New HTC flagship (Butterfly?) shows up in benchmarks with 13MP camera

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 5, 2014
mnri htc butterfly S

The 2013 HTC Butterfly s

A new HTC device spotted in the AnTuTu benchmark database could be the successor of the 2013 Butterfly s.

Bearing the 0PAJ3 code number, this previously unknown smartphone shares many of the core specifications with the freshly launched HTC One M8, with one big difference. The benchmark entry suggests the device will be equipped with a 13MP camera, instead of the 4 UltraPixels unit on the M8, as well as the original One from last year.

htc butterfly 2 antutu

HTC is due to refresh the Butterfly series this summer; the previous iteration, the Butterfly s, debuted in July 2013. While it’s possible that this benchmark entry refers to something else, there’s a relatively good chance we just had a look at the new Butterfly.

The Butterfly s had a 4 UltraPixels camera, so, if our assumption is correct, HTC will go back to a conventional sensor for the new generation, possibly to cut costs.

Other specs revealed are a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor capped at 2.3GHz with an Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of RAM. While the new Snapdragon 805 will be available by mid-year, we think HTC will stick with the 801 for the new Butterfly.

The display will retain the Full HD resolution, though HTC might increase its size (the Butterfly s had a 5-inch SLCD3 screen). The front camera is a 5MP unit, presumably coupled with a wide field lens, just like the one on the M8. Finally, there’s Android 4.4.2 listed as the OS, which is really no surprise.

The Butterfly s had a large 3200 mAh battery, which was quite impressive for a 5-inch device. There’s no mention of battery capacity in the benchmark, but hopefully the new Butterfly won’t disappoint.

HTC sold the Butterfly s mostly in Asian markets, though the original 2012 Butterfly made it to Europe and to the US (sold as Droid DNA).

  • Shark Bait

    Sounds solid, I hope they change the name tough

    • Too girly?

      • Shark Bait

        Totally what happened to the old days of the “HTC sensation s XL mega 36985 with beats”

        • harrold

          Back in the Day when they sounded like condoms :p

          • Shark Bait

            Lol. HTC desire
            HTC ribbed for your pleasure

  • Josh Smith

    If that camera is legit, than that sounds like a winner. We will see. Rumored specs have the M8 Mini sporting a similar camera.

  • Mhmd Ahmd

    If that camera is legit

  • Jarl

    hope it will also keep the front stereo speakers, even if it makes the device slightly larger

  • KillEmAllx

    This sounds actually better than the One M8. Hope it makes it to Europe.

  • MasterMuffin

    I don’t understand the butterfly series. M8 should be their flagship, but few months later they release a plastic phone with better specs?

    • WitnessG

      If only HTC put the 13 MP sensor on the One, it would have been the most perfect smartphone. I can’t even consider buying a phone with a 4 MP/UP camera.

      • MasterMuffin

        Like I said before, a dream phone would be HTC M8 GPE without the crazy bezel, weird power button placement and with Galaxy S5’s camera (and maybe S5’s screen and bigger battery)

        • WitnessG

          I agree with all of that.

        • Jesus

          An HTC M8 GPE… that has the same features as a Nexus 5, yet costs hundreds more… is a dream phone?

          • MasterMuffin

            I didn’t say anything about the price. Same features?? I thought Jesus can heal blind people, I guess he can’t do it to himself :D

          • Jesus

            It’s a GPE phone, not the HTC version… So yes, same features.

          • MasterMuffin

            Oh you ment software. It’s almost same, but it has some stuff still like boomsound, the thing it does with the 2 cameras, swipe or double tap to unlock etc. (GPE isn’t completely stock, it still has the frameworks). And just look at that hardware

        • THatch

          I would say perfect phone is the s5 or note, with htc one build quality.

      • Shark Bait

        Totally ruins it yes, it was almost acceptable last year, but totally inexcusable this year. A good dual lense camera and this could have smashed the competition……….maybe they just don’t want to succeed

    • chaki-

      Master, Muffin, Sir, if i may humbly say…..usual 2013-ish specs with a big price tag :D

      • MasterMuffin

        Agreed, but still better than what M8 has!

        • richard dillon

          do u own a m8?

          • BenGezarit

            Man can you say anything new???????

    • mrjayviper

      it’s for a different market. maybe the market where the butterfly sells don’t get the M8?

