HTC teases “big things ahead”, Robert Downey Jr waiting for his cue

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 6, 2013

htc generator

We know from several reports the One Max is coming this fall, probably in early September, so now would be about the best time for HTC to start teasing it. Right on cue, HTC kicked off an online campaign that promises some “big things ahead”.

First, HTC put up a rather cryptic animation on Vine along with the #HTChange hashtag, and now the Taiwanese company started what appears to be phase two of the campaign. Go to and you’ll be welcome by the “HTC Generator”, an app that generates random word combinations that start with the letters H,T, and C.

Some random examples that I got include “Hipster Turning Camel” and “Handy Troll Charizard”. Click enough times and you will be shown this video, which seems to be the full version of the Vine from yesterday:

Okay, is that Robert Downey Jr? It sure looks so. We’ll remind you that the Iron Man star reportedly signed a $12 million deal with HTC, that will seem him promoting the One and other devices in all kind of ads.

Taking a page from the competitors’ handbook, the “big things ahead” could be a not-so-subtle hint at a rather big device that is coming from HTC, which can only be the One Max.

But what about the HTC Generator? Our best guess is that HTC is preparing the public for a new slogan – “Here’s To Change” looks like a good candidate.

The first image of the HTC One Max has just leaked yesterday, giving us a slight déjà vu feeling. The One Max looks exactly like a flattened out HTC One, but honestly, that’s not too shabby, considering how sleek the aluminum flagship looks and feels.

We’ll keep you posted with any future marketing stunts from HTC and/or Mr. Stark. We have a feeling a lot more is coming.

  • Tamadrummer94

    I normally don’t notice these things, but that’s a very effeminate walk…

    Slogan is pretty decent, and the generator looks pretty cool. Hopefully they keep RDJ’s charisma and sarcasm.

    • mb3productions

      I was there (at the shoot) and all I can say is there’s much more, it’s going to be unique, and Downey is ‘himself’ in these spots. :-)

  • OMGgary

    Had The Crown
    Heeded The Clowns
    Hard Times Came
    Huawei Took Control

    • MasterMuffin

      Huawei took control, good that HTC acknowledges that :D

  • Ivan Myring

    Hump the cook
    Have the crack
    Hairy tight c*nt

  • MasterMuffin

    Do people really buy a phone because a celebrity is advertising it? That’s just sad, make clever and funny ads, saves money and does the same job!