comScore: HTC still among the top 3 smartphone brands in the United States, but can it last?

by: Andrew GrushAugust 9, 2013

vs the Moto X

HTC has been traveling down a rocky road for a couple of years now, despite a few recent wins such as the positive reception received by the HTC One. Unfortunately, things don’t seem to be any better when it comes to marketshare penetration either, at least in the United States.

According to a new Q2 report from comScore, HTC’s marketshare continues to trend downward in the United States, dropping down 0.5 of a percentage point from the previous quarter. What’s interesting here is that, even with the drop down, HTC still clings on to its position as the third bestselling smartphone maker in the United States.

The big question is how much longer they will be able to keep this position.

Where HTC currently stands

Right now HTC controls a total of 9 percent of the U.S. smartphone marketshare, which is a far cry from Samsung’s 23.7 percent (up 2.0%) or Apple’s lead of 39.9 percent (up .9%). Even worse news for HTC, Motorola only marginally lags behind, with 7.2% of the market.


Between the hype of the Moto X and Motorola’s plans to market the hell out of the device, HTC should be at least a little worried. Equally troubling is the LG G2, which might not have the same level of hype behind it as the Moto X, but is shaping up to be quite an impressive handset.

Can HTC hold on to its position?

So is it really doom and gloom for HTC? Not necessarily. For starters, HTC wasn’t the only company that saw decline in the Q2 report. LG also declined .2 percent and Motorola dropped 1.3 percent. Even Android (as a whole) simply maintained its dominate position as a smartphone platform without growing this quarter, while both Microsoft and Apple saw at least a little bit of growth.


HTC has its work cut out for it, but the company seems to have laid the groundwork towards recovery with the One – even if they’ve made a few missteps along the way. Bottom-line, HTC needs to hit the market hard with upcoming devices like the HTC One Max, the HTC Desire 500 and the HTC One Mini. With some hard work and a little luck, the fight could still be far from over.

What do you think, will HTC’s current direction pay off in the long term, or will their slow decline continue? Were you surprised to see Motorola and LG both drop down in marketshare during Q2?

  • G2forme

    LG will rise because of G2.
    4-major carries will going to sell it…

    • Lee

      I don’t think so as people bought HTC one for It’s premium feel over s4 (s4 is having better specs).G2 may cannibalize S4 sales though as it appeals the same consumer segment.

      • G2forme

        G2 is a beautiful phone.
        sorry im not a fan of metallic phone.
        HTC One is not good looking for me. i hate its VERY THICK BEZELS AND THAT LARGE WASTED SPACE ON THE PHONE!
        Imagine? 4.7″ Display vs 5.2″ but the phone’s sizes are almost the same?

        Plastic is more good for your health and has long lifespan & durablity
        it reduces electromagnetic radiation …
        HTC is a Chinese Manufacturer ( Chinese -Taipei)

        LG is rising! and become better and better….. weather you like it , or not!

        Life’s Good with LG!

        • Lee

          Woah woah whoa I got it.You like plastic phones.

        • g2525

          China and Taiwan is two completely different country…
          u stupid ignorant fuck

          • Cole Raney

            Besides the part of the post about China and them claiming HTC is a Chinese company, they have a point. I feel plastic is better. Metal gets too hot, and does mess with radiation (like wifi). I know asus remodeled one of their tablets because of that issue. Glass breaks too easily and shatters. I really don’t understand the hate with plastic.

          • frhoward

            The HTC One has an amazing design, I’ve dropped it a lot and not one crack. A few scuffs on the corners but that’s it. As far as the overheating of metal, have you ever played a game while charging the S4….?

          • G2forme

            Taiwan is not an Independent country! ITS ALSO A CHINNESE NATION( CHINNESE-TAIPIE)

            get your FACT!

        • Vardan Nazaretyan

          HTC is Taiwanese! Get your facts right. And, HTC One will kick some SGS4 and LGG2 @§§. You’ll see.

