HTC has canceled several devices they were planning on launching next year

by: ŠtefanDecember 19, 2012

HTC isn’t exactly in great shape. They make good phones, but they don’t make great phones. Ask just about any Android fan whether they’d have a Galaxy S3 or a One X and there’s a good chance you’ll hear the word “Samsung” come out of their lips. The recently launched DNA/Butterfly certainly has people talking about HTC again, but let’s be serious for a second, just because HTC was the first company to launch a 1080p smartphone, that doesn’t mean they’re going to fix all their problems.

According to a new report in DigiTimes, HTC has canceled “a number” of new models that were supposed to come out next year. That obviously means they’re going to focus on fewer products, which is a good thing, right? Bad news, the report goes on to say that HTC has also been reducing their component orders. That’s a nice way of saying HTC expects to sell fewer phones. DigiTimes also says HTC expected Q1 2013 shipments to be 20% to 30% higher than shipments for Q4 2012, but those numbers have now been cut in half to 10% to 15%. Normally companies sell fewer phones in Q1 than they do in Q4, but you have to remember that HTC is a Taiwanese company; Chinese New Year is in February. That’s a huge holiday in that part of the world.

Speaking about China, we know that the Chinese don’t like buying expensive phones, and that’s forcing HTC to change their strategy. Just a few short months ago, back in June, HTC’s CEO told the Wall Street Journal that they weren’t going to sell low end devices. This is no longer the case. DigiTimes says HTC is now competing in the sub 2,000 RMB ($320) market, not because they want to, but because they have to in order to stay alive.

So the obvious question that springs to mind is can HTC turn things around?

Sadly, it’s too early to tell.

  • chris125

    Expects not excepts* may wanna change that in your article

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Where do you see that?

      Update: Found it, fixed it, thanks!

      • gsag

        And it’s early, not earlier haha.

  • cycad007

    Sadly…HTC just doesn’t listen to what their customers want. Can it be any simpler?

    1. SD card slot
    Regardless of what Google thinks, we *WANT* this. I can’t help but think this (and point #2) as the main reasons most rational people would choose to buy a Samsung over an HTC phone.

    2. Removable battery
    HTC…you’re not Apple. Stop trying to apply their design rules to your phones….it doesn’t & hasn’t worked. Concentrate on functionality & practicality! Bring back removable batteries on all your phones! I use my phone a lot and would be more than happy buying/swapping multiple batteries to keep my phone juiced up. Yes, sacrifice “thinness” if you have to. Remember, *FUNCTIONALITY & PRACTICALITY*

    3. A “lighter” HTC Sense (more vanilla Android…which helps with point #4)
    Start with a vanilla Android, add necessary device drivers and the “HTC weather clock” widget. Done! Let Google handle the major OS updates.

    4. Speedy updates to the latest version of Android.
    Guarantee that your phones would be up-to-date for 2 years. Keep your customers updated on your progress! Communication is key here!

    • Ranjith Thiru

      True !

    • Ivan Budiutama

      Agree, Sense in 2.2 is the most beautiful Android UI where Touchwiz is too iPhone inspired to my taste (and I think I am allergic to it) . However with 4.1 forward, the Sense lost its “sense” and becoming too slow and too heavy. I heard they will revamp Sense UI, let’s hope they do right this time

      • Chris

        they already did. Sense 4.

    • Asakura

      i dont care about SD cards i have my aditional media player when i need it, but removable batteries are good because they love to go bad, and this post goes not only to HTC, goes to samsung and other companies too… the fack with the updates? 6 months to take 4.1.2 to the S3? jezus

    • Chris

      Only geeks hate sense or want stock. Just buy a nexus or root. The razr has great battery life and doesnt have a removeable battery. It CAN be done.

      • firby

        then what you do after your battery die ? :)

        I can easily swap batteries. It’s quick, less than 1 minutes.

        No need the hassle of taking queue ticket in service center.
        No need to use replacement phone.
        And I don’t have to worry about my personal data in phone. :)

        • Chris

          Simple. I charge it. My evo LTE lasts all night streaming pandora at work and I think battery health is better with a non removable battery that’s really a gimmik and adds bulk to the phone
          [image: DISQUS]

          firby (unregistered) wrote, in response to Chris:

          then what you do after your battery die ? :)

          I can easily swap batteries. It’s quick, less than 1 minutes.

