HTC One Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5 update arrives to the UK

by: Andrew GrushNovember 5, 2013

vs the Moto X

Just last month HTC completed the Android 4.3 rollout for most U.S. carriers, and even began bringing the update to select markets in Europe . Now it looks like its the UK’s turn! The Android 4.3 upgrade has now arrived, bringing both the final version of Jelly Bean and the latest Sense 5.5 update.

The new update pushes the software to version 3.62.401.1 and includes Android 4.3 features like enhanced photo daydream and OpenGL ES 3.0 support. On the Sense front, the update gives HTC One users quite a few enhancements including several changes to BlinkFeed, a new interface for Video Highlights and more.

Of course the rollout has yet to arrive to everyone, so don’t be too surprised if it has yet to reach your handset. To manually check for the upgrade, you’ll want to head over to Settings> More> About device> Software update.

Have you managed to get the update yet? If so, what do you think of the Sense 5.5 and Android 4.3, impressed by what you see?

  • NeedName

    that only took six months. .. . lol

    Seriously, Google needs to switch Android to a yearly release cycle. . .

  • Jesus

    Did they already forgot about their One X??

    • Amine Elouakil

      It got 4.2.2 and Sense 5 for a while now what are you talking about, blame your carrier if you didn’t get it

  • Andrew Hope

    I actually think HTC have made great strides on updates with the HTC One. Don’t forget, on release, it was running 4.1.2. Since release I’ve had 2 major updates with UI & camera improvements as well as the Android 4.2.2 & 4.3 updates & already being promised 4.4 within 30 days for my unlocked sim – free phone. Carrier release phones will take longer due the carriers dragging their heals…

  • Amine Elouakil

    Not only UK but all south european countries, France, Spain, Switzerland and so on.

  • Christian Tolentino

    so the Galaxy S4 already got the update here in the Philippines but still nothing for my One. HTC we are waiting.

  • dayanandan

    When this update available in India?

  • pillman uk

    Got my update last night, still trying to see what the impact is, but no issues so far. Tend not to use Sense as my launched but blink feed seems improved.

  • wrongburgundy

    I think it’s a fantastic update and it has made sense even slicker than it already is. I’m glad HTC have finally got to grips with prompt updates, it’s what consumers want!

  • shabbir

    Got mine with sense 5.5 yesterday..but where is da purple camera fix?? I hav this prblm since 4.2.2 update…

  • Nick James

    I’ve noticed something different.

    I have an official HTC car dock. When you put the phone into the dock, car mode opens. This can run in either portrait or landscape. I always run it in landscape. If you keep the phone in the dock but hit the back button, it will ask you if you want to leave car mode. If hit yes, the normal sense home screen opens. As usual, these screens are only portrait.

    However, since the 4.3 and sense 5.5 update, when I now exit car mode the sense home screen opens – IN LANDSCAPE!! Fully functioning android in landscape just like my Nexus 7.

    Having it in the car dock is the only way I can get it running in landscape.

    Anyone else notice this happening?