HTC Desire 200 and Desire 600 spotted in the wild

by: Gary SimsMay 22, 2013

htc logoTwo new mid-range phones from HTC have been spotted in the wild. The first the HTC Desire 200 has been seen in a certification filing in Taiwan, the second the HTC Desire 600 has turned up in a benchmark result. Until now HTC used letters to differentiate between the models in its Desire range: the Desire X, the Desire SV and so on. But it seems as if the company is moving to using numbers rather than letters.

The HTC Desire 200, which has an internal model number of 102e, turned up in a filing in Taiwan. Little else is known about the device other than it will support 3G and uses the same 1500mAh battery as found in the HTC Desire C. The Desire C was a 3.5 inch device with a 320 x 480 pixel display released during May 2012. The Desire 200 could be its replacement but maybe with a better display and processor.


According to benchmarks found on GFCBench, HTC are also working on the HTC Desire 600. The benchmark results show a phone made by HTC Europe (meaning it is probably destined for the European market) that supports dual-SIM and runs Android 4.1.2. The CPU is clocked at a maximum of 1209MHz and it uses the Ardeno 203 GPU. The only processor which fits these specifications is the dual-core variant of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Play. Although there is also a quad-core variant of the Snapdragon Play, which is also clocked at 1.2GHz and uses the Ardeno 203, this is unlikely as the display on the Desire 600 is reported to only be 960 x 540, making it a lower-end phone. Another intriguing possibility is that the phone will use the Snapdragon 200, however if it does it will be under clocked as the Snapdragon 200 can run at 1.4 GHz.

Not everyone has the budget for HTC’s flagship HTC One, do either of these two phones sound tempting to you?

  • UadeaD

    Ive noticed that HTC keeps secrets better and better. Like Apple had in the past

  • adf

    adreno, not ardeno

  • MissMyDesire

    HTC should have been Samsung. The HTC Desire (and its cousin the Nexus One) was the first really valid iphone competitor. In fact, it was the first phone that surpassed the iphone in specs and usability. They had a head start on everyone including Samsung. They’ve completely lacked vision since then and meandered to this point. I mean who’s idea was Beats? Every manufacturer was making bigger and higher res displays because mobile devices are all about the *visual* experience and HTC regress back to offering cheap earphones and a mediocre equalizer. Fortunately they still have the most solidly built devices, but I don’t know if that’s enough anymore.



      • MissMyDesire

        Just might be true. Historically:

        Google chooses HTC for Nexus One, the following year HTC is awarded handset manufacturer of the year and has device of the year. Google chooses Samsung for Nexus S / Gnex, the following two years Samsung becomes the dominant cell phone manufacturer in the world.

        Is Google picking winners, or do consumers follow Google?

  • captainkirk

    I hope they can work it out. I really like my One x and would love to upgrade to the One but need to know that they are going to be around to support it. There should be an annoucement about the One for Verizon later today and that can help but it seems that they need a big internal revamp to really turn things around.

  • pppp

    It never floated so how can it sink? LoL. I’m not buying a phone with non-removable battery, and if I was to go for a good build quality phone, I have chosen an iPhone. NOT HTC!!!

  • OMGgary


    Introducing the stunning new “HTC in the Deuce”.
    Everything your company isn’t!

  • Mr. B

    HTC Desire C with the Muve Music package is Terrific! You cannot beat the price,, with no contract to sign, and you also get to download, and listen to Hot New music, along with the oldies that the older generation loves. I am 44 and was relunctant to switch to a smartphone, but when I researched the different products discovered that the HTC Desire C, has everything that you could possibly ask for. I love the fact that I can download today’s newest music, along with all the music I grew up with so I think that this would be perfect for any family looking to switch over to a new phone package. It is cost effective with unlimited plans, and unlimited music. So I hope that they stick around for a long time, and am sure that they will.