Another HTC DLX render leaks, official Verizon unveiling is imminent

by: AdrianOctober 26, 2012


HTC’s long rumored 5-inch 1080p phablet has turned from sweet dream to orgasmic reality last week, but we still don’t know when to expect the beast to see the light of day outside Japan. The J Butterfly’s western name is also kept under wraps, although the money is either on a short and punchy DLX branding or on a more pretentious Deluxe baptizing.

As far as design goes, we weren’t certain if there’ll be any notable differences between the J Butterfly and the DLX, but now that seems to have been settled. Following a set of blurry pics leaked a few days ago, Verizon’s model of the 5-incher again stars in an unofficial render, which looks almost identical to J Butterfly’s official images.

Now before you start screaming wolf fake for not seeing any Verizon logos, keep in mind that this is a “render”, so it’s more like an image of the general aesthetic guidelines specific carrier branded versions have to follow.

As for the image’s source, that is the @Football4PDA Twitter account, which has proven extremely reliable for leaking info on HTC devices (and not only) in the past.

Nothing new in the specs department, but we already know (or think we know) pretty much everything. There’s no way Verizon will change anything major, so the 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core S4 Pro CPU, 2 GB of RAM, 8 MP/2 MP cameras, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, Beats Audio and 4G LTE support  should all be there.

We would of course like to see a battery and/or storage bump, but that’s unfortunately unlikely too. Oh, well, you can’t have it all, right?


  • Sean

    Why do tech bloggers never do their homework. The twitter user Football4pda said the phone would be out with a 2500 mah battery, not the 2020 identified in Japan. So I guess it will be getting a battery bump (if rumors are true). If you know about Football4pda’s historical legendary accuracy why wouldn’t you know what he actually posted.

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      Should I point out the fact that Football4pda got the internal storage, thickness and weight of the HTC One X+ wrong? By a whisker, but still wrong:… So, isn’t it possible that he could get the battery of the DLX wrong, too? Just asking.

  • Rodpe

    Too big, a 5inch cellphone need minimal bezels

    • CaptianObvious

      Galaxy S3 is 4.8 inches… I’m pretty sure .2 inches won’t make that much of a difference…

      • It’s almost 1/4 smaller. That is significant.

        • Twisted247

          Are you just retarded or……. ?

          • leoingle

            Couldn’t agree more.

  • Tom C

    My upgrade is on the twenty first of November….why hello HTC!

  • Twisted247

    Judging the fact that this beast is packing the snap pro s4 like the LG optimus G and it is doing a killing on the quadrant benchmarks(and yes benchmarks arent everything but they are a good starting point to get an idea of performance). With this processor and 2gb of RAM on board backing it up, it’s set to kick some serious ass. HTC has proven themselves in the past for being able to optimize potential output with their UI on board. When they have ran benchmarks in the past with competitors running the same cpu, gpu, and OS with the only difference being the UI they pull out on top(in some cases even when the hardware matches with the exception of the opponent having double the RAM and they still pull it out). So I am anxious to see how this beast performs. It is looking to be a Verizon exclusive which is to bad cause it could make a killing on the market if they spread it out. Hopefully HTC will soon learn to follow in Samsungs foot steps and stop bringing out these badass Flagships to market only to put them in bed with people like AT&T which only hurts them. Regardless if HTC is receiving money up front for the carrier specific exclusivity I have yet to walk into a AT&T store and get an Android device pushed on me. They ALWAYS cater to APPLE, it’s too bad HTC doesn’t see this, maybe they are currently tied down in some sort of contract who knows. But HTC has a killer UI and in my opinion they make the best devices, from UI to build quality. But I will not jump carriers for a device I just won’t, Another one is the One X+ and the damned One X LTE+, why not drop the LTE on sprint to compliment the LTE EVO… Oh well hopefully they will open their eyes and pick them selves up and brush off the dirt. Cause if they fail and drop from the market it will be a sad sad day surely.

    • larry scervino

      There is not awhole lot of difference between 4.8 and 5. I have an S3 and am not real happy with the radios (modems). The phone doesnt hold on to 4G unless its a pretty strong signal. The note 2 may have a 5.5 screen but it may have the same radios as the S3 Samsung is not noted for good radios. The DLX on the other hand or HTC has got some pretty good radios. Whats the point of all the whistles and bells when you dont have the solid data. I would gladly give up the .5 for good data