Samsung Galaxy S2 vs HTC Amaze 4G: Two Towers of T-Mobile and the Talk of the Town

by: Alvin YbañezOctober 14, 2011

T-Mobile just released a duo of Android smartphones with towering specs and features–the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Amaze 4G.

Both phones have become available on T-Mobile this week. The Samsung Galaxy S2 continues to be a best-seller, with global sales of the device hitting the 10-million mark within just eight weeks. And, the T-Mobile variant of this wonderphone (formerly codenamed Samsung Hercules) has just arrived on T-Mobile, along with the equally amazing offer from HTC–the HTC Amaze 4G (formerly codenamed HTC Ruby).

How does each one fare when placed side by side with the other? Read on to find out more about these two fresh offerings from T-Mobile.

Exteriors and Display

The two Android smartphones pack powerful features, and the most apparent initial area where the two will compete for T-Mobile customers’ affection is in its physical aspects and display.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Amaze 4G are both known to be “high-end” devices in terms of touchscreen technology.

Screen Sizes

In terms of screen size, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has a slightly larger screen with 4.52 inches of display. The HTC Amaze 4G, on the other hand, comes with a screen similar in size to the international variant of the Galaxy S2–4.3 inches.

As far as display estate is concerned, a bigger screen means more viewing space. So, in this regard, the Galaxy S2 seems to hold the advantage. Yet, its bigger screen also make the Galaxy S2 wider. Both smartphones have roughly the same height at about 130 millimeters, but the Galaxy S2’s width is bigger at 70 millimeters compared to the Amaze 4G’s 65.6 millimeters.

As for thickness, the Samsung smartphone retains its sexy advantage of just 9 millimeters depth compared to the HTC smartphone’s 11.8 millimeters. And, being the thinner of the two, the Galaxy S2 is also lighter at 135 grams compared to the Amaze 4G’s 173 grams.

Resolving Resolutions

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a display resolution of 800×480 pixels, while the HTC Amaze 4G has a resolution of 960×540 pixels. Considering their screen sizes vis-a-vis display resolutions, the HTC Amaze 4G has significantly higher pixel density, which translates to sharper and crisper rendering of images and texxt on the screen.

Yet, Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus technology, which graces the Galaxy S2’s screen, makes the device’s display powerful, too. With the said technology, the Galaxy S2’s display remains sharp, brilliant, and vivid even when viewed under bright lighting (such as sunlight).

User Interface

Next to the exterior aspects and display, the next area where these superphones will compete is that of user interface.

On the one hand, the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with the latest of Samsung’s customizations packed into the Samsung TouchWiz user interface, which has been praised by many to be more polished, more responsive, and snappier than previous TouchWiz versions. Not to be outdone, HTC has packed its HTC Sense 3.0 interface into the HTC Amaze 4G–and the interface is equally alluring as TouchWiz.

But, users’ personal tastes and preferences can play a big role in this area, too. As to which interface is more cool, the choice is better left for the user to decide on.

Processing Power

Both smartphones are peers as far as processor is concerned–each uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset clocked at 1.5 GHz. Both devices also come with equal amounts of RAM–1 gigabyte each.

The two smartphones even parallel each other’s storage capacities: 16 GB of built-in internal storage, microSD(HC) card slot (expandable to 32 GB).

Thus, all things being equal, one can expect more or less similar processing performance from both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Amaze 4G. This means that Android apps installed on either device can be expected to run with smooth and buttery performance.


The duo have the same primary camera resolution, as well–8 megapixels of shooting power and both equally capable of capturing videos in 1080p Full HD quality. Even their secondary cameras have equal resolutions–2 megapixels–for clearer and sharper video call quality.

Take a look at a 1080p video captured from the HTC Amaze 4G:

Of the two, the HTC Amaze 4G is being touted as one of the camera-centric smartphones. It has an f/2.2 wide-angle lens, backside illumination, and dual-LED flash. Moreover, its camera application boasts of PerfectPics, SmartShot, BurstShot, SweepShot, and ClearShot HDR features.

