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When Samsung officially took the wraps off the Samsung Galaxy S4 at its recently concluded media event in New York’s Radio City Music Hall, Android fans weren’t the only ones watching. HTC President Jason MacKenzie saw what went down at the Galaxy S4 launch, and in the end, he said he felt bad for his company’s Korea-based competitor.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch was riddled with theatrics. Each and every single one of the phone’s major hardware and software features got highlighted in skits that were performed à la Broadway productions. However, despite the flashy — and at times cheesy — demonstrations, HTC’s MacKenzie was not impressed.

In a recently published news article on CNET, MacKenzie was quoted as saying, “I went from laughing to actually feeling embarrassed at some of the acting.” He was no doubt referring to the way that Samsung decided to emphasize certain Galaxy S4 features through short hypothetical scenarios.

MacKenzie continued, “Watching the presentation, it looks like they invested a lot in marketing instead of innovation.”

Samsung Telecommunication America’s director of marketing, Ryan Bidan, offered a rather friendly retort. “Everybody is entitled to their opinion,” he said.

No one can really fault HTC for taking a jab at one of its biggest competitors right now in the smartphone market. As the saying goes, talk is cheap. All that’s left now is for its own flagship offering, the Android-powered HTC One, to finally come out so that the world can actually see how far it can go when competing in terms of actual, real world sales.

David Gonzales
David is a mobile computer geek who firmly believes that in order to stay healthy, one needs to eat daily doses of gadgets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Join him as he indulges his passion for technology and fascination with all things Android.
  • RarestName

    I agree. They should instead be more serious and mirror the phone’s display to the screens and show the features live.

  • sdasd

    HTC you lack “removable battery” and “mSD card slot”. You don’t even try to be innovative or never have been innovative so stfu.

    • James

      sda, you’re so out of it. lol

    • TCATT

      Not true, the first Android phone was and HTC phone as was the first Windows 8 phone.

    • Eridon Gottlieb

      If you think about it, who needs 128GB’s of storage? It all sounds nice and would be nice to know my phone can expand to that, but at the end its not necessary. If you want a phone that can expand its storage capacity then the One isn’t for you. Okay, it would suck that if you were having battery issues you’d have to take the whole phone in to “Get a new Battery” but I’d rather have my phone fall and everything be intact then have a S IV and if it fell the battery would fall out.

    • Uffe_Malmo

      Who cares except some kids that fill their phones with pirated software. I don’t even store Music on my phone anymore as everything gets streamed.

  • asakura

    S4 was a presentation of gimmicks not innovation, and that’s sad.

    • Don’t like it ?

      Don’t buy it , simple

      I my self like it a lot

      And I hate to see haters like you everywhere on the Internet trolling Samsung devices

      • asakura

        bad at reading? i do hate samsung because of they practices with android, (basicaly ditching the android brand and re-branding android features as theirs and that’s LOW kinda appleish), but my opinion was honest, most of the “features” are gimmicks, hover touch, dual camera, nothing amusing, at least htc one have dual speakers and sound great and for me that’s good for games and some material, like youtube.

        btw i have an nexus 4, love the phone, its beautiful, shiny yet elegant, and its the same form factor of the last 2 nexus devices, if its not broken why change it? samsung did this with the s3 to s4 and i dont like that shape but its my opinion.

        you are a hater you hated me without knowing shit in comparasion , i’m a geek

        • beci

          Asakura maybe you are child. The phone I will buy for working on it and not becouse of watching youtube.
          In my opinion the Samsung is the best phone for humans who have to work on phone. Its mini Computer.

          • asakura

            David M Whittley Sony had it first this hovering touch thingy been mentioned a many times here and other places, samsung just market it better use google u know, and no i know htc dual speakers its not new, but kinda not really used by many, but the execution this time is worth of praise , it will find its niche. if you niche is the hover touch fine good for you, i find that gimicky but hey thats me!

            beci straw, i love straw, im 23, systems auditor student, i know my stuff thanks , i love my gadgets to be useful for what i need , when i need it, if not fails its propose. anyways you sound like a samsheep though.

          • taz89

            Sony showed hover touch on solo in a small way but nowhere anything like what the s4 can do with it

          • cycad007

            Do you really buy phones for “work”? Seriously?! Most people buy phones for to take pictures, watching YouTube, play games, sending messages, chatting on Skype, etc..

            Work is probably one of the *LAST* things I want to do on my phone. If I need to do real work, I use my laptop or desktop computer.

