September 23, 2009
HTC Tattoo

HTC Tattoo

The FCC has just approved the HTC CLIC100, aka the Tattoo, for use in the United States.  Hooray, you say?  Well, not so fast.  This is the Euro-spec version of the device that supports 3G only on the 900 and 2100MHz bands, not on bands supported by T-Mobile or AT&T.

It is not uncommon for foreign market devices to get FCC approval even if they never show up for sale officially on these shores.  Sometimes it is just done so that people can work with the device legally for R&D or software development purposes.  So don’t get all giddy about the prospect of an inexpensive HTC Android smartphone being available to U.S. consumers any time soon.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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