The HTC Amaze 4G also has a dedicated camera shutter button on the right edge. The Samsung Galaxy S2 does not have a physical button for photo snapping.

Take a look at some sample images from the HTC Amaze 4G’s camera (photos courtesy of

This is not saying that the Galaxy S2 produces lousy photos. Far from the truth, it is a strong contender to the HTC Amaze 4G’s photo-shooting capabilities, especially with image stabilization features, single LED flash, and face and smile detection being among the Galaxy S2’s capabilities.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S2uses a Li-ion battery pack rated at 1,850 mAh, while the HTC Amaze 4G uses a Li-ion battery pack rated at 1,730 mAh. Published talk times of the two phones’ batteries vary by only about an hour–about 7 hours on the Galaxy S2 and about 6 hours on the HTC Amaze 4G. Published standby times, however, vary significantly–the HTC Amaze 4G can have enough power to last about 264 hours on standby, whereas the Galaxy S2 can last only about 167 hours on standby.


Unless a 30-dollar difference in price breaks the deal for you, the two phones fall within the same price range on T-Mobile. The Samsung Galaxy S2 costs US$230, while the HTC Amaze 4G costs US$260. The relatively small difference in prices does make the choice somewhat challenging for those who are still sitting on the fence as far as these two T-Mobile smartphones are concerned.

Final Note

Make no doubt about it–these two phones are equally powerful and awesome. On the one hand, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and its sexy, slim, and lightweight build is awesome in one’s grasp. On the other hand, the HTC Amaze 4G’s amazing camera-centric features are noteworthy and advantageous to those seeking top-quality multimedia features on a smartphone.

Whichever of these two T-Mobile handsets you pick, you will surely have made the right choice. Which phone are you getting?

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  • both are really great !!

  • Meredith Allison @RockTique

    I recently upgraded from my original Nexus One (I couldn’t tear myself away & was not ready to test out Samsung’s UI with the Nexus S). Well, after a week with the SGSII on Tmobile I can say, I HATE IT! Yes, the screen, the camera, speed is great but that means nothing when the phone itself just feels & acts like a piece of junk. I’ve never owned a Samsung before so I can’t say if it’s the phone specifically or if it’s Samsung’s UI that I don’t like. The phone is constantly taking it upon itself to delete my words as I’m typing, force close every window open and most annoying of all…. not a day has gone by where the phone doesn’t skitz out when I’m trying to swipe my unlock code. I’ll be going to Tmobile tomorrow to test the HTC Amaze & hoping I’ll have better luck.

    • Alex E

      since its a smartphone it can just be as a computer as well you have to go to settings or if there is an insert button insert might be on to delete the words

  • Dj Luisyo

    Well i saw the htc amazei like it more to the galaxy s2. Just need to try each one at same time to really know which one is better.

  • Loo

    Yes….i totally agree….this Samsungs UI is lousy. Not intuitive at all. Cut and deletes text, which is frustrating…takes extra steps to do what should only be one touch. I used to have the htc desire, and that phone was much more intuitive and navigable . Typing this message on the sams ng was a definite chore

  • ceekay

    I have used both and i am sticking with the amaze. Samsung feels like a cheap plastic fake. User interface sucks on samsung. Super dense resolution on htc’s screen looks amazing. And the camera is just unbelievable. Samsung does not beat the htc at any ground. Htc amaze feels solid, expensive and fits perfectly in your palm.

  • Clinttdaddy

    I have a samsung galaxy s 2 and I love it. Its a great phone, easy to operate and is super fast! Great phone

  • Slminsc

    SGS2 is horrible.. I took it back and got the Amaze… much better. I hated the galaxy’s way of zooming but i guess that could just be me.

    • Laksmi1129

      Thank you for the helpful, and finally relevant, post :)

    • Laksmi1129

      Thank you for the helpful, and finally relevant, post :)

  • Purcell1000

    htc amaze is the best phone evr and will alwyas be and there u have it htc is the best samsung is shitttttttttttiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Blackass

    You niggers need to fix your shitty website

  • Anonymous

    Both are plastic exterior but the HTC has a metal interior making it more rugged!
    Try both and you will pick the HTC!
    Galaxy 2 is has a little bigger screen but has NO Radio?
    The HTC has a new 2010 Mah Battery on Ebay!
    But To each his own!
    UNLOCKED with no Contract is the Best way to go if you can afford it but if you
    break it, loose it or if it quits working ur screwed!