  • j7981

    They should make one more phone – with a (much) better name and no Beats Audio crap.

  • Don’t get your hopes too much up – the cameras might actually be a 5MP Ultrapixel sensor on the back and a 13MP one on the front. :P

  • Luka Mlinar

    As long s it’s not another phablet. Ge got enough of those.

  • Mark Gardner

    There is nothing wrong with the camera on the M7 or M8. They both take beautiful pics. Stop complaining about something that you know nothing about. You are simply repeating what you have heard from reviews or from others.

    • Jesus

      We know nothing about it? I think we know what 4MP means… 4MP = forget cropping / zooming.

      • Mark Gardner

        Yes, you understand what 4mp means, but what does your eyes tell you when you look at a picture taken by either the M7 or M8? When I look at the pics, they are very good pics. I’ve compared them side by side to all of the top phones out and the best pics beside of the M7 and M8 comes from LG G2 and the Note 3. IPhone 5S looks horrible, galaxy s4 looks good. But the UltraPixel technology allows for bigger pixels that allow more light into the picture. Unless you’re trying to blow the pic up to poster size they are very good pics. If you want to blow them up to poster size then you should go with another phone.

        • Sean Karpa

          I have to disagree. As I use both the iPhone 5 and HTC One m8, I have to give the better overall camera to the iPhone 5. The exception is that the HTC takes much better night pictures. The HTC One can tend to over-expose some pictures as well as even moderate zoning results in sub-par quality.

          • Mark Gardner

            That’s your opinion and your preference. I do respect that, but like you…I respectively disagree. Here’s a very well, unbiased review of the cameras on the iPhone 5s and the HTC One M8

            HTC One (M8) vs. iPhone 5s – Ultimate Camera Comp…:

          • thelastguyX20

            Just accept that you’re a fanboy and call it a day. If HTC were smart, they could have doubled their “ultra pixels” to a reasonable 8 up or get rid of the whole dumb idea in general and could have won a lot more hearts instead of just a few people like you.

            Now it’s just a crummy night shot creeper cam with dslr effects to show off you creeper shots on Instagram.

          • Mark Gardner

            I’ll stop being a “fanboy” (great original term there buddy) when they give me a reason too. Stop being a hater. I posted a very good unbiased review between the IPhone 5S and HTC ONE M8 cameras. It shows how competitive the M8’s camera is compared to one of the cameras that you refer to. Check It out.

            HTC One (M8) vs. iPhone 5s – Ultimate Camera Comp…:

          • Tjoe

            By the way you have been commenting…i highly doubt your review is unbiased…you agree that you’re a fanboy yourself. How can you call this unbiased?

          • Mark Gardner

            Muthaficka I didn’t do the review. This is a review that someone that does these types of reviews puts on YouTube all the time. Did you even watch the review? I’m talking like I am because I’m tired of people like you spreading falsehoods about a good product.

          • Jesus

            loool… Calm down. You’re the prime example of a fanboy.

            Winners here are the corporations, and no one gives a f about you man!

          • Mark Gardner

            you’re commenting on the review, calling it my review. You obviously didn’t watch the review or you would’ve known that it wasn’t mine. stop acting like you’re explaining something to me that I don’t already understand.
            Like I said, I go to the carrier stores and compare ALL the phones side by side. I watch face off comparisons of phones. All of those things. I choose which phone I want that way. When I find one that fits what my needs are, I go with that one. When I chose the HTC One, my other choices were Galaxy S4, Note 3 and LG G2. The One seemed like more of a premium device to me. It just bothers me to see people just straight trying to shit on all aspects of a phone that i use everyday and know is a good phone. If I had a Galaxy series phone, it would be the same thing I’m sure. But you are just trying to bury the One for some reason.

          • Jesus

            “…trying to bury the One for some reason…”

            So far, we can tell that:

            1. You haven’t read anything I’ve written… which clearly explains why I think the M8 is a ripoff. I am not trying to ‘bury’ it, but I’m just posting my opinion, based on specs and facts, that the M8 is a ripoff when compared to the competition.

            2. You need to take a step back, relax, and realise that we are all consumers. Winners here are corporations.

            No need for your fanboy sh!t, grow up.

