HTC Desire 500 announced: a pricey entry-level phone with Sense 5

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 23, 2013


All eyes are on the One, One Mini, and the upcoming One Max, but HTC is quietly (brilliantly?) coming with a series of unassuming models in the low to mid-range segment, which is becoming more and more important to phone manufacturers.

After the Desire 200 and the Desire 600, HTC today unveiled the Desire 500, a entry-level 4.3-inch model powered by a Snapdragon 200 processor and running Sense 5, just like its flashier kin, the One. Aside the quad-core processor, the HTC Desire 500 comes with 1GB of RAM and just 4GB of internal storage, though the microSD card slot should help alleviate the problem. The 8MP camera features an LED flash and HTC’s ImageChip processor. The 4.3-inch SLCD display is slightly disappointing at 480 x 800 resolution.

In terms of design, the Desire 500 looks like a hybrid between the One S and the One SV, both launched last year, though the device features a plastic case instead of the aluminum enclosure of the One S.

HTC transplanted a few of the marquee features of the One, including BlinkFeed and Video Highlights, though obviously the hardware dependent ones are absent. Most notably the Desire 500 lacks the much touted BoomSound speaker system that can be found on the HTC One family, the Butterfly s, and even the Desire 600.

The HTC Desire 500 will sell in Taiwan first for a relatively pricey $400. Engadget’s Richard Lai speculates that the stingy price tag might have something to do with HTC’s partnership with local carrier Taiwan Mobile, thus being a way to push people towards the carrier’s subsidized offer.

We don’t have any info on the HTC Desire 500’s availability and price in international markets, but a recent leaked roadmap of the German carrier O2 included the HTC Desire 500, giving us hope that the phone will be more than an Asian exclusive. Hopefully, that price will go down a notch too.

  • Mobile OS World

    Another cool phone by HTC and also low priced. Nokia has announced a low price phone too Nokia Lumia 625

    • weed

      Yeah we read android authority because we love news about WP8, genius.

      • But it does not post about WP8

      • SeraZR™

        yea he’s a genius alright ._.

  • SeraZR™

    no home button or htc logo? -_-

  • Jack Parker

    Because of the horrible display i would say that this is a low end device, sure it may have a snapdragon 200 but its not the most powerful processor, internal storage will be around the 2gb mark after the OS and sense. Companys such as HTC, Samsung and Sony should make one low end phone ranging from £150-£200

    A Mid ranger from £220-£350

    And a Highend/Flagship for £400-£550

    Just my thoughts

  • weed

    That 2 button crap again. What a waste, the appswitch button is used like 10 times more than the home button, and now both HTC and Samsung doesn’t have them.

    And agreed that this is not very midrange, it’s a competitor to Galaxy Win, weak quad-core that can’t match a good dual core in realistic usage.

  • MasterMuffin

    They’re trying to get One S users to upgrade so they don’t have to update it

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Not to knock it before trying it, but…at that price point, there are better options.

  • shutuo283