  • I am very happy to find this article, starting today I will continue to visit this website to find out your latest post. thanks a lot.

  • i hace a htc amaze. Just got is last week. The camera is not that good in lowlight, just saying.

  • Jshdallas

    Samsung has the HTC smoked the Samsung had better ear bud sound and interface (not ugly) I owned both phones in a side by side comparison and the Samsung is way better all u get is the additional camera buttons on the side and a focus point in the camera mode, I truly was rooting for the HTC I owned one in the past but there tech has gone soft!!! I recommend all u headphone or music quality freaks as I and video image fanatic go for the galaxy!!! the screen is bigger and the performance dwarfs the Amaze. I will contend that the amaze is a amazing phone but its for newbies on smart phones situation. Its easy for the newcomer but hard for the younger more tech savoy folks like me!! HOPE THIS HELPS!!

    • ben

      actually, the sound from the Galaxy S2 is not quite up to par to the original Samsung Galaxy S line….
      tbh, android is not the way to go for quality sound in general lol. but it’s good enough for most people (no line out)
      just search: samsung galaxy sII dac

  • A Atkins143

    I ve been comparing the two all week n todag I will be purchasing the galaxy! Thanks for your help in my decision! Coming from the iphone4, this phone seems to be the perfect fit for me!!!

  • Mario Mendez

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 is much better. HTC makes ugly designed phones. HTC Sense is a joke!

    • Nicolas Mendez

      Whether or not the Sensation “is a joke” is irrelevant here and a mute point, as it is not part of this comparison. Rather the HTC Amaze is what they are comparing to the Galaxy S2… or do you just like to be negative because it is in your nature??

      • Mario Mendez

        I said HTC Sense is a joke not HTC Sensation. HTC Sense is the UI on HTC phones and HTC Sensation is a HTC phone. Woah! You’re my long lost cousin! lol

      • yourmom13

        He said sense not sensation… there is a difference… one is a phone the other is part of HTC U.I s2 all the way..

      • Harry

        “mute point”?… Did you mean moot point?

    • Nicolas Mendez

      Whether or not the Sensation “is a joke” is irrelevant here and a mute point, as it is not part of this comparison. Rather the HTC Amaze is what they are comparing to the Galaxy S2… or do you just like to be negative because it is in your nature??

  • Laksmi1129

    Well, aren’t you classy…

    • Guest


  • Laksmi1129

    Well, aren’t you classy…

  • Ashmurak

    I don’t know what to do. I’ve been to t-mobile yesterday and tested both thinking the Htc amaze was better because of the camera and resolution. (I really enjoyed the voice search compared to sgs2). But sgs2 has a bigger screen (what i like) and very bright. I also think the touch is better.

  • Raymanz1

    I have a s2 but gonna take back for amaze feels cheap the ui is annoying screen too big where it makes pix look shitty and cam on here is a joke only good is hellla fast and battery is good call quality had a few dropped calls and sound i just perfer htc

  • Rh28111

    htc amaze is alot beter than sg2 the build quality is sturdier better camara, better pixalization, good speakers, and has gorilla glass screen.

