HTC: no, that is not an upcoming Android Wear device in our video

by: Edgar CervantesJuly 23, 2014


Rumors and a leaked render suggested HTC was getting ready to announce an Android Wear device. Things got even more heated when we saw a similar product show up in an official video, but HTC has come out and squished all our hopes and dreams.

“HTC encourages our design team to explore and tinker with new ideas and even models, as is the case with the watch some viewers noticed in our recent HTC Design video. It in no way indicates an actual product HTC is planning to release.”

HTC’s official statement on the matter is a bit odd. The company seems to be giving us the press talk. Also, are they really telling us their design team is just creating products that they don’t even plan on possibly taking to the market? Seems a bit odd, but we won’t judge them.

htc smartwatch leak design video

We are here to bring facts, and HTC happens to be one of the partners Google announced when unveiling Android Wear. Not to mention, the video did show what seemed like an Android Wear device sitting in a desk. This means it’s probably past the design stages.

It’s definitely not the first time HTC has denied a product’s existence (only to see it being announced weeks later), but we could definitely be seeing something that won’t come to market. Whether this smart watch will make it to store shelves or not, we can probably expect something similar to come from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

  • I think that by the statement what we saw as in what the watch looks like they won’t release instead something that maybe looks nothing like it or has other Design aspects.

  • MasterMuffin

    Now that we have an official statement that it’s not coming, it is coming!

    • Allanitomwesh

      indeed,DeNial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

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