught the activation, Verizons switch was down and I had to activate manually). I figured maybe the activation process had something to do with it so I did the factory reset again. Presto! picasa, weather widget…all working.
    I’m not sure if this is related but I was getting about 80% battery usage by the time I got home from work (9-10hrs)yesterday it was at 50% after 12-14hrs of the same usage. I’d read that there is increased battery life after a factory reset but who knew?
    My 2 cents for what its worth…..

  • bryan

    Ok i think i got a little more insight on why all of our widgets we liked before are gone. They are still on the phone but are all for version 1.5 of android and therefore no longer work with 2.1. the stupid thing is they didn’t replace them so we are left with a bunch of short cuts to the apps we want full sized i.e. desktop clock is pretty much the old clock/weather, calender is old calender just no longer in widget form. Another issue i have, why are all my friends on facebook now contacts? I don’t want that and the notification that my message was sent, i can’t find where to turn that off. this is just ridiculous.

  • Jen

    I had the same problem these posts refer to. Instead of 5 home screens, I suddenly had three. The three “buttons” for apps, phone, and add at the bottom of my screen were gone, HTC widgets were suddenly non-existent. My problems were fixed after a quick call to customer service. Here is what you have to do:
    1. Make sure you know your Gmail address and password, you will need to reload your phone and this information will bring back your contacts.
    2. I strongly suggest you write down all the apps you will want to re-install. The only apps you will have after the fix are the ones that come with the phone from the factory.
    3. After you have made sure you have everything you need to reload your phone apps, go to “Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset”
    4. On the following screens click “reset phone” then “erase all data”
    5. Reload your phone after it reboots (*228, option 1)
    6. Set up your G-mail account, reload apps, voila.

    Not an ideal solution, but it worked!

  • jennifer

    I have a little problem, on my home screen it use to adjust to the place I was, not it stays on a city that i was at on Sat, and it will not display my current city on the home screen, is there a way to get it back?

  • kyle

    What you need to do is bring up.the weather widget and push the update button that looks like two arrows going in a cycle…wait and it should workj

  • steve


    Thanks, it worked for my htc eris.

  • @ Karen.

    now its working perfectly.
    Thanks Buddy.

  • Sathish Martin

    Followed your step… Now its working perfectly…

    Thanks a lot…