  • JLCNWtech

    Hello All,
    I am going to put aside all opinion and give it to you straight! I am not here to bash either phone. They are both great. Here is what it comes down to. I have had both phones for 3 weeks and am still undecided but close to a decision. It comes down to user preference. Both phones have amazing features. I love the interface on the Amaze because it’s more fun to use. It gives you something called Scenes which you can switch to depending on what you will be doing on that particualar day. For example there is a Work scene that you can customize for work, A Social scene that enhances things like facebook and twitter etc. This is a nice feature. The Galaxy’s interface seems like any other Android Smart phone with a few perks. If you are looking for a unique feel then htc wins. As far as corporate email I liked the Galaxy better so if you use your phone to connect to Exchange etc, then I give this to Samsung (This doesn’t mean that the Amaze does not have good corporate email! I give this to the Galaxy If you are using any other type of email then they are both excellent. When it comes to camera keep in mind they are both 1080P capable. You must remeber to change the settings in the phone of your choice to get optimal performance. (Don’t bash the phones camera capabilities until you have read the directions thoroughly on taking pictures). They are both excellent for Video’s and pictures. The Amaze has a slight edge because of the resolution difference but not much. If you decide to expand the image please remember the larger the grainier it will get. 1080P does not always mean 1920 by 1080. I give this to the Amaze but my final decision willl not be because of this! This next category was important to me and definitely give the Galaxy an edge. PC and local network connectivity. Both phones are capable of connecting to a wireless home network without a problem and provide blazing speed in doing so. Samsung impressed me with the built in Allshare app that is exclusive to Samsung only. It Seamlessly connects to your home network and easily finds your computers and Media Cener PCs. You can stream Video’s, Music and pictures without any problems. Even someone that knows nothing about networking will not have a problem. Sure you can install a 3rd party app on the Amaze but it is not as easy to set up and doesn’t always work. The good news is that if you install a program like imedia lite on the amaze it will integrate with Samsung allshare on your computer allowing you to do the same thing on the HTC. The drawback is you have to pay for the full version of the program. The Samsung also has a better management interface for transferring files from the phone to the computer. This Category definitely goes to The Galaxy S2. As far as Screens it totally comes down to preference. In some cases size matters but it is not a decison maker. It depends on your personal preference. If you turn up the brightness on either screen, both of them look great! Tv Connectivity is another bigh Category for me. Both phones can connect to your television set Via HDMI with their respective adapters. The Amaze look better than the Samsung because of it’s better resolution. Movie’s and Tv shows look beter from the Amaze but because Samsung makes Tv’s, if you have a wifi capable samsung TV All share will connect to it wirelessly witout any problems. This Category comes down to user preference as well. Do you prefer a better looking picture with the Amaze or the ability to play a video wirelessly from the Samsung Galaxy? This next Category was also important to me. Bluetooth connectivity in my car. I have Ford Sync and both phones connected without a problem. You can stream music etc but only the Samsung Galaxy S2 because of the newer Gingerbread 2.3.6 allows for text to bluetooth. The Amaze is not supported so if you have a navagation system that allows this feature you will not be able to do so. This is not a final decison maker but gives you something to consider. I hope this was helpful to you. I am still undecided but leaning towards the Galaxy S2.

    • Rwallen64

      That was a tough call for me as well. I went with the Amaze. To me, I feel that it is a much better built phone. When you pick it up in your hand for the first time, I could not belive the wieght of it, compared to the Galaxy. Also compared to the I phone 4s, there is actually metal in here instead of just a hunk of plastic. The price tag is there as well on both phones, but in the long run, your going to be paying for the entire cost of the phone no matter which one you choose. People complain about the cost of cell phones but fail to realize that you will be paying for the entire cost of a cell phone no matter which one you deside to buy. It’s all in the contract. Cell phones are not free. They will get you to pay for the phone. Apple, HTC, Samsung, Just because they advertise $ 200.00 down for the phone, that does not mean thats all your going to be paying for it. Dig deep. The iphone4s cost’s about 7-8 bills. A lot of money for a phone. They manage to get you to pay for the phone. How else are they going to make money to stay in business. A little of track, but I still like the amaze. Nice features. Waiting for ICS. Should have it shortly. I also like the htc Sense. The camera features does beat out the other cell phones, top choice there. But if your that worried about taking pictures, go buy yourself a nice camera people. This phone has plenty of speed. People worry about how fast there cell phone is, also I did not mention, mini computer. How fast does it have to be. Personally, I think it’s pretty quick. More apps then you can possibly imagine. People also complain about poor battery life. Look what you have in your hand. It’s basically a mini computer with a phone attchment with a battery the size of roughly a silver dollar, and if you constantly use it, of corse your going to drain the battery life. Put the phone down and do something constructive. All in all, there both nice phones, aka , mini computers. Your choice !!!!!

