HTC Desire V dual-SIM phone unveiled in Europe, well, in Ukraine so far

by: Arnold ZafraJune 8, 2012
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If you’re in Europe right now, particularly in Ukraine, and you want to get hold of a dual-SIM phone running Android 4 ICS, well, luck is coming your way. Remember the dual-SIM HTC Desire V that we told you about a few days ago? It’s bound for the Ukrainian market in July.

With all the features that we’ve mentioned intact, the HTC Desire V will be priced at 3,800 grivnas (that’s around $470, in case you’re interested to know). Given its price, you’ve probably deduced that this HTC smartphone is a mid-range device. But don’t let this discourage you from checking it out. Aside from its dual-SIM capability, the HTC Desire V is packed with the usual suspects that you’ll find under the hood of most decent smartphones today.

Here’s a rundown of the specs of the HTC Desire V:

  • 1GHz single-core Qualcomm processor.
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB internal memory
  • 4-inch WVGA display
  • 5MP camera with LED flash
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Beats audio
  • 25GB of free Dropbox storage
  • microSD card support

Not really the best  features but good enough for a mid-range smartphone.

HTC has not revealed yet the other European markets where it plans to sell the Desire V, but we do hope that we will see it available on a wide scale. Most dual-SIM phone’s we’ve seen so far belonged to the lower side of the range, so HTC’s mid-ranger might open up the segment to a wider audience.

Will you be interested in getting this device considering that it has dual-SIM slots? It will definitely have a captive market in Asia and other parts of  the world where dual-SIM phone is a hot commodity. What do you think?

  • SamsaraGuru

    I would love the added capabilities that a dual or even triple SIM phone would offer. Undoubtedly the various contract networks would not like the idea at all given it would increase our freedom to choose to use only those who actually provide good service as well as a reliable network, but perhaps as time goes by and more and more people turn their backs on the contract paradigm – as did the 510,000 former contract customers at T-Mobile in the first quarter of this year – competition based on providing us with stellar value in both phones as well as networks will “persuade” all players involved from phone manufacturers to network providers to start living up to their claims of caring about the customer – instead of in actuality trying to hold us hostage through contacts in service to their bottom lines.

  • Dubaialex

    I have this phone (released in china last month). It’s awesome.


  • I like it.

  • I got a complete satisfaction from it.

  • I also purchased this phone & very happy with performance