          No need the hassle of taking queue ticket in service center.
          No need to use replacement phone.
          And I don’t have to worry about my personal data in phone. :)

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    • mclone


      although I still use powerbank on my htc phone even if its battery removable.
      original htc batteries tend to be expensive, 3 times pricier than samsung or lg batteries.
      I only buy new one if the old one really need to be replaced..

  • Tito Burgos

    I love htc phones, great quality, camera and mp3 please. What really irritates me is their crappy battery life, slow updates add-ons the bs One + , one v and everything in between its frustrating.

  • Picton

    I would love hTC to make a Nexus device again or at the very least a vanilla Android phone with amazing specs like they did with the Nexus One. I am sure most people out there like stylish devices however stylish doesn’t have to mean thin. I would be happy if you made the device a few mm thicker and we got 24 hours heavy use out of it. HTC make some amazing phones and while most people including myself bought a Galaxy S3 (for my wife) I did think long and hard about the hTC and the main things that turned me off were previous locked bootloaders, slow to release open source code and very slow updates due to sense. To me the One X is a better phone then the S3 but the lack of support for the Dev community forced my hand when making the decision.

    • Chris

      root or buy a nexus geek

      • Picton

        I did. I now have a Nexus 4 and prior to this I had a Galaxy Nexus, however I think you may have missed my point or perhaps its above your level of understanding. HTC make amazing devices and yet they are still running themselves into the ground. They need to listen to their fans and the entire Android community when we say why we want to see in a phone. If they did that they would make both a device that looks/feels nice and one that is desirable to a wider fan base then jut the core hTC fans.

        • Chris

          having Sense has nothing to do with it. its the lack of advertising. those fans who care about stock have the knowledge to root if they so desire, but it seems they are just getting lazy. (too much mt dew and dorritos i assume)

  • To me the One X is a better phone then the S3 but the lack of support for the Dev community forced my hand..

  • They need to release a HTC/Butterfly + model once the Tegra 4 chip is ready and then they will have a device that could be marketed as the best gaming phone available with games available from the Tegra Zone, Google PlayStore and Playstation Mobile. Bigger battery (doesnt have to be removable) and 64gb of internal memory (no SD Card needed since games cant be moved to SD in JB anyways) and 2gb of RAM. Thats the only way to compete with the Galaxy Note 2 which is great for games but cant play Tegra Games or Playstation Mobile games. I love my Galaxy Note 2 but it would be awesome if I could play more games from those offerings. HTC needs me to run their design department ,Ill turn that place right around ;-) – KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)


    All they have to do to turn things around is release 4 Phones on all carriers. High, Mid ,entry level and one Stock android device. If they pack enough Memory and battery life inside SD and removable battery will not be an issue. iPhone’s have never had these things and they don’t seem to be having an issue selling.

  • Dontae Sledge

    The Evo 4g LTE has an SD card slot and the battery isn’t bad at all.

  • It’s sad to see this… :(
    The last GREAT phone they had was the HTC Desire HD.
    I loved that phone!
    But now? Samsung’s are much better!
    This is so sad!!!!!!!!
    I still prefer HTC over Samsung, but I did got a Galaxy Note 2, because HTC has no good replacement for that. Or for anything else..

  • Steve

    That’s what happens when you rush a phone to market as the top, Thunderbolt, and then abandon your customers leaving them with a buggy annoying phone only to fix it after months of screaming customers, and then never upgrade them. I was suckered into buying a thunderbolt, and have regretted it from the first week of random reboots. I’m honestly happy for once to see a company get punished for mistreating their customers.

  • Lilith_Black

    HTC would be great if:
    1. Get rid of the crappy camera (The “ultrapixels” isn’t working at all)

    2. Allow rooting and complete restore (instead of locking bootloaders or permanently voiding warranty for tripping root flag etc) — This would definitely set it way apart from other flagships.

    3. SD Card Slot

    4. Removable battery or a super long battery life like Sony (Removable batteries are more popular…)

    5. Keep even more closely to stock Android and Implement features that allows more customisability than stock (Customisable softkeys, able to hide softkey in apps that do not support immersive mode, shortcuts to directly swipe for quick settings, quick passcode unlock…)

    6. Wireless charging or magnetic charging port option