HTC announce Android 2.1 for GSM Hero, June 4th

by: James TromansJune 4, 2010
GSM Hero Android 2.1

GSM Hero Android 2.1

The word is out. The Android 2.1 update for the GSM variant of the HTC Hero will start hitting handsets some time today, June 4th. If you have had a CDMA version then you may have had the Android 2.1 update sometime over the last month providing you live in the US. This would include the Droid Eris and Sprint Hero devices.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is little known regarding the release of Android 2.1 for the Hero within Europe. Indeed, at the moment this progress is limited to the Western side of the pond. We’ll certainly keep a eye on what’s going on here. If the update were to hit Europe it would go quite some way in relieving the fragmentation issues that we are witnessing with regards to so many different Android versions.

  • James

    Is this the actual 2.1 update, or the pre-requisite to prepare the hero for the 2.1 update. I think it will be the pre-requisite, and the full update will arrive in the second half of the month… That is if HTC are to be believed, which history shows as not!