HTC’s BoomSound

by: Nate SwannerApril 18, 2013


HTC has always been big on audio, going so far as to purchase a controlling interest in Beats a few years back. With that purchase, they hoped that mobile audio performance was a big deal to us, and were hedging bets on the future. Well, it really wasn’t as important as HTC hoped. Sure, we like a good sound coming from our device, but it just wasn’t paramount, as HTC found with their failed Rezound device.

Though they have had a few setbacks, HTC continues to lead the way in mobile audio. Be it YouTube or music, we love great mobile sound. With the HTC One, the device manufacturer hopes to strike a chord with their dual front-facing speakers, called BoomSound.

It’s slightly brilliant, really. It can be quite annoying to cup your hand, or depend on a solid surface, to reverberate sound from the back of a device. If the speakers are facing forward, like the screen is, the audio volume is much better. With two speakers, and built-in amplifiers, the quality should be great as well.

Does it really make a difference? We think so. Our Kristopher Wouk called them the “best speakers I’ve ever heard on a phone”. That’s high praise.

For more info on the HTC One, including BoomSound, check out our review, as well as the video below

  • Skripka

    If HTC actually cared about being “big on audio” they NEVER would have bought into the Beats B.S. It is that simple. There’s a reason why anyone who knows anything about audio laughs whenever they see a tonedeaf teenage hipster struttering around with their overpriced Beats headphones…because they sound awful, and are overpriced by at least a factor of 2 for what they put out.

    HTC wasn’t serious about audio…they were serious about trying to be trendy with everyone else capturing the tonedeaf teenager crowd who will buy anything so long as they see a sports star wearing it.

    • jimmyz

      You don’t work for Samsung by any chance do you?

      • Skripka

        Well duh, of course…because to think Beats audio hardware/software is crap, like it actually is, automatically means by necessity that I’m a shill for Samsung.

        Good grief.

        • jimmyz

          Oh take a joke once in a while

        • jimmyz

          Sure sounds like it, maybe you should get some beats headphones to actually hear yourself. That might help.

    • Well you know what a teenager walking around with a one x is better than a teenager walking around with an iphone

    • bob

      Have to agree and disagree with you there man. One reason I agree is the fact that Beats By Dre are the most overpriced headphones I’ve ever put on my head. For $300 you can get such better quality headphones.. Personally I own V-moda 100’s and they are f’n amazing. Like you said it’s sad that people think the Beats by Dre are good just because sports players wear them all the time which gains them popularity. It’s also hilarious that my friends all have those headphones and think they are amazing… God they know nothing. Anyway, with all that being said I disagree on the fact that they have their name one the HTC one. What really matters are the drivers they use in the speakers to make that “boom sound” also you have to agree that since this addition is “FREE” you can’t really complain they are in the headphones. Also, since the Beats By Dre are extremely popular to the general public it’s a win/win for the company. I would be just as upset if they charged even an extra $50 because they were part of the phone but since it’s free… You can’t be mad about it.

  • volt

    will give it a try when htc one available in my country, though I won’t get my hopes up.

    still prefer my old sony ericsson or nokia express music, classic phone with well-proven quality speaker for loud music..

  • Joe

    The Resound is an excellent phone. Beats technology is not a gimmick. A little overpriced, but not a gimmick. They sound absolutely excellent.