          • William Gauke

            Well considering the peak has come and gone from HTC One I don’t think it will kick their as$es

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            They’ll do that, trust me, they hired Robert Downey Jr. for their ads. And they have an upcoming phablet with G2 like specs, so others should beware.

          • G2forme

            Taiwan is not an Independent country!



            get your FACT!

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            De jure it’s not independent, but de facto, it is. Their government doesn’t depend on the government of people’s republic of China.

          • G2forme

            lol yes is not an independet Nation? hahahaha

            Originally based in mainland China, the Republic of China now governs the island of Taiwan (formerly known as “Formosa”), which makes up over 99% of its territory,[f] as well as Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, and other minor islands.

            still they are chinese nation(people)

            thus; HTC IS A CHINESE MANUFACTURER………


    • Hue

      Once ASUS enters the American market with smartphones, it will pretty much take HTC’s place.

  • Guest

    What I got from this is that Blackberry sells more phones than Nokia, HTvC and Samsung sell Windows phones? And also there are still symbian phones on market THAT PEOPLE STILL BUY!?

    I hope all the best for HTC (though I personally don’t like HTC’ phones that much), because more choice is good and I don’t want more people to think that Android=Samsung (I’ve seen many people who think like that).

    • MasterMuffin

      Why does it say “Guest”, I commented this o.O

      Also I can’t edit it, so *HTC

      • Iulian Popa

        I don’t think Blackberry is selling more smartphones than Nokia, those BB phones are probably leftovers.

        • MasterMuffin

          Leftovers that still sell more o.O

  • Luka Mlinar

    Blackberry should just go into a dark cave and die already.

  • The Calm Critic

    Yes they can.. Provided if HTC are willing to do these:-

    1. I know this isn’t much but it helps. 1st and foremost KILL the WP8 plan. Everything in the pipeline. Period. And bring over whatever percentile of R&D resource there to elsewhere (which will be elaborated below).

    2. Stop making it so easy for Samsung. At launch RRPs, unlocked bootloader policy, expandable storage, bigger capacity removable battery and an easier official firmware tool all trumps a shiny fancy unibody.

    3. Don’t pull a Samsung w/ ridiculous variants. No more of these Mini, Micro Mini, or Mega Max crapolas. And standardize the baseline specs across regions, stop pissing off your loyal base w/ an always better Japanese ver for every flagship model. If you can barely roll out official/stock fws on time on select models, why add to the burden? Doh.

    4. Oh yeah as mentioned above and in relation to the One S C2 (Snapdragon S3 variant) fiasco, don’t put out models when you plan to tell its users that they won’t get another update ever when its barely over a year old. Not even Samsung are that much of a douche.

    5. If you really really really need a fallback plan to Android, consider Ubuntu Touch. kthxbai.

    /S II GT-I9100G/Android 4.3/MoKee OpenSource Project ROM user.

  • alexxx

    HTC is the king of smartphones, period.(iphone is not a smartphone) it’ll all come to surface as will HTC, because its not like the world is ignoring them and not recognizing their amazing work. But its this drama that keeps HTC in the news along with their indestructible, ultra premium phone’s, that will broaden their market as well. So keep the drama going. Lastly, can’t help but be blunt and honest – samsung is the worst thing that has happened to smartphone. Its no better than many other no-name $100 Chinese smartphones and I do mean gs4. But there will always be village people who buy into their ads like apple.

    • End in sight

      Lol… apple is not a smartphone. Awesome.

    • spg210

      And for some reason the king of smartphones can’t seem to sell enough smartphones to get profitable. A measly 1.5 million HTC Ones sold in their second month in the market compared with 10 million S4s sold? 83%
      drop in HTC
      profits in
      June? S4 became the best selling Android phone in history? HTC is so strapped for cash they can’t even afford to advertise?
      Yeah, sounds like HTC is the king of smartphones. Too bad noone wants to buy one.

