HTC gives retail a shot, opens first concept store in Germany

by: David GonzalesNovember 26, 2012

HTC concept retail store
It appears that HTC is currently chasing down all available avenues for money, as it has decided to finally open up its first concept store inside an existing electronics shop somewhere in Hamburg, Germany. This current strategy is similar to what Microsoft is doing with its own retail stores and is based on work that Apple started when it first began opening up its own retail locations many years ago.

From the looks of it, HTC has decided to not go all out on its retail strategy just yet. Instead of opening up a fully operational retail store in a standalone location, it has launched a store-within-a-store type setup at a Saturn electronics shop. The current iteration of HTC’s own retail store is still pretty bare, as you can see from the photo posted above. But it does have a kind of homey feel to it, which will no doubt make all those who visit feel comfortable with the devices and probably want to take them home after a few minutes of testing.

Of course, the real result of HTC’s new retail strategy still remains to be seen. Will it be enough to buoy the ailing Taiwanese electronics maker amidst the rising tide of Android competitors? We’ll all find out soon enough.

  • MasterMuffin

    Typo in the 13th row, “buoy” :D

  • charlie

    I love this idea now bring it to the USA!!!!!

  • carlisimo

    HTC stores are common in Taiwan, unsurprisingly. They look a lot like the one above.