          • Mark Gardner

            you are the one that needs to calm down. You’re the one staying up throughout the night to argue about this. You said that you base your comments and opinions on specs. I base my opinion and comments on the eye test. When I actually put a phone in my hand and see what it does. That’s what I base my opinion on. I also base my opinion on the facts. Those facts are that experts in the industry have chosen this phone time and time again as best of the best. Whether that be design, or just the best smartphone. And if any of you say that that does not matter. That winning the awards does not matter, then you are full of crap. And you are the definition of a hater. If the phone that you have in your hand was winning award after award then you would be singing a different tune. But your Nexus 5 was on the bottom of the list of your blind photo test. So I can see why you are butt hurt. We are beating a dead horse here. We could argue this every single day for the next year and neither one of us are going to give an inch. You chose the phone that best fits you(obviously based on your budget) and I chose the phone that best fits me. Nothing more to it. There is no fanboys shit. I am a fanboy of all of this smartphone technology bitch.

          • Mark Gardner

            yes I am a fan boy. I’m a fanboy of watching you argue a losing battle.

          • Sean Karpa

            I congratulate your maturity in arguing and your respect for my opinion. I respect yours. We can agree to disagree. I will go by my experience though. I find I can not zoom on a picture (not high enough quality) and that in bright bright settings, my iPhone 5 takes a better picture. But it is engineering in the real world. There is no one size fits all. It is a great phone and I will either keep it or give it to my girlfriend. I see us going back to the iPhone in the near future though. Glad to help a company like HTC though, not a fan of a Apple vs Samsung world.

          • Thanks for posting Mark. Surprisingly, the HTC One pictures do look better, in my opinion.

        • Jesus

          Yes you understand what “Ultrapixel” technology means… And yes, the photos aren’t bad. But compare the technology with other flagships, and it’s not a big deal.

          Just have a look at the results of BLIND TESTS, like on this website. The M8 is rated LOWER than even the Galaxy S4.

          Compare the M8’s shots with the Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2, Optimus G3… and the ‘advantage’ of Ultrapixel technology – better low light photos – becomes negligible.

          The other flagships are capable of very good low light photos too, even with higher resolutions. “Ultrapixel” simply doesn’t stand next to other flagship phone techonologies, like from Samsung, Sony and LG.

          • Mark Gardner

            If you want to call it negligible, then all of this is negligible. Because the HTC One M7 won pretty much every award there was to win for smartphones and the HTC One M8 is going to do the same thing this year. Smartphone of the year for 2013 and 2014. Get used to it.

          • Jesus

            Get used to it? Come on Mark, stop being a fanboy (I don’t care what they won!) and think with your head. Lets be logical.

            I recall the HTC One (M7) winning the Red Dot award for its design, and GSM Arena’s 2014 Phone of the Year. The Sammy Galaxy S4 won their Phone of the Year for 2013, and their S3 won for 2012… or was it Phone Arena? Something like that. But nevermind that, what was your point?

            Lets have a look at the M8, vs the Galaxy S5… IP67 water/dust resistant, Touchwiz features (multi window, blocking mode, AMOLED, ultra saving mode…), removable battery, 16MP camera with ISOCELL.

            M8 vs the Z2: Z2 is IP58 certified; M8 is not certified at all. 21MP Sony camera.

            M8 vs all: front facing dual speakers. Metal. Not much features, but still costs roughly the same as the above two.

            And yes, this “Ultrapixel” feature is negligible compared to today’s flagships. You also CANNOT call ‘all of this’ negligible, because 4MP is nowhere near say, 16MP or 21MP, come on man….

          • Mark Gardner

            greagreagreatgreatvgreatvgreatvfgreatvfegreatvfeagreatvfeatgreatvfeatugreatvfeaturgreatvfeaturegreatvfeatureOf course you don’t care what they won. I’ll be a fanboy until they do something to make me, and you can continue being a hater. Nobody is buying the Z2. Its not even in the conversation. You’ve got galaxy note 3, galaxy s4/s5, LG G2/LG G3, HTC M7/M8, iPhone 5S…..
            M8 is water resistant, has extreme power saving mode, etc etc…..all of that is great. All of those features are great and each phone has its own great features, so it’s hard to compare all of that. And the removable battery is way overrated! IPhone doesn’t have a removable battery and it’s been one of the top smartphones consistently year after year. BlinkFeed is a great feature, Zoe is a great feature, the HTC ONE pic highlights are second to none. Nobody even has anything that comes close to that. So you see the features are all great, but unless every phone has the EXACT same features its hard to compare that. The galaxy’s multi tasking is a GREAT feature that I wish HTC had, but there are apps to get for that. It’s all preference. You have yours, I have mine. Mine works perfect for what i need it for. And I assume yours does the same for you.