      • Vardan Nazaretyan

        HTC IS the king of smartphones. Too pity they don’t have appropriate marketing for the phone(yep, marketing is the only thing driving smartphone sales). But they hired Robert Downey Jr. , so, beware Samsung, a new HTC wave is coming!

        • frhoward

          I agree 100%. Also, Samsung is a household name which also adds to their success. TVs, appliances, etc couple that with the massive amounts of money they spend on advertising and you owuld have ot be dumb to see why Samsung is doing what they are doing. But I hope HTC succeeds with this strategy as I’ve always been a fan of HTC build quality and innovations.

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            Me too. I have my second smartphone now, which also is my second HTC phone and has a far better built quality, than the GS4.

        • alexxx

          Yeah, they can hire the late King of Pop, but SAMSUNG’s and Apple’s marketing beast is a 100 head Hydra…thingy…they need to play their cards better and play them often.

      • alexxx

        Yes, you are quite right, whenever I pass a kiosk at the mall selling phones, not only can you see the iPhone stick out of the crowd as it always did, on its on pedestal, its such a powerful marketing strategy – Samsung just goes Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and BOOM ! GS4 is up on a taller flashier pedestal. It’s the marketing, and HTC really falls short, especially at the core of it.

    • hohopig

      Obviously a troll? Indestructible? Man … if you think that Aluminium is indestructible then I have a house on the moon to sell you.

      and comparing S4 to a sub $100 phone? :P it should how jingoistic you are really. And while there are valid complaints against S4 (and there are even more valid complaints against HTC One), the depth that you go to .. just shows how bias you are. Why so angry?

      As for One X+, that is definitely an improvement over the One X, which is another self inflicted wound by HTC themselves when they set their task killing function to be so overly aggressive that it basically killed multi tasking. But .. their battery was still not quite up there though, for One X+. And dual .. SPEA? Dual speaker? :P that caters to such a small group of customer .. is that the one specs that rule them all for you, on a phone?

      • frhoward

        Actually it pretty much is for normal drops. Of course if it drops face first thats another story, but I have dropped my one plenty of times luckily on the corners and sides and not once crack, a few dents in the metal which is harly noticeable but not one crack.

        • alexxx

          Ya man, when it happens I just drop my jaw and stare at it, move my hand in slo-mo and go, “WTF”? because every time I exit my car, i drop it on asphalt out of my lap, no case. I got one of those mall Ghost Armor screen protectors, they got really thin and strong, it protects the glass from smashing really well. I thought it was a gimmick – it’s great stuff. Then your One X will be indestructible for sure ;-) be ware of replicas tho

      • alexxx

        Hi, yes I sell many awesome generic China-phones that I also handle sometimes, and find of superior design – that I know for a fact. I go as far as to say indestructible only in comparison with competition and from experience – One X is a masterpiece of design(and still a thing of beauty), it absorbs shock so well with its uni-body, it can last for half a decade without a case being dropped frequently. I know I sound bias, but I only dare to put my face to such extent only when I am convinced beyond any doubt about the certainty of the subject, and here it is again (grab a bucket for this one) I love what HTC has done throughout the past decade for my love towards PDA’s, I mean, I’m talkin’ bout 2004+, it was baffling what they can do with aluminium and plastic, and guess what – it still is. This is beyond childish “my dad has a better car”, beyond competition, they have no competition in my opinion. They live, breed and bleed smartphones as Samsung manufactures half of worlds electronics – THAT’s why Samsung will never, ever pour more passion into a smartphone – HTC simply radiates passion, effort, erase and start over, make perfect! It reminds me of hard work, struggle, and sophistication and high intelligence; its got class – you can not manufacture that – that is what I’m talking about every time, with passion lol. This is what HTC represents, they just don’t realize to market it, it would turn things around fast. Forget marketshare, stocks, and sales, you have personally nothing out of that my friend, and I’ve got so much back from HTC – if anything, I’ve always had the coolest phone ;-) cheers

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      Agreed. HTC makes the best smartphones out there, and drives smartphone innovations.
      The only thing that could help to sell the One, is a good marketing, which will come, because they hired Robert Downey Jr. !

