HTC Android 5.0 Lollipop update timetable

by: Robert TriggsOctober 20, 2014

HTC Desire Eye Hands On Color VS -9

HTC has already announced plans to update its flagship HTC One (M7) and (M8) handsets to Android Lollipop within 90 days of the official release, but we have been left wondering when or if the company’s wider selection of smartphones will also receive the Android 5.0 treatment.

The latest source suggests that HTC will indeed be brining Lollipop to most of its new handsets and will likely pack its new Eye Experience software in with the update, although not all features will be available on every device. The follow list might be subject to change, as handsets are apparently still under evaluation.

  • The HTC One (M7) and (M8) remain the first in line for the update. GPE versions of the handsets will receive an update in late November-December, as expected, and Sense based versions will see an update in January-February.
  • The January to March contains a host of HTC devices. Lollipop should arrive for the Desire EYE, One (M8) Dual SIM, One (M7) Dual SIM, One (E8), One (E8) Dual SIM, and Butterfly 2 in this period.
  • HTC’s One Mini 2 and Desire 816 will follow later, with an update expected in the March-April time frame.
  • Lastly, the One Max, One Mini, and Butterfly S are in line for Lollipop somewhere between March and May next year.

Oddly, HTC’s newly announced 64-bit Desire 820 appears to be left off the list. This and HTC’s MediaTek processor powered handsets are still under evaluation, according to the source, and may or may not receive an update.

If you’re curious about which others smartphones will be receiving Lollipop, be sure to check out our list of the most recent information.

  • crutchcorn

    Well hey, at lease we got OEMs trying to update this stuff!

    • Jishnu Viswanath

      It’s there extreme customisation that created the problem.. they should not be trying.. they should be doing it :D

      • John Johnson

        The update isn’t even available for Nexus devices yet. Sheesh, peeps – let’s give them at least 15 days before you line up the firing squad??

      • crutchcorn

        True true!

  • noel kait

    This furthers my argument that buying a device that’s mediatek that isn’t from the android one program is a extremely bad idea.

    • Andy

      Mediatek sucks.

    • Chris

      Buying from mediatek is a extremely bad idea

      • Kasi Viswanathan

        sluggish slow it is than

      • Andy

        Most of the cloned sets are powered by Mediatek. Worse, Mediatek don’t want to release any source codes, and making developers’ life harder. If you want the source code, you’ve to buy from MTK. Actually, it’s extremely good that Android One is powered by MTK. It’s a wake up call for MTK.

        • Mike Reid

          For the kernel at least, there was a surprising amount of Mediatek source code released due to Googles’ Android One kernel release recently.

          Still, Mediatek (and every other OEM, so no difference) keeps Android HAL source code to themselves, except for AOSP/Nexus (but not GPE).

          AND, Android One (above the kernel line) is now looking like it’s closed source.

          AND, Mediatek still sucks unless your over-riding goal is low, low pricing.

    • R_adek

      and mine to finally switch to GPE, I think

  • Kwetsima Maluleke

    90 days? Shit that’s long

    • David Onter

      Not really for devices which don’t have Stock-Android :)

    • John Johnson

      November is 11 days away.

      It hasn’t even hit Nexus devices yet.

      Want to hold off on the hate maybe until there’s actually something to hate on?

    • Andy

      You should be happy that HTC and Crapsung is updating their devices. Look at Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo, and other China brands. They are very happy and contented with JellyBean 4.2.2 and don’t seem to have plans to update them. As Entropy512’s saying, if you want the fastest update, buy a Nexus or Sony. I’ll add in Motorola, Oppo and OnePlus.

      • Tav

        Sony! ……. Fast updates? This for real?

        • Andy

          Not to say fastest update. Sony is very co-operative with custom ROM community, to be honest.

      • EasyCare

        Xiaomi updates their own phone every Friday. Just minor updates like few improvements but bug fixes, but in my opinion they are respectable for updating their phone so I guess they’ll get Lollipop eventually.

    • Akil

      Pffft, mine is coming next year April to May soooo…….

    • Kek

      Still better than waiting half a year to a year for kitkat for other phones.

    • Michael Detwiler

      When you live your life like a microwave. Be patient..more like a crock pot. Be mature.

  • Chris

    I was hoping sooner… By then android 5.1/5.5/6.0 will be out or at least announced

    • David Onter


    • Aŋŏnyṁoṹs Ħaķĉeŗ

      Umm, That’s actually pretty good compared to other phones and by the way, it’s not even out yet. The only versions currently available are the previews but that’s nothing.

  • David Alexander Harrison

    And, given how long the carriers take to approve it, us mugs in the UK probably won’t get the update until summer! :-/

    • David Onter

      Blame yourself. You bought a branded device -.-

      • David Alexander Harrison

        My phone isn’t branded, but I still need to wait for my network to send the update down the pipe, unless there’s a way of updating online that I’m not aware of…

        • David Onter

          Of course you can apply the OTA manually. The Update got captured some weeks ago and is available on xda ;)

  • Stephen Sisco

    So basically, the only good OEM when it comes to updates is Motorola. I really want a One M8, but not if it’s going to take months to get Lollipop. I might just go super size with the Nexus 6 since it’ll be on all carriers.

    • John Johnson

      Do you have any dates for Motorola’s updates?

      The One (M7 and M8), going by the last major updates have been as follows:

      GPE: 15 days
      Dev, Int’l: 30 Days
      Carrier: 30-90 depending on Carrier.