          • Jesus

            How the heck am I being a hater? I’ve gotta be a FANBOY to be a hater…

            You’re the self admitting fanboy, making YOU the hater.

            “M8 is water resistant” It’s not. IP certification is the difference between taking your phone to the beach for underwater camera shots, or leaving it in your back just in case it ‘breaks’. The other flagships (Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2) ARE IP certified; the HTC One M8 is NOT. If you say that it is water resistant, then so is the Moto G, Galaxy S3, and pretty much all phones that can survive being underwater…. but like I said, there’s no assurance without an IP certification.

            Removable battery is a good thing – It’s a choice. You talk about the iPhone not having a removable battery, but still being one of the top smartphones. The Galaxy S series do have removable batteries and are also one of the top smartphones, so your argument fails there.

            BlinkFeed is lame, no need for it, but I do like Zoe on the HTCs. But Zoe’s not a game changer like Multi Window . You say that there are apps for multi tasking… what are these?? Find one that works as good as Samsung’s, and I’ll be happy. There are none, even with custom roms.

          • Mark Gardner

            Multitasking pro in the Play Store. And your response to my comment about iPhone not having a removable battery is a fail. Everybody knows that the galaxy series phones have a removable battery, you’re not shedding light on something we don’t already know about. Besides ….how many times a day do you change the battery on your phone? I don’t want to carry an extra battery with me. that’s crazy.

          • Jesus

            If Battery’s not an issue for you, then why did you even bring up the comparison of the iPhone? That’s the real fail here.

            And thanks for Multitasking Pro. Just tried it, but it’s not as elegant as Samsung’s… and it’s laggy, uses its own random browser, unusable on my Nexus.

          • Mark Gardner
          • Jesus

            Yes I’ve seen that. The Moto G can also do this… =/ Neither are certified, and therefore you *shouldn’t* take it to the beach.

          • Mark Gardner

            Blinkfeed is definitely not lame. And I’m not taking my phone deep sea diving, I don’t care what phone I have. The best phone as far as being water resistant is not selling worth a crap anyway. So it’s not even a big selling point.

          • Jesus

            No blinkfeed is pretty lame. And I don’t understand when you say, “The best phone as far as being water resistant is not selling worth a crap anyway”

          • chaki-

            Lot of movies won Oscars. But that doesn’t mean they are good.
            You can have all the prizes you want, but overall daily usage and feel makes the magic.
            And i personally don’t like the idea of down scrolling wit three row icons and bad battery as hell.

  • Heisenberg

    M8 would have been the perfect phone if it weren’t for the poor camera & bottom bezels.

    • Adrian Remus

      U wot M8? :D

      • Heisenberg

        No, me wot Not 4.

  • richard dillon

    with all this conversation going on i wonder who all own the HTC M8? For one im not a photographer i cud care less about a camera, I aslo own a htc butterfly s 901s the taiwan and asia flagship not the USA. The idea is HTC makes phone for the USA market because of carriers but in reality their market is not the USA. Butterfly brand is not for USA unless a carrier ask for it like DNA on Verizon. My butterfly s have a 3200 mah battery and my htc m8 battery has the same amount of time or little less in usage, which means it dont matter how big a battery is but how the system is optimized to save battery. I ever wanted a metal phone and samsung is not my brand i dont have nothing against samsung but i cant criticise something i never owned which i see plenty ppl do. Never talk bout things you dont know

    • Bob Slate

      Ya man, you tell it right the story.
      We are the blind poor humans who never can afford M8. Why do you think that no one has idea about that poor performance that HTC is keeping?

      • richard dillon

        A camera is all ppl complain about which I don’t buy a phone to use a camera

        • chaki-

          Yeah you buy a piece of metal that can recieve calls and sms? I have owned some HTC back in the day. And i got to tell you after sense 5 everything is crap. Butterfly or DNA was the last good thing except the battery of course.

  • Mark Washington

    13 mp doesnt equal better camera!

  • pointbreak

    desire 816 international version?

  • xd feng

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  • benvoliocoo

    So is this actually the HTC E8?