          • beci

            Cycaid im totally different person. For playing games I use playstation, to take proffesional pictures ore videos I use Camcorder. So, the smartphone i like becouse of reading sport, newspapers or books, I use it for work to read the Emails, G-mails and to ordinate from web sites. And for me convenient an Samsung becouse for now its the best. I hope filled mind. Ciao arrividerci.

          • Nevi_me

            Work is at the top of the list of things I’m buying my next phone for. I send messages to colleagues, I ‘chat’ on Skype/Lync with colleagues when I’m not working from the office. I take pictures when I’m at client presentations … I wanna be able to make some edits to documents (albeit on a small screen) on my phone when the emergency arises, and hook it to the projectors if I need to present something …

            I could carry a tablet around for those things, but if a phone will do them well and fit in my pocket, sure thing :), and it’s not very gimmicky these days to make a presentation from a phone.

            “Work” isn’t confined to sitting in the office on a desk all day

        • David M Whittley

          Is the hover touch not innovative? Have you seen it anywhere else? Stereo speakers wow that’s ground breaking ;-) I’m not trying to pick a fight but is it not just enough to say “It’s not for me”. I personally the HTC One is very attractive as is the Nokia 920. I however kept hold of my Galaxy S until something with that little extra came along. Which in my opinion did not happen until Samsung launched the Note II with the S-Pen.
          If another company had done it I would probably have changed brand in the blink of an eye.

  • M.Beg

    HTC so 3 years ago, plastic fantastic Samsung so last year

  • adi132

    HTC is just envious because HTC can’t compete with Samsung lol

    • cycad007

      I disagree. If HTC adds a removable battery & microSD slot….I think a lot of customers would jump to HTC. Its really just too bad HTC (like Apple) is too narrow minded with their design decisions rather than listening to their customers

      • Nevi_me

        Agreed, but until they add the battery and microSD, pity they’re not adding those, and people ain’t buying their devices

      • as

        #cycad007, remember about marketing HTC has horrible marketing. Horrible enough to sell less devices than samsung. compete with that.

  • brady

    I think Samsung knows that people want aluminum/glass/beautiful phones that break, so they make plastic phones that are durable. They know people want 8 cores to play on Facebook and Instagram, so they’re focusing on software features more than anything else. And how do you market software features? Give actual examples of how it can be utilized in everyday life. The launch was very theatric bc that’s how korean people are. They look at everything artistically. People are freaking out cuz Samsung is trying to go into a new direction. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy one. And I’m not even a huge Samsung fanboy type person.

    • brady

      its gonna take Samsung a while to convince people that the hardware on a phone is slowly but surely becoming borderline unimportant

      • Nevi_me

        A lot of people (except us die-hard fans on the forums and comments) normally don’t even know half of the things their phones can do. That’s one of the reasons why Apple can market something simple and outdated as ‘revolutionary’.

        I could defend Samsung for focusing on the ‘gimmicky’ features because if I know that S4 uses Android, and I know what ‘octacore’ is; I can probably find out the rest of the specs myself. So Samsung shouldn’t be focusing on telling ‘average Joe’ that the phone has a barometer, humidity sensor etc, but tell him what this means for him

        • brady

          That’s exactly right. If Apple would have had this same Keynote, people would be salivating at how “brilliant” it was. I just don’t understand my generation anymore. I just am going to like what I like and consider every other person a fool. =)

    • Sal

      Well said Brady.

  • And just to give a response on a level that HTC might understand: “Apple and HTC sitting in a tree…”

  • ryq24

    Htc should then follow Samsung and do something about their marketing strategy. Htc make great phones both in design and quality but sucks big time in marketing. Also, the lack of sd card slot is also a big factor!

  • taz89

    Other than design which HTC clearly wins everything else is similar or better on the s4 manages to fit ina bigger 5″ sscreen, bigger battery. Removable storage and battery in phones that’s smaller than the HTC one.Imo thats more innovative than anything else… Just but changing a design doesn’t make you innovative andits not like HTC have a choice as there past designs have been selling poor so they have to change.

    • zero_be

      Actually the S4 is bigger than the One and screen space is sacrificed for dual speakers and higher dpi. But if you look at the DNA or Butterfly they are the same size as the One and also have 5″ screen. Removable storage is not relevant anymore because now we have 32 and 64 GB but that’s just me and I can see how removable battery will be selling point for many but other than that everything will be disabled by most users.

  • Sal

    HTC High Tech Crap. No removable battery and msd card slot. Yet they whine and poke fun at other compeitors who actually put a lot of effort into thier devices.

  • adding a removable battery/microSD is not innovation!!!!!!!!