      I fully expect them to do the same this time around. (there is no reason not to)

      When they missed the goal, it was by days – not weeks or months. Heck, the M7 GPE got their first major OS update one or two *days* after the Nexus 4. You can’t beat that with any other OEM.

      I do expect to see Motorola try to beat HTC out the door, but you have to remember; They both had the code before anyone else due to their development of Nexus devices. (Motorola might edge them out as HTC might not have gotten early access to some telephony code that would be unnecessary for tablets)

      Either way, both are a good bet right now, and they both have some very good (albeit recent) history regarding updates.

      • Stephen Sisco

        Um 30-90 days is months. I can guarantee you that Motorola will have their phones updated before HTC, probably by a good amount too. And HTC doesn’t update the Google Play Edition phones, it comes straight from Google because it’s stock Android just like on Nexus phones.

  • Freezer

    So.. even with the early preview of Lollipop few months ago the other manufacturers still will release their versions that late. Was really hoping it would change this time.

    Oh well, for this reason I got a Nexus and won’t buy an another smartphone with an OEM.

    • derp hurr-durr

      Oems can do a lot, but even they cannot build source from preview binaries. Google has to release the source to them before they can do anything but test their apps against the few released (unfinished) preview binaries.

      Sorry your expectations were unrealistic; but that is not anyone’s fault but your own.

      • Mike Reid

        OEMs have had source for a while now.

        Regardless, many people’s expectations are still too high. Doing quality work takes time, and bugs are to be expected in the early going.

        SW dev motto: Fast, Good, Cheap: pick any 2.

    • Kenny Cornwell

      The OEM’s aren’t the problem It’s the carriers and their approval process taking months.

  • *nudging*

    Hey, hey. The 64-bit phone ain’t getting the 64-bit operating system. :P

  • JasonL1C4

    Glad I have cyanogenmod on my One M8

    • hh

      wait m8 isn’t it a windows phones? and how did you put Cyanogenmod on the m8?

      • Stachura5

        There are 2 versions of One M8… With Android and with WP 8.1

  • islander

    htc does this ,i owned htc one s,and it was left behind ,now i’m happy with my windows phone…

  • Igor

    If htc will abandon newly released devices like HTC DESIRE 510 i will be pissed and will hate HTC

  • Nate

    Why would htc bring the update for m8 up until feb when they promised to release the update within 90 days?

  • BT Onedem

    Given the fact that HTC makes Nexus 9, it’ll still take them 3 months to port 5.0 to other devices?

  • Jonathan White

    What phone is that? Or is it just some nice photoshopography?

    • David Onter

      Desire EYE

  • Ben

    Why is it that HTC one x is not included? Pls expand it other HTC smartphones.

    • Peihan Jhan

      Given how the One X (US One XL) worked with the “latest” 4.2.2 + Sense 5, I’d say NO thanks.
      It’s slooooooooooooooooooooow

      • Brooke Spencer

        The One XL, One S, and One X+ could of handled sense 6 with a breeze, just tegra was lazy on the One X+ and HTC never releases above 4.2.2 because they wanted users to buy newer devices so they could have more money in their pocket.

  • renaissance247

    Since my M8 is from Verizon I don’t expect the update until the very end of the projected timeline, at the end of February. Thier updates always seem to be further away than others.

    • Michael Detwiler

      Not really…we’ve got 4.4.4 on our M8’s whereas the AT&T people just have 4.4.2

  • Tushar Gaikwad

    I was thinking to buy desire 820 in India, if it won’t get android 5.0 then I must go for moto devices…sorry htc

  • Aayush Bhatia

    ANDROID AUTHORITY i don’t agree with you , i have an ANDROID ONE device with MEDIATEK and it Super fast , Super FLUID and Super Great.

    • David Onter

      So what?

  • roquibul

    March- April ? Then my grandson will come and I will become too old . Sorry to hear some older devices will not get the update. But desire 820 ? Spec wise 820 >>816. Will wait for HTC official cry on lollipop update.

  • Raunak

    Why the hell is HTC Desire 820 off the list? It’s got really good specs. On the other hand, Desire 816, which has got lower specs than Desire 820, has been scheduled for the update. Why is this so?

  • Sumit Panwar

    how much price

  • Pradeep Deepu

    did htc desire 820 will get update of android 5.0 or not ??????

    • NR

      I think it will becoz Indian version Desire 820 is not bases on Mediatek rather Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 64 bit Octacore chipset.
      Do check our Indian website where is Mediatek architecture?? Its a qualcomm one…

      • Pradeep Deepu

        please give me the link ???

  • kiran

    When are they bringing 4.4.4 update to India?? We are still waiting for that update and people are already recieving lolipop..

  • Michael Detwiler

    This should put to rest the WHINERS who are impatient. …probably not.

  • Guest

    Within 90 days would leave the M8 being updated no later than January, not January – February .,

  • zuko

    Are you sure Htc one M7 dual sim can update to lolipop? because in few webpage i refer m7 dual sim cannot update to lolipop.. it can update to jellybean only..

  • Manjeet Behera

    Does htc 816g will get lollipop update ? If yes when ?

  • lee

    why is desire 820 not getting lollipop update?? This phone has 64 bit processor and it should be run on 64 bit os…. so htc dont fool us …. release the fucking lollipop update for htc desire 820… now

  • mohamed

    need android lollipop for 816 dual sim ,,, please bro,,

    and i hope make solve the common speaker problem in this update

  • aadii

    Rediculous …htc has not released lollipop update to its devices … Where as many local player already done with the update … HTC need to work on it.

  • thedasvee bamunusinghe

    No desire 626 Dual SIM? 😭