HTC Amaze 4G to get Ice Cream Sandwich on May 21

by: Bams SadewoMay 18, 2012
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As owners of the HTC Sensation 4G are gleefully receiving their OTA update of Ice Cream Sandwich, which has been available since May 16, we expect to hear the same collective sigh of relief from HTC Amaze 4G owners pretty soon. It seems we’re not that far off the mark when we said that ICS upgrade for the phone would come not too long after it lands on HTC Sensation 4G.

As can be seen from the updated support page for HTC Amaze 4G on T-Mobile’s website, the carrier is ready to roll out ICS for HTC Amaze 4G starting May 21. Since it’s an OTA update, all you have to do is check your phone for an update notification on the due date. You can also request the update via HTC software updates menu and tap “Check Now”.

The update will bring the following to your HTC Amaze 4G:

  • Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Sense 3.6
  • System bar enhancements to easily view recent apps.
  • Re-sizeable widgets
  • Lock screen actions including pull down notifications and adjust volume while device is locked.
  • Data usage controls.
  • Face Unlock
  • Home screen folders
  • Improved battery life

With three days away from the OTA update for the HTC Amaze 4G, you could use the remaining time to say goodbye to the good old Gingerbread. Enjoy your ICS treat soon.

  • Nbergeron

    Does anyone know if Telus in Canada will be releasing this at the same time? Or at all?

  • clapuber

    It doesn’t give the option to write in another languaje but English, it killed all my contacts, it does not come with the links highlighted on the e-mail, I cannot go to the internet from my email and if I copy and paste the link it send me to google and it says wrong page, I cannot not post anything on my friends facebook wall. it sucks doesnot work. I don’t have any G’s it killed my phone in another words any time I update the phone I have to get a new one, I have only 8 months with it and now is going to he my third is sad.

  • T Mac

    I am canceling tmobile I waited for this update all this time to find out they are taking away the wi fi hotspot which I use all the time . There network sux on long island that was the only reason I stayed with them . so much for there motto stick together .

  • metekamil

    Works great! Definately an improvement, but way overdue!

    • Thbtchofliving

      How did u already get it? My phone keeos sayin its up to date :(

      • Tmo

        Downloading it now ;) check it manually

      • It’s in the HTC updates, not the Google ones.

  • Han

    I got HTC Amaze 4G and the phone works like a charm.But my only concern is to root the ICS ROM so that i can have access to the system as an admin.Please help me on topics such as rooting and s-off.I am familiar with the so called wire trick.But am a little afraid to test it on my new phone.So anyone with any alternative methods do let me know.HTC amaze is a very good phone.The two things that are not good on the phone are its camera and battery life.

  • Hi,
    I have HTC Amaze X715e ,not a t-mobile ,when will this version of HTC is going to get an ICS update,this model is also speculated as HTC Ruby in Asian markets ,mostly Asian countries have got this model HTC amaze Phones.