HTC announces unimpressive trio of ICS smartphones bound for the Chinese market

by: Mike AndriciApril 15, 2012
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Although HTC previously announced that they will release fewer smartphones in 2012 and focus on the quality of the handsets instead — a vision that should be shared by all OEM’s, as I’m sure you’ll agree — it looks like the Taiwanese manufacturer is still pouring one Android smartphone after the other in various markets. While earlier today Bams told you about the HTC Golf (judging by the leaked specs and pics, the Golf will be a lot like a ‘mini’ version of the HTC One S), now I’m here to report on a trio of smartphones that HTC plans to release in China by the end of the month.

Commercialized as the HTC VT T328t, HTC VC T328d, and HTC V T328w (dull names, right?), all three handsets are part of the HTC Desire series and will run the latest version of Android, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately for HTC fans in China, that’s the only item in the ‘specs we like’ list. Despite having different designs, all three smartphones feature roughly the same specs, such as a 1GHz single-core processor, 4-inch S-LCD WVGA display, 512 MB of RAM, 5MP camera and 4GB of internal storage space (expandable via the MicroSD card support). Oh, and that over appreciated EQ known as Beats Audio processing is included as well. Notably, only the HTC VC T328d, and HTC V T328w will feature dual-SIM support.

The exact pricing is known only for the T328w model (1,999 yuan = 318$), but considering that the three handsets are very much alike, I wouldn’t expect big pricing differences between them. As you probably guessed it by now, these three unimpressive HTC smartphones will probably be launched exclusively for the Chinese market. Do you find any reasons to be envious? Drop us a line in the comment section below and let us know!

  • Bethtwit

    boo to htc. change your logo – you are ugly
    change your parts – they are cheap
    change your people – they are stupid

    • Produs


      • Yoyo

        What a shame you couldn’t even spell it right idiot.

  • massive market

    poor article…these handsets are heading to China where a lot of people can’t afford a pot to piss in let alone a quad core beast. These cheap, but still nice phones will do very well there. They have Android 4… , most Android phones here in the UK shops don’t run that! That’s why I’ll always buy nexus…the latest galaxy nexus cost me £520…I don’t know what that is in $…but it’s probably twice what these Htcs are.