HTC Droid DNA bootloader no longer unlockable, but root efforts still live on

by: J. Angelo RacomaNovember 20, 2012


Rooting and tweaking are usually among a mobile enthusiast’s reasons for going for Android rather than iOS (although I must admit that I’ve also done my share of iOS hacking). The ability to root smartphones and tablets will vary, though, depending on whether a manufacturer allows bootloader unlocking, or whether the system part of the filesystem can be written to, among others. And so, while the latest HTC Droid DNA had been rooted ahead of official release, it seems HTC is clamping down on bootloader unlocking ahead of the device’s release date.

XDA Developers reports that the HTC Droid DNA no longer has an unlockable bootrom as previously reported. Unlocking the bootloader through the HTCDev bootloader tool will no longer work. However, developers are not so bothered at this point, given that they are still trying to find a way to root the phablet through S-OFF, which should actually be an easier way to root for us users once they have achieved this functionality.

This update made me think that the news of the HTC Droid DNA being rooted before release may have pre-empted Android fans’ enjoyment of yet another easily-rooted device. But as with any Android device — or even iOS devices, for that matter — it will only be a matter of time until developers find ways to successfully do a rooting or jailbreaking exploit.

One question here for potential HTC Droid DNA buyers. Does this latest news discourage you from buying the phablet, or are you all right with getting a locked-down Droid DNA at this time?

  • mjolnirxz

    makes no difference, i have faith in xda

    • makes it more of a pain in the ass and more of a risk though lol

  • Crinkled Star

    Definitely won’t buy until it’s exploitable.

  • correction- verizon is locking down the bootloaers, I am enjoying my unlocked evo lte

  • Mike Mc.

    Verizon is so stupid to force locked bootloaders. Unlocking it is not going to cause them to lose money and in fact will probably increase sales from people like us.

  • htsmd

    absolutely will not buy a locked bootloader phone

  • Max Luong

    I sold my One X because the xda devs couldn’t achieve S-OFF.

    Unfortunate because it was an awesome phone, but I am now enjoying my Nexus 4 and it’s unlikely that I will ever buy a non-Nexus device again.