  • I was sold on HTC with my Nexus One. Sadly, I upgraded to the HTC Amaze which vacillates between a great phone and the worst phone I’ve ever owned. It is not reliable and I’ve had to send it to HTC three times for repair and it still is a problem.

    I can’t see buying another HTC product.

    • Guest

      Wow. That’s fucking riveting.

    • Pradeep Viswanathan R

      HTC has learned a lot in 2 years, the world does not crown the HTC One without a reason

      • Ranking a new phone is not the same as ranking the service one gets from HTC.

        The HTC Amaze got excellent ratings, exactly like the HTC One, when it was released. But if you spend 10 seconds and Google ‘HTC Amaze reboot problem’ you will get more than 200,000 results because the phone is a piece of shit and HTC will not step up, admit the problem with the hardware and provide a replacement model or a discount on a different model. It was an expensive phone, I believe their top model and if it worked I would love it.

        And the second time I returned the unusable phone, they sent me a refurbished one that had other problems, such as the micro SD was inaccessible.

        Sorry that this truth hurts people’s feelings. I’m here looking for a decent Android replacement, not to argue with brand-loyalty clones.

        • Pradeep Viswanathan R

          I had an equally frustrating problem with my HTC One X last year and it was sent to the service center more than 3 times. I struggled for 4 months and managed to escalate things in the right way and in the end i was
          contacted by HTC service head of the region and then i was offered a new
          HTC One X+ as a replacement.

          HTC is doing business, it probably cannot step up for every customer who has problems and that’s a separate topic by itself.

          I am not a HTC fan-boy for a fact and i abandoned Sony which i am fan off.

          All i am trying to say is it might be worth to give it another try. Everybody makes mistakes and learns from them.

          • Fair enough. But there are so many people who have the same problem with the Amaze that it should result in a class-action suit.

            The sad thing is that for “look and feel” I think HTC is the best. I can’t see me ever purchasing a Samsung because of the look and feel. But I’m probably headed to LG or the new Moto, or even Red Rice. For now, I’m looking for a stable, $100-ish solution to carry me through until October, when a few more phones are available.

  • End in sight

    Hey, gotta give Microsoft some credit… They are marking some progress in catching up with the next highest competitor… Blackberry.

    Wait, what? That pos firm?

  • Ruz

    Can i see the list of Top10 companies rather than top3?

  • Lee

    Hope Iron Man rescues them.

  • PuzzledObserver

    HTC made a marketing mistake of wasting $10M on endorsement for some actor . Which I don’t know has anything to do with smartphone (Sherlock Holmes and Android ?!?!). Instead of positive advertisement, this looks like clueless marketing.

    HTC should instead pass on these 10M to various contests to reward free HTC to winners with original ideas to promote its product.

    • Andrew Baxendale

      Well, Robert Downey Jr. is a superstar (everyone knows who he is)! Whenever the ads roll out (maybe they already have) with him in them, people will draw their attention towards this man, who is advertising anything. That’s probably why HTC picked him up.

  • Andrew Baxendale

    Yes, HTC can succeed. The Motorola, the closest to passing up HTC, is losing share substantially faster than HTC. with the attention the HTC One is grabbing, its successor will draw even more business. I hope that HTC will once again reign supreme.

  • Alexandana Theng

    I also wanted a HTC One but I hate 4 ultra pixel camera. I will buy it if HTC keep everything from the one but use 16mp (the one used on HTC Titan II) or 12mp (if possible). Do not try to compete Nokia’s pureview camera. In my opinion Nokia is the King of Camera Smartphone.

    HTC also need to learn more about price. All of my friends chose Galaxy S4 because of its specs including 13mp Camera, 5″FHD and removable battery. The price here HTC is more expensive than Galaxy S4 around US$50