HTC Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich update officially canceled

by: Chris SmithJuly 22, 2012

We conclude today the HTC Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich drama, as it looks like HTC has decided to completely scrape Android 4.0 upgrade plans  for the device – see the screenshot above taken from the company’s official blog where its ICS plans were posted back in March.

Initially, we heard that Canadian carrier Telus decided to cancel the ICS upgrade for the smartphone, and then we found out it was HTC that decided to temporarily stop upgrade plans. At the time, HTC lead us to believe that the Desire HD will receive its Android 4.0 build in the near future, but now it looks like that won’t happen, at least not officially.

While developers will certainly find a way to bring various ICS versions to Desire HD owners, if that’s not happening already, HTC has explained in a one-paragraph update on that March blog post why it decided not to rollout the ICS update for the once-flagship smartphone:

After extensive testing, we’ve determined that the current version of HTC Sense with Android provides customers with the best experience on the HTC Desire HD. When we consider new versions of software, we weigh a number of factors, but ultimately the customer experience on the product is the deciding factor. We apologize for any confusion this change may have caused our customers.

Interesting way of formulating this response – “the current version of HTC Sense with Android provides customers with the best experience on the HTC Desire HD.” Well, what about customers that really want to try out ICS on the handset? Maybe without any Sense on top of it? Oh wait, that’s where custom ROMs come in!

Let’s hear it from HTC Desire HD owners, are you disappointed?

  • ChatoyantHoochie
  • Craig Bowles

    Very disappointed :( Hopefully they will atleast release the drivers for it to the Developer community so the custom ROMS can be completed.

  • I have waited for the update now in months, and now they cancel it!! Great :(

  • There have been custom ICS Roms out for this phone for several months now. Honestly its so old that rooting it shouldn’t really worry anyone, the warranty should basically be gone any now anyway.

  • Sameer Maharjan

    gud.. very gud HTC….. U lost some customers Today…. Some More Tmrw… And So On…… And One Day u will surely shutdown…… Gud Bye HTC ….. Never Gonna Buy Any HTC Product Now…… Your Old HTC Hesire Hd Owner……

  • Sameer Maharjan

    Oops HTC Desire HD Owner…….

  • G Mack

    Well I will be not staying with a HTC hand set . HTC has other less powerful new hand sets running ICS . So this is jest a BULL SHIT ploy to have us get a X1 .

  • Nilr B

    It appears that HTC has lost its bussiness sense by not meeting a commitment given earlier. Trying to remain afloat it will just disappear rapidly.

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  • Jan Van humbeek

    People with DHD, I’m a DHD owner myself…
    Although as disappointed as I am with HTC, I will keep my DHD because some other talented developers are working on upgrade paths for phones that HTC not even supports!
    Keep a close eye on Virtuous Infinity, a new custom ROM from the Virtuous team, containing a full version of ICS (maybe JB, not sure) and Sense 4!
    Just watch this video and you’ll be convinced:

    Closely monitor the tweets about this amazing new ROM by following @VirtuousTeam and @chrisch1974 on Twitter!

    Rooting your phone is the way to go, never trust that the manufacturers will keep supporting old phones, as that won’t provide any profit for them!

  • why did HTC promise what they can,t deliver? i could have had custom rom by now. honesty pays , the company will pay dearly for this deceit

  • desire hd owner

    Before this news Iwas a great fan of htc, even recommended others to buy it …but i do regret buying it as well as recommending others…-desire hd owner..

  • victim of htc

    I purchased a desire hd a couple of months ago believing that i’d get the ics update. Of course i did not know that this company was just a place directed by some non-professional unreliabke people. This phone is the first and last htc product that i own. Hope you go bankrupt one day.

  • Ben

    My work mobile is a Desire HD, and I’ve been waiting months after earing they WERE going to release the ICS update for it. Now to hear they’ve cancelled the update is crap, if I’d known before I wouldn’t have waited and would have flashed a custom ROM!
    Talking of which, what is the best custom ROM to run ICS on the Desire HD? My personal mobile is a Nexus One, and I run Cyanogen Mod on that, but I see there are many custom ROMs available, and I wondered if there is there a better ROM for ICS & the Desire HD?
    Also, my personal phone is due for an upgrade next month, and I now won’t even consider a HTC phone because of this lack of software support. It’s got to be the Samsung S3. Good bye HTC!

  • Angry Mushroom

    Thanks HTC , thanks for nothing!!! Galaxy S3 for me.

  • shane

    No wonder that Samsung keeps breaking records. Do not give fake promises. it will lead you to loose business in a large scale

  • Zach

    Desire HD was HTC’s flagship phone not even two years ago, i loved the phone and was extremely pumped to try out android 4.0, very disappointing, as i was a big fan of HTC’s work and now i will not buy another HTC phone again!

  • crashb4

    Bloody Hell….I will never buy another HTC product again…It is ridiculous ….after all the wait it got cancelled…..Congrats HTC…

  • Camilleri

    Believe it or not I just ordered an HTC Desire HD yesterday since, last weak there was aconfirmation that the update was coming to the headset…..this is a major disappointment for me since I thought that HTC was one of the most serious smartphone companies out there and which would live up to its promises. Now I am really regretting my purchase!!!!