  • Username_whynotzoidberg

    I’m having a hard time choosing between the Amaze of the GalaxyS2.
    My first smart phone was a Hawai android from Metro PCS. So naturally it is a piece of crap.
    The earbud hole was 2.5m which means it was impossible to find head phones and the camera was shitty. So switching to one of these phones will be like heaven.
    I like the Amaze because of the 3D type features that give it more of an eye candy edge.
    The galaxy homescreen just seems too bland and boring.
    Just while typing this post I realized it’s the HTC I really want. :D

  • Dada

    HTC screams quality in my opinion.

  • Guest

    You couldn’t fix yourself a chicken dinner at Church’s!!

  • S2j3607

    Ive played with the sensation at the tmo store, but the amaze was not a working model. I’m upgrading from the sidekick 4G, so I’m not knockin Samsung. but I hate the touchwiz version it has. ( yes i know its an older version) The amaze was a bit cheaper on an upgrade than the S II so i went with the amaze, but it doesn’t appear that ill be disappointed.

  • S2j3607

    Ive played with the sensation at the tmo store, but the amaze was not a working model. I’m upgrading from the sidekick 4G, so I’m not knockin Samsung. but I hate the touchwiz version it has. ( yes i know its an older version) The amaze was a bit cheaper on an upgrade than the S II so i went with the amaze, but it doesn’t appear that ill be disappointed.

  • Penis

    htc amaze boss

  • Marisol_perez

    i used to have the HTC amaze but it sucks ….. i have alot of problems with the amaze , the camara is better but HTC sucks galaxy S2 all the way!

  • Dfl50

    Im a HTC fan but i like the sgs2 better. why?
    I tried both phones for 2 week and i find the sgs2 is easier to navigate than the htc amaze,

    HTC Amaze = Advantage on the Camera (pixel density is higher)960×540
    Galaxy s2 = Advantage on the Big Bright SuperMOLED Display 800×480
    Both phones have similar speeds in realtime just depends on how you use them.
    Both phones are very customizable in different ways.
    and i find that the amaze tends to slow down a bit if u start to put too much apps on the screen, because of its already heavy stock UI. other than that both phones are pretty much equal, TOTALLY personal preference.

  • rugerP95

    i own both phones, but i had to go with the amaze and gave the galaxy s 2 toy to my gf. out of all the smartphones i have ever owned (i owned a lot! each and every single galaxy s model and high end htc models along with some iphones and motorola’s) the GS2 is the only phone i literaly threw to the ground and kicked around the house! lousy camera where you have ro fiddle with the darn settings every time to take decent pics,FC’s everywhere, greenish tint on videos, freezes on HD movie playback. returned the phone only to get a new one with the same problems so i rooted it, installed custom rom’s and it still sucked! and who said something about the amaze having less supperior sound? stock the amaze sound as good with or without headphones, rooted with beats audio installed the amaze sounds amazing! did that with the gs2 it sounded like a one note tune. So until samsung comes up with a less cartoonish UI and a better camera coupled with better screen quality with a less toyish build. I’d stick to htc. sorry to those GS2 fan boy’s, but real men prefer real toys.

    • Rwallen64

      I really like my HTC Amaze. Great smart phone. Put’s the SGS2 to shame. I would love to know how you installed Beats Audio. I listened to it on the HTC one and couldn’t belive the sound. Amazinggggggggg.

  • all htc phones come with a fm receiver so you can listen to your local radio stations tvs at the gym or drive in movies i was leaning toward the amaze and this is what sold me because the s2 does not have this capability with att or tmobile

    • i did buy the s2 im trading cause i had a htc my touch 4g before the s2 and when i got the s2 i didnt like it i have gone back to my mytouch untill i trade phones tonight

      • tahit

        HCT amaze great phon”

  • scott

    I’ve had the amaze for a year and this is the second oone I do alot of APP development and I run my network off.of it but this is my second one cause the receiver modules that recive signal burn out quick so once again I need a new phone so I am going for the s2 cause the hardware just poops on the amaze