HTC continues its frustrating financial tailspin

by: nathanSeptember 6, 2012

While HTC continues to flail and fumble its way into a competitive market position with the One series and an alleged tablet, the facts are clear: the company is seriously hurting. Today the company formally announced lost revenue between July and August 2012. Those numbers? $804M in August, down from $835M in July.

What this means in laymen’s terms is the company is having a hard time trying to come up with a formidable game plan against Samsung and Apple . You can’t fault them, really. Apple posted numbers just after the recent verdict, that could have risen Jobs from the grave into a 2 step jig, were such things possible. Samsung may have lost the case in America, but their bottom line isn’t hurting yet, what with the S3 still rocking palms worldwide and the G-deuce out soon. These are A-list players and HTC may have to scratch its head a while longer. Sometimes waiting things out is a good strategy in this industry.

A secondary report of total unaudited consolidated revenues from January to August 2012  of almost $7B is not a highlight the company would like to share, but these are obviously hard times for the Taiwanese manufacturer. It, and its loyal fans, can only hope the event scheduled for September 19th will boost quarterly profits. In addition, the company has decided to take on Windows 8 alongside Android, so it is reaching out to Microsoft as a possible answer to its dilemma.

What we know is that HTC is forecasting, for itself, doom and gloom before the year ends. It says it expects gross and operating margins to drop 2% in each category. This represents a staggering 22% drop in overall revenue by year’s end. Failed ventures in Beats Audio and OnLive haven’t helped matters at all, either.

The real test will be the upcoming Q4 holiday season. If HTC’s newest release, like the Desire X, or this mysterious phablet doesn’t kickstart the progression to better days, I predict a dissolving of the company by end of 2013. You can quote me on that.


  • If RIM has survived this long with doom sayer saying it would be done for the better part of 3 years now, I think HTC can get past 2013 without much problem.

    Unlike RIM they are still making money (although not as much) rather than bleeding it out. Hope that’s layman enough for you.

  • Which phone is the “G-deuce?” I tried a Google search for it and came up with nothing.

    • gr8lksdok

      Galaxy Note2

      • Oh wow! I would have never guessed that one. Thanks for the reply!

  • HTC still is the second best Android manufacturer to Samsung outside the US when it comes to its reputation. LG failed to establish enough good will for people to actually want their products. They’re still very slow to move on to the latest Android version, they have locked bootloaders, etc. They better do well with their next flagship if they want people to forget the Optimus 2x fiasco. The only thing going for Motorola right now is that they’re now under Google but its still not good enough. The latest RAZRs will launch with ICS and that’s not acceptable when you’re directly under Google.

  • gr8lksdok

    I became an HTC fan when they launched the EVO 4G. Got disenchanted when they messed up my son’s Evo 3D replacement (while still on warranty and was insured). Still, I gave HTC another chance this summer, bought HTC 4G LTE —both were lemon phones I had to return and got GS3 to replace them, phenomenal!

  • carlisimo

    I’m sad because I like HTC’s One series. But they’re each available on just one carrier – what kind of business plan is that??