Image credit: QD2DC / XDA-Developers

The developer community has once again delivered what big corporations could not work on — or refused to do so — for whatever silly reasons and excuses.

The Android 4.0 upgrade for the Desire HD was promised for months, but owners of the phone never did get their Ice Cream Sandwich treat after HTC unceremoniously crossed off the Desire HD from the list of confirmed devices that will be upgraded. HTC also released a statement that basically blames the phone’s hardware for the cancellation.

Thanks to XDA member QD2DC and his team, a fully working Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the HTC Desire HD is now ready to be served. Even more amazingly, there’s currently no known glitch when running the unofficial ROM on the Desire HD, so everything should work perfectly.  The ICS ROM is based on the one found on HTC Incredible S. Apart from getting Android 4.0.4, you’ll also be getting Sense 3.6 on your phone.

The team has also made some tweaks and added its own Blackout BeastMode kernel to boost the performance of the phone. So it’s clear that this was the result of a beautiful collaboration and some gigantic effort from the team.

Hit the XDA source  link for more details, download links, and instructions on how to bring the Ice Cream Sandwich experience to your HTC Desire HD. You know, the very same thing that HTC said couldn’t be done. Pow!

Bams Sadewo
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  • Sean

    Thanks HTC … for NOTHING. HTC Desire HD is my last HTC phone. Had 2 before it, now I’m off to Samsung.

  • not really, HTC could’ve easily put ics on the desire, but with bloated sense it would’ve been slow and it also required a factory reset because of the way it is currently partitioned.

    • U are joking, right?!?
      Desire C got the ICS update and it has lower memory than the DHD and it has a slower cpu, only 600MHz !!!
      HTC lied to us because they want us to buy their new phones, ONE Series…

      • i am not joking and there is plenty of evidence to back up what i am saying, i cannot say the same for your claims.

        • Igal Neshto
          • He actually does not and it is a good thing you brought that link to my attention, because you can clearly see that the HTC desire only has 1.5 gigs of internal storage, and that is not enough for ics without a compete factory reset and repartition of the internal storage. On the other hand you have the desire C which has 4 gigs and most likely had enough room for HTCs version of ics. There are articles about this with this exact statement from HTC already, do you honestly think they would blatantly lie like that?

          • Igal Neshto

            You have a point there, still -XDA users did it… I’m use they could do it as well…

          • Yes, HTC said that they could do it, but they chose not to do it because it would mean that all of the user’s data would get erased. And that a normal user wouldn’t accept that. However, i do think that they shouldve given their users the option at least, for pople who wouldnt mind all their data erased to get ICS.

          • AndresGalvan98

            Correction: The Desire HD has 4 GB of internal storage and 768 MB of RAM.

    • AndresGalvan98

      Can you read?? This is the EXACT version of Sense & Android it was supposed to be upgraded to.No glitches or bugs. HTC just doesn’t want to take the time and effort, despite the Desire HD’s past as HTC’s flagship phone. Ditching my Inspire and heading to the GSM Galaxy Nexus. Won’t regret it one bit…

  • xiaoxiaobin746

  • Dev Bawal

    bhai jaldi karo … desire hd me 4.0 update karo…..????
    Dev Bawal

  • steve

    Shame on HTC – cheap generic manufacturers are often doing better.

    Their flagship tablet, the flyer, is in the same position, with a Jelly Bean ROM on XDA – just needing a little info from HTC to perfect it.

    Get a grip HTC, if you won’t continue to release, then at least help the community support your customers.