  • Jaydee

    That’s rubbish! After waiting months, they wait till it’s supposed to be released to say, sorry we can’t be bothered! Gutted. I’ll be buying a Samsung S3 when my contract’s up in December. Bad Buisness HTC!

  • Pandarus

    Sad.. so sad.. This is definitely a game changer..

  • Rob1003

    Concerned owners of Desire HD’s and other HTC phones should take the time to sign the petition:
    This issue affects every HTC phone owner and lying to your customers isn’t a very smart move.

  • Tchin7

    HTC UPDATE MY GOD DAM PHONE IT SUCKS!!! I’m getting an iPhone

  • grahamcrackers

    Bye HTC.. I have owned 4 HTC phones over the years.. but this is now my last.. hello Samsung..

  • whyme

    Even the lower ram and internel memory SE Xperia Arc gets the update, why not me?

  • grimane

    Honestly if I didn’t know o was going to get the update – i wouldn’t care less.
    Instaling gingerbread i had to wipe the phone for it to work properly – and with 100plus apps that’s a hassle. And it works fine on 2.3 too.
    But commiting and not delivering, got me a little pissed. Though I still like HTC and my DHD but i know i’m going to root it just right after the warranty ends.

  • VictorDHD

    Thanks a lot HTC for keeping your commitment…!! This is what we call official mess..!!

  • Michael Parker

    It’s funny, I got the Desire HD when it was still a reasonably new phone. A few months later my colleague needed a new phone and the latest big screen phone from HTC was the Sensation HD. My girlfriend just got the new Sensation XE. Looks like I am going to miss out…. unless I just buy a new phone Whahaha…

  • jonos

    So HTC can put ICS on lesser spec’d hardware but not on the DHD ??? That makes sense, NOT!! Add to this the very poorly designed HTC One X which I was so disappointed with to hear that it has fixed memory of 32GB and no removable battery ?? What the hell HTC.. you have lost another long term customer…

  • The devices with even lower ram and rom and processor get the update why not us? I am really dissapointed

  • karen

    wtf. you will lost many good clients.
    i had 4 htcs before, but my next phone will never again be an htc.

  • I own an HD Desire and Flyer and neither device will benefit from this upgrade. As you can imagine I am very dissapointed.

    I bought the HD desire in March last year and the Flyer last September, and it seems as if they are treated like legacy products.

    In fact, I doubt I will own another Andorid device given the inconsistenices and unknowns relating to their upgrade.

  • antaous

    owned 3 HTC, currently using Desire HD

    Greate products, poor service. Iphone 5 for me, at least they update older devices longer, one may not get all new functions on older devices, but they do upgrade for up to 3 years.

  • Paul B

    I had a choice between iPhone 3GS, HTC Desire HD and Nokia Lumia 800 but chose HTC as the iPhone 3GS would not be getting an upgrade to iOS 6 and the Lumia would not get an upgrade to Windows 8 both due this year. Now I am finding out that my phone is now obsolete 4 months into a 24 month contract. It is like buying a computer today and finding out it won’t run Windows 8 when you try to upgrade. HTC should not have been selling this phone and people in my position should be getting replacement phones for free. I will be contatcting HTC as I am having major software problems with Locations since the last update was applied.

  • fanuch

    I agree with all the posters, I have stuck by my Desire HD in anticipation for ICS. Now that it has been cancelled I will buy an S3

  • CharlesH

    I also bought the dhd due to the promised update. I stood in the shop and chose it instead of the plasticcy s2. This is very annoying and even affects the second hand value of the phone. I guess I will have to spend a bit more and get an s3. No more HTC.

  • BW

    It must be a class example that can be used on any PR education on how not to shit on its customers, spesielt those customers who purchase the company’s top products. Surely it can only be seen so that HTC wants to concentrate on the lower sekment market, first time buyers such as children’s first smart-phone. where for example, parents pays. This could not be posted on an lower way. We consumes learn thankfully quickly. and it ends thank god that it is the manufacturer who paid the ultimate price for their mistakes.

  • Umair

    Really , Really disappointing news, i was very excited for ICS on DHD and i was really waiting for ICS like others but now i really understand the true meaning of HTC “How to Cheat”

  • ukc78

    I will never buy an Android device again, only way to get software update is to buy a new device. I have Samsung and HTC and never received a decent software upgrade from neither of them.

  • ex- htc owner

    Ffuucck you htc

  • king julien

    I bought HTC Desire HD mostly because they had officially stated that ICS will be available for it. This is definitely my last HTC phone! They are simply liers!

  • stevebarnes24

    i currently have a desire hd, and my contract is up in just over a month, thinking of the one X or samsung s3 now rather than ics/jelly bean upgrade with sim only contract!!

  • EMMY

    I love my HTC Desire HD and always thought i would stick to HTC forever, but after being so disappointed by this ill never buy another HTC, very poor decision and very poor customer service for your loyal customers

  • my first and last htc device, i cant express how much im disappointed especially when i see that DHD run android 4.0 smoothly with custom roms,lets move to samsung they know what customers want exactly and they will never do the same,huge battery life plus constant